Topical regenerative energy | Quantum Technologies | New Zealand was founded in 2019. I was placed on gardening leave from Callaghan Innovation because people thought I was too happy, excited, enjoying my work, high on life, manic, bipolar, mentally unwell. They actually will not tell me what I did wrong. I kept getting commercial contracts and delivering for clients in ways that people could not understand. I enjoyed work, so much so they said I had to leave and get evaluated for my mental health by Professor Sarah Romans. So I did, and she said that I am unfit for work. She also said to me don't let the beast out. Unethical comments like that are not needed. Why? Because I believe in God and the FRANZCP states that the code of ethics for psychiatrists have to accept someone's beliefs. Did she accept mine? No! He who casts the first stone shall make a ripple in the pond of time! She also said not to confuse her with the science. Yeah that is right psychiatry is not based on science it is based on a hypothesis that has not even been proven. They do not know how the human mind works.  I have developed a new model one that moved away from matter and one that shifted into electromagnetism into quantum biology. The fundamentals of evolution do not begin and end with a gene but with an electron and quantum entanglement at the speed of light.   Funny how the tall poppy syndrome plays out in a government organization. People conform to society and society maintains control through the selective pressures placed on peers. If you don't fit in then your peers put you back into your place. I have been the clown at the fair well I keep getting hit on the head by people who are stupid. In my mind that is bullying. So I put forward a complaint to the CEO (Vic Crone) which she dismissed. She said to contact Human Resources (Esther Livingston) and so I outlined my concerns To Esther and she said they would address this once I am back in the office, which required me to be given the all clear from a psychiatrist. However, Dr Sarah Romans of "Don't let the beast out" said I needed to be medicated. I said no. I asked for a second opinion and waited for this. In the meantime my wife tried getting the Crisis team on to me and the police came wound with the crisis team. I invited them in and we had a conversation and they evaluated my mood which was fine. I told them about the bullying at work and how my relationship with my wife had fallen apart. My wife took my access to money away and then bought me a one-way ticket to Christchurch and $200 cash and sent me packing. After three weeks down in Christchurch and Oxford, I opened up a new bank account and once I came back up to Wellington (which Dad paid for) I had work change my bank account details so that I could have some money and did not have to live on the street. Luckily I was able to stay with people who were kind until I could get back up on my feet. Not an easy thing to do considering the situation and not being allowed to see my children. So I have chosen to get a second opinion and given my financial advisor the opportunity to sort out a second opinion. This happened up in Auckland with Professor Robert Kydd. Again the situation was contrite as my prior history and my mothers suicide when I was 11 was brought out and not that I was able to do my work and had secured $140K worth of funding from Seafood Innovation Limited and written a report for Grasslanz discovering the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compound that is a HDAC inhibitor present in chicory. That Grasslanz had been trying to discover for a decade and I did that in 3 months. People really do not like people that know things that they don't. Well, I am giving everything I know to everyone all at once and they can then do what I can do if they are smart enough. However, you have to be mentally unwell to do what I can do and that sees what is not there and work out why what is there is due to a temporal and spatial relationship that creates matter from light at the speed of light by finding the minimized energy state. However, you cannot look at it because that puts your own energy into the environment and the act of measuring disturbs the system that you are trying to understand. That is why I am considered unwell because I can think in a different way from others, which means I understand how things work and therefore I disagree with what is currently being done. We have got it wrong. I have said this a number of times and no one listens actually they bully me and tell me to shut up. So I have now left them in peace. I will no longer disturb their comfort. I resigned and have found a sense of peace knowing that I can now do what I believe rather than doing things that are hurting people because they do not understand how biology works. It is based on physics and the Bible is a physics textbook.  I tried playing by their rules but once I realized that everyone is right from their own perspective and their perspective is limited to 350 to 800 nm based on sight and the material world. They are stuck in the past. Back in 1929 quantum mechanics was developed. Maths changed, physics changed and chemistry has changed but biology and psychiatry have not changed to meet the new scientific understanding. The foundations of science changed. They are about to change again with quantum biology and understanding how we influence the outcome and then use that influence for our benefit. It is the human subconscious mind that works using photo-fenton biochemistry at the speed of light, 1 billion Hz of the hydroxyl radical 1200 ev. I presented this information to work back in 2013 when I had my enlightenment experience at church in front of the cross at St Benedict's church. I can only speak my truth. We create the world around us. We are the creators of our own making in effect. The information I outlined was not accepted and I was told to stop. I did but still used my knowledge of the Unified Field Theory to identify minimized energy states in complex biological systems to come up with winning outcomes. This is my creative subconscious mind which does this. It is quantum in nature and comes up with appropriate solutions. It works at a billion Hz and does the processing in the background and not in the day to day activity at work which uses the conscious mind that works at 30 Hz when focused on a task and 3 Hz when asleep. So work uses my conscious state at 30 Hz, my brain at 30 times per second. However, Plank time is 5.39E-44 seconds. The singularity event at Plank time was what I experienced when I moved forward in my mind in an instance of time to see my future. I can understand that is too weird for work. However, I have scientific evidence to back up my statements. So all I can do is present the information I have and let others consider this from their own perspective and live with the consequences of my actions which is not going to be pleasant I know but as the Bible says the truth shall set you free. I choose freedom and truth rather than doing something that goes against my beliefs in God and my conscience. That is what was making me sick. I was having to do things that were making me very unwell. So work was making me have mental health issues because of the conflict that I was experiencing internally and externally I was being pressured by others to do things I knew were hurting them. I have dedicated my research career to helping humans and to remove suffering so having this realization meant I had to resolve that conflict in me otherwise I couldn't live with myself. Now, I feel no conflict and feel I am on the right path for my future. 

So I took it upon myself to start learning about quantum physics and taking those ideas into the biology, biochemistry, and enzymology that I was doing. As a result, I started doing experimentation using an Epi-fluorescent microscope using different frequencies of light UV, blue, green, red, etc. I also started recording in real-time using an external video camera as the capture settings on the microscope was to slow for the chemistry that was happening. I also tuned the reactions not only by changing the colour of the photons but also the capture refresh rate and light intensity setting on the microscope. It was like child's play. What I found was completely strange and exciting. Trying to work out what was going on took me a long time to sort out because it did not fit with my current understanding of biology. Hence, the reason I had to start again. This process resulted in putting my mind into a theta state of rapid learning and into a heightened state of consciousness in order to attempt to understand what was happening. 

The work I was doing at the time was based on the anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey and confirming some work that another team had performed which suggested that phagocytosis was being inhibited. I followed my intuition which is what I always do when starting a new project, I don't look at the literature at all. I want to come into the situation with completely fresh naive eyes. To follow the results in an agile approach and understand how the system works on the basis of first principles. 

I have learned to align my research approach with evolution. To setup many variations on a single experiment and then seeing which environment that I created producers the desired result. Then, I select the desired outcome and the end of the experiment. I do not worry about repeating the experiment but look to do a recombination event by looking at the next round of experiments to attempt to get to the desired outcome by setting up the next set of variables. Again, I leave the system alone during the experiment and then come back to identify what conditions I initially set up that gave me the desired outcome. After several rounds of experimentation using this approach I have turned over enough playing cards in the game and can see what set of conditions leads to which outcomes and then it is the understanding that I am playing chess and I get to choose my pieces but my opponent has a limited set of pieces and can only make a few moves and it keeps making the same moves. Once you learn how to play the game you can identify fools mate. Fools mate corresponds to the minimized energy state. The least number of steps to achieve your outcome. This is the winning solution. There are many solutions to get to the end result but only one will align to the minimized energy state aligning to the background quantum fluctuations in that environment. That is where quantum biology comes in and the understanding that your involvement in the experiment as the conscious observer is shifting the system away from equilibrium, away from symmetry.

Understanding that you are influencing the experiment just by being present means by automating and leaving the experiment alone you can go and do something else, have some fun, and the system will produce the desired result because you have created an environment that will select for your desired outcome as determined by the initial rounds of scientific investigation.

So I was applying my approach to evaluating the anti-inflammatory effect of Manuka honey and thinking that NADPH oxidase in macrophage cells would expose the colloidal material in Manuka honey to hydrogen peroxide I added hydrogen peroxide to Manuka honey on a microscope slide and this resulted in rapid bubbling occurring and the rate of reaction was controlled by the frequency of light. So I started doing quantum biology using reactions in real time using an LED-based microscope and I was amazed at what I saw. High energy radicals being produced, the photo-electric effect and photo-Fenton chemistry and the production of hydroxyl radicals. These biological radicals turning out to be working at 1 billion Hz, 0.1 nm bond distance, 1200 ev. So I recognized that physics was happening in Manuka honey. Radicals, I was told were bad for me. When I looked into it more I realized that radicals are signaling molecules. Our biochemistry does electron transport down the electron transport chain one electron at a time to produce a proton gradient in the mitochondria so one electron at a time is, in fact, a radical. So radicals are how energy is produced in our body and we take high energy electrons and harvest the energy out of them in a controlled way step by step and harvest 10.4 ev from each molecule of glucose that undergoes metabolic oxidative phosphorylation. This produces 32 ATP via glycolysis, Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain. So our current biochemistry is based on terminal electron capture by oxygen to produce water. Yes, our bodies produce water. Our bodies can also produce their own oxygen from hydrogen peroxide. 

What I discovered in Manuka honey was, in fact, old regenerative biochemistry that occurs in everything biological system including us and that is why Manuka honey is so good for you. This is biochemistry that occurs at night, under anoxic conditions. It uses glucose and produces hydrogen peroxide by glucose oxidase and FADH2. Then a photon of light in the blue and UV region is captured by a phenolic from the Manuka plant and the photon is transferred into a coordinated metal, which reduces it from Fe3+ to Fe2+. When the reduced iron is exposed to hydrogen peroxide hydroxyl radicals are produced. The high energy radical places an OH bound onto a range of biomaterials and results in an energy cascade which is amazing to understand. 

Why? Because this is the physics in our own biology! The death and regeneration cycle responsible for tissue regeneration rather than scarring in wound healing. It is what is responsible for quantum entanglement of the electrons, the ability for stem cells to do physics (quantum biology). The ability to destroy and then recreate what is needed where it is needed. 

The company I was working with at the time was giving me honey to eat and I was eating it. The discoveries I was making through scientific investigation were transforming me internally through the consumption of Manuka honey. I ended up coming up with a new theory based on an old theory. My unified field theory, my Eureka moment, by rearrangement of Einstein's equation E = Mc^2 to c^2 = E/M and everything became light. This is what triggered the spiritual enlightenment experience at church. I connected to a higher energy frequency and saw flashes of frames of future events in my life. Blew my mind. So I apologize to all that were impacted by my experience. However, I think things happen for a reason and the realignment of my knowledge suggests that the use of anti-oxidants is actually killing people by capturing radical electrons and stopping electron transport which is what we do to obtain energy. The isolation of the colloidal nanoparticle complex from Manuka honey and its use topically in a colloidal spray is what I have developed based on this knowledge and have taken myself into a heightened sense of consciousness. This has made me more creative, smarter, faster and happier.

Why? Well, the OH radical puts OH groups on neurotransmitters. 1 billion Hz higher energy levels from glucose via regenerative biochemistry. 1200 ev vs. 10.4 ev per glucose molecule so it's a way to promote your own subconscious biochemistry. 

So my initial investigation of the anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey has taken me on a strange and enlightening journey. I can laugh about it. The client should have put a warning on the label of the honey. "Food of the Gods" may induce spiritual awakening! 

I now have lots of ideas and my mind works faster than normal. So psychiatrists consider me to be hypomanic. I have been diagnosed as biopolar and other things. However, I have been able to help many companies. I have a different perspective so this makes me creative and innovative. I started again from the perspective of the Unified Field Theory. The Bose-Einstein Condensate, only electrons and nothing else. All quantumly entangled, harmonic, one frequency near absolute zero. That is all light outside our own ability to see due to the fact that we can only see the contrast between electrons at different frequencies. No contrast, so we cannot see prior to the big bang. 

I have created a new periodic table. I have also written a book on quantum biology to explain things from my perspective. Most people I meet think I am crazy, however, I think most people just don't have the knowledge to understand. They see with their consciousness which operates at 3 to 30 Hz. They see with their eyes, they live in the land of matter. No matter what you think, it is electromagnetism first and only matter when you interact with it! It's all just electrons and vibrational harmonics either canceling out or enhancing the wave functions.

By learning your own limitations of the sensors you can take yourself out of the observation and then take the conscious observer out of the observation. Then, you can start to see things how they are when you are not there interacting with the environment selecting for what you are observing. The role of the conscious observer in quantum physics is critical. Being able to see the super-symmetry in a system when you are absent and how the photon is two electrons dancing as a double helix (like DNA) creates the vision of light being a colloidal system interacting with itself at the speed of light. Then, electromagnetism gets trapped in wells in environments as matter. So it is photons all at different frequencies depending on how close the electrons are to each other. If you are interested in understanding more then take a look at my model and check out my book on quantum biology or do my course based on these ideas.

I think there is sufficient evidence to say humans understand the science of matter as we have been doing it for centuries, however, the science of the 21st century is based on quantum biology and the merger of physics and biology and understanding how this has the underpinning science for human health and well-being. So our medical profession needs to wake up and shift to a wellness model based on quantum biology and not on their current paradigm. Also, psychiatrists need to learn the difference between health and disease. If we can only see what we are looking for and their model is based on the unwell mind then it is their mind they are looking at when they see another. They are the ones causing distress in the other because the intention is to do harm to the other. The medication shortens lives by 25 years. They are destroying peoples lives when the ability to see outside of yourself and be selfless is part of the human condition and a valid perspective especially under the current environment of global climate change and the current paradigm of extinction that we are entering. The lack of insight by the medical profession has a major influence on the well being of others. They have an authoritative model where they know best because of their years of learning and experience. However, I develop new technologies for companies and help them win at the evolutionary game of business. The inability of the current medical professionals to work using quantum theory means they are missing the opportunity to help. First, do no harm! They are breaking their Hipocratic oath. Why? Because of their science model being based on pre-1920's knowledge. So they are behind the times and need to learn some new science to ensure they are helping people and not hurting them. So I am being a whistleblower. I am raising the red flag. I tried doing this at work but this has failed. I do not trust them because they do not understand the science, that is the problem when managers are involved. They should steer clear of what they do not understand. Take a back seat. Leave scientists to do the work that they have been asked to do.

Shifting away from the economic paradigm and into a regenerative society which, is accepting of difference rather than trying to control others to maintain the current power structures is needed. It is only when we come together as a society and value all people that we can move together in harmony.

So I am considered mentally unwell because I can think for myself and think creatively and be cleaver. Make many discoveries and share these with others because I care more about people than money. That is the basis for my Christian faith. My faith means that I believe that it is immoral and unethical to only treat the wealthy with technologies that save lives so I focus on lifting everyone, not just the big boys and girls. So I am walking the walk and talking the talk. I have left work after 18 years and going to be helping as many people that I can in order to change peoples lives. If you want to come on this journey too and this resonates with you then get in touch as I am happy to share.

Peace be with you. 

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