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Welcome to Quantum Technologies Ltd. I hope you like what you see and learn something new. This is about mind expansion and obtaining a higher state of consciousness. Increasing ones intellectual capacity, increases your creative capacity and improves mood and well being. Enjoy. You deserve it!

My background.

Dr. Keryn Johnson (THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST) has a Ph.D in Biochemistry from Victoria University of Wellington, a Masters in Molecular Genetics and a Double Major in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry from University of Canterbury. Dr Johnson took a year off from his studies after his Masters on Fertility Plasmids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates from Cystic fibrosis patients, and taught Hip Hop dancing and was a choreographer for the South Island Cultural Fashion Awards. Dr Johnson also spent six months working as a construction worker back at Canterbury University for Lunds. Dr Johnson then applied for a PhD position at Victoria University of Wellington. He obtained a GRIF Scholarship for his PhD and spent time developing industrial processes for enzyme purification in Taranaki based on affinity chromatography for the isolation and characterisation of ovine pancreatic proteases and kinetic comparison to the equivalent porcine enzymes. Dr Johnson also spent time teaching laboratory courses and lecturing in Biochemistry later on during his PhD. After completing his PhD Dr Johnson commenced work at Industrial Research Limited and obtained a six month contract developing an RNA sequencing kit by purifying five different RNase enzymes from various biological sources for the NIH and RNA Society with worldwide distribution. At the completion of this successful contract he was employed full time at Industrial Research Limited. His initial work involved several small commercial contracts followed by a project that focused on developing products to add value to the red meat co-product streams with a partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia that had been set up by Dr George Slim. George left soon after this project was set up and Dr Johnson worked to identify areas of opportunities for the red meat industry both in New Zealand and Australia. Dr Johnson leveraged off his expertise in serine proteases, developed as part of his Ph.D, and explored the opportunities around crypteins, peptides with hidden biological functions from extracellular matrix proteins. Many bioactive peptide extracts were prepared. During this work, Dr Johnson focused on the wound healing potential and regenerative medicine applications of cryptein peptides from ECM. He looked at both anti-inflammatory, pro-angiogenic (blood vessel formation) and cell proliferation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells. The initial exploratory work led to the identification of a gap junction modulatory peptide from eye lens crystallin protein Beta B2 crystallin. The peptide termed GAP573 was shown to stimulate wound healing, blood vessel formation, reduce scarring and inflammation thereby showing all the beneficial properties of a regenerative healing product.

In addition, Dr Johnson developed an extracellular matrix scaffold for Mesynthes (now Aroa) from sheep stomach for Dr Brian Ward (ex CEO of NZBio). This product is now sold internationally and is performing well. The underpinning process method was developed by Dr Johnson. The STOF principle based on the osmosis set the stage for the rapid hydration of the stomach tissue and separation of the muscle external layer from the ECM. The epithelium was also softened by this process making it easier to remove by the epithelial scrapper using the principles of symmetry in an engineering technology developed by Brian's father. This was one of my most successful projects from the point of view of technology commercialization. However, reversing the STOF process in the reverse direction to stomach fluid flow led to dehydration of the tissue which was counterintuitive when considering the principles of osmosis. It was not osmosis but something completely revolutionary.

Dr Johnson then went on to explore the wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of Manuka honey using his unconventional approaches to science that led to the discovery of a number of unique molecules in Manuka honey which led to the postulation of a new theory for evolution based on hermetic principles. Dr Johnson based on these alchemical approaches determined that biological systems were operating in a quantum world which was very strange considering the traditional scientific explanation previously given during his formative years at University. Dr Johnson had to then incorporate physics into his model and consider the weird world of quantum physics and has developed a set of Quantum Biological Rules which apply to biological systems which he uses to identify minimal energy states or the few numbers of steps needed to produce the desired product of interest. Identification of the low energy well within a system thereby aligning the system to its optimal low energy state provides an opportunity to identify solutions that change the current paradigm in the processing of biological tissues. Dr Johnson has used these principles to develop a number of new processes that transform traditional methods into Quantum approaches providing insight into the transition of energies.


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