AbTrap and QTrap

Self-assembly systems for creating a diagnostic platform for the detection of DNA and RNA and proteins, for the detection of protein, nucleic acids, viruses, and bacteria.

Proof of concept demonstrated with detection of E. coli O157 and other stx and eae containing E. coli strains in the red meat industry. More sensitive magnetic bead technology than Invitrogen's antibody beads used for the detection of E. coli O157. Directional orientation of the antibody on the surface of the magnetic bead allows increased sensitivity and the high substitution level increases the sensitivity and increased stability via cross-linking. 

Linking this technology with Nexcelon cellometer K2 or other image-based cytometer systems provides analysis within one minute. This rapid diagnostic platform provides a field-based diagnostic platform that can be used for a range of diagnostic applications.

The AbTrap enables magnetic separation and capture of targets based on antibody or primer nucleic acid technologies and the QTrap uses the detection using Qdots to label the target of interest. Both AbTraps and QTraps can be premade and are stable for prolonged periods.  The combining of the AbTrap with the QTrap produces a magnetically isolated Qdot labeled particle which only occurs when the target is present.

The use of Nexcelom technology and FCS Express software means that analysis of targets in complex mixtures can be customized using turnkey systems already commercially available. If you are interested in this field based or laboratory-based diagnostic solution for the detection of targets the please contact me and we can discuss the customization of a solution to meet your needs.  


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AbTrap and QTrap manufacture

self assembly

Magnetic beads for directional orientation

Bifunctional linker with directed orientation

TCEP reducing agent with low metal interaction

IMAC chemistry



This is an off the shelf solution.

Mix at the right ingredients in the right ratios and produce the self-assembled AbTrap and QTrap.

Take AbTrap and QTrap and combine with the sample at the appropriate ratio and mix briefly and then pipetted into the Cellometer K2 chamber, or separate the AbTrap-target-QTrap complex using the magnetic bead and a magnetic field, if the sample is too dilute or too dirty for analysis

Use the Nexcelom or another image based cytometer or a camera and a microscope. Setup is available via online tools found on Amazon. You can also use FCS Express to do the image based gated analysis for detection of the size (magnetic bead + target) and Qdot fluorescence, gating which is used to confirm the presence of the target.

Each AbTrap and QTrap combo has to be optimized using the sample identified and the antibody combination intended for use. However, we have been through the process previously and have a team of people distributed in many organizations that have the expertise to produce the AbTraps and QTraps of interest. If you are interested in this technology and how you can access it then please contact me. Dr. Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc (THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST).


NuTrap & NuTrapQ manufacture

zip-lock technology | wave-guide

Magnetic beads for directional orientation

Primers and GeneArt

Qdot oligo attachment

Magnetic bead oligo conjugates

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This is an off the shelf solution.

Follow the kit instructions to assemble the NuTrap and NuTrapQ.

What can be detected is any nucleic acid. However, DNA and RNA are quantum in nature and provide the photonic signals for protein synthesis. Is it the harmonic frequency of the oscillator DNA and RNA that is responsible for the amino acid bound to the transfer RNA. No. I think it is way weirder than that. I think the photons of the hydrogen bond are the signals that are sent to the ribosome and are used to catalyze the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycle and they are involved in splitting water to produce hydrides and then it's atomic transformations that occur within the microenvironment of the ribosome that provides the detailed information required to create the appropriate electronic configuration that we observe as an amino acid attached to the tRNA. So the principle is first it is an electromagnetic wave that gets confined to a given environment and within that environment, it has to find its minimized energy state which creates an equilibrium of energy which has a temporal and spatial relationship with the cascade of energy that eventually produces matter that we can observe and interact with. Each different electronic configuration of electrons we have called a different thing and yet it is all the same thing. As it was all previously one and quantumly entangled.

So the righthand rule of electromagnetism is the reason for DNA being a right-hand double helix. The symmetry in the photon being equal and opposite electrons of a given wavelength which corresponds to a given frequency if one divides by the speed of light. That provides an understanding of why DNA chains are running in opposite directions. 

The idea that all time is happening all the time. It all depends on the frequency that you are able to look at, but by looking you shift the system to higher and lower energies and thereby it is transformed by the energy that you are putting into the system. 

The quantum nature of hydrogen and it's ability to jump from one side of the DNA strand to the other means that it can be on either side and therefore the sequence of DNA is very flexible and can change when needed. That accounts for the adaptive evolution that occurs when selective pressure is applied in a do or die situation that bacteria face when they are exposed to antibiotics. The understanding that we are more bacterial cells than eukaryotic cells means we have evolved from the earth, from the elements of life and from electrons. In fact, it is the electron that is the conscious element of life and it's the electrons ability to be so many things that we have lost sight that it is only us that we can see. Our vision is our internal reality manifesting of our inner beliefs. 

Using PCR followed by an image-based cytometer in combination with NuTraps and NuTrapQ has the ability to detect low levels of signal. If sufficient nucleic acids are present for direct detection then the use of NuTraps and NuTrapQ in conjunction with an image based cytometer provides a rapid detection approach for the diagnosis of targets of interest.


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