Development of a Unified Field Theory and its application to biological sciences.

Quantum biology principles.

Development of an extracellular matrix from sheep stomachs using STOF processing.

Development of CCAEC and CPNPC chromatography principle which has revolutionized the separation of proteins using ion exchange for analytical and industrial applications.

GAP573 for modulation of the cell to cell communication.

Qtrap, AbTrap, NuTrap, NuTrapQ technologies for diagnostic magnetic bead applications. a water-free organo-gel sunscreen product that stays on the skin due to the absence of surfactants and only requires one application for long-lasting protection, developed by Dr Brian Wilkins. Organo-Tech which producers organo-gels and Psyquest Productions which produces educational videos for dance parties to promote the intellectual growth and enlightenment of humanity.

Quantum Technologies Ltd

which focuses on quantum biological products that have regenertaive properties and promote the well-being of mind, body and Soul.


62 Dale Rd, Raumati South, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand


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