Revolutionary organo-gel sunscreen technology. One application for long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays. Stays on the skin. No Water. No need for detergents. It doesn't wash off in the sea. Active meets the latest AUS/NZ standard 2604:2012, which came into effect in July 2015. Two-hour water resistance. Safe for you and safe for our mother, planet earth. Smooth to apply, cosmetically pleasing. Feels like silk. Layers of blissful relaxation in the sun. Captures the sun's high energy rays and converts it into low energy infrared heat. It contains SolaStay S1 for the capture of high energy free radicals. Protects you from sun damage. It provides rejuvenation of the skin, due to the natural oils. No fragrances, nanoparticles, Pegs or parabens. 20+years development time. Good things take time and once you've tried it you wondered why no else had thought of developing a product like this. I love it. The best time knowing I am being protected as well as my children and wife. After all, a Grandfather's love, sweat, and tears have gone into developing it. Brian burned himself out in the sun, trailing the product in order to make something that could protect his family. I was lucky I meet my wife and understood the fundamental mode of action from a quantum biological point of view. Works with the skins natural processes to provide you with a product that is a game changer. Try it yourself, you do the comparison. Take the leap of faith and see through the typical emulsion based products on the market that take 30 minutes to dry before you go out into the sun. Change, be mindful, be kind to yourself and our planet. Be environmentally consciously aware of your impact. Step up your game. Choose what is right for you and our planet. With ACTIVE, there is no waiting time for the product to dry. Apply sparingly and thoroughly for long lasting protection. No water means no drying time. It forms a film when you massage it into your body. Enjoy, you deserve it!


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