phagocytosis inhibition and the top of the cascade

Dynamic reciprocity Dr. Zeus two-headed Janus particle. Push me to pull you. The equilibrium of energy flow drives the evolution of matter in a spatial and temporal cascade of events. So what comes first the chicken or the egg. The question is who decides if it is a chicken or an egg in the first place and that is you. When you understand where you come from the egg is first and it is you that is chicken because you are afraid of stepping into the unknown.

So how does it all work? We evolve from electrons. From God. From the Bose-Einstein Condensate. So the electron combines with itself to create a photon. The photon interacts with the electron to create a proton and neutron. The proton is positive and the neutron is negative. The electron binds with the proton to cancel the charges out and this is hydrogen the first element in the periodic table. The neutron being negative binds the positron which is dark matter. We are using electrons and we can only see matter. We need to use positrons to see anti-matter. This suggests that dark energy is due to positrons. Because of our love affair with the electron, we consider the positron as it's antimatter but it is just an electron upside down on the other side of the nucleus that we are looking at it through the lens of the nucleus. It is the mirror particle, it cancels out the negative charge on the neutron, making the neutron slightly larger than the proton.

Once atoms are formed they can combine to grow the periodic table using different frequencies of electromagnetism. The size of the Bose-Einstein Condensate was 100,000 km in diameter 3 Hz. Then there are 10^52 electrons in the condensate. The electron has a diameter of the Plank length and this translates to the shortest and highest energy wavelengths of electromagnetism. 

The colloidal structure prior to the big bang determines the electromagnetic spectrum. The periodic table of elements provides the electronic configurations of electrons corresponding to various vibrational frequencies e.g. the electrons interact with the photons of different wavelengths. The colloidal nature of matter, due to the colloidal nature of light and electrons means electrons in different compounds separated by distance can be at similar energy levels and they can both come together to create a photon of half the distance as they collapse to become equal and opposite forming the electromagnetic double helix spiral. The right-hand rule of electromagnetism. Light is the only thing we can experience. As bonds between atoms are made of symmetrical equal and opposite electrons. Electrons have learned how to share to give each other what they need. A matched pair, their soul mates. When bonds are broken photons are released, electromagnetic vibrations. An enzyme hits the right harmonic frequency to make or create bonds depending on the atomic ticking that is going on within the enzyme. The atomic clocks in biochemistry are driven by the frequencies of electromagnetism confined within the structure of the enzyme itself and the three-dimensional shape of vibrating waveforms that cancel and propagate or amplify the internal signals. The dance of light within an atom is a beautiful thing, which is taken for granted but it is the basis of life. 

Most biochemical reactions are modulated by enzymes. Even radical chemistry is under coordinated control by enzymatic processes. The electron transport chain produces superoxide. It is needed to recombine with the protons that travel as photons down the ATPase enzyme through the mitochondrial membrane to generate water from superoxide. Four protons, which are eight photons and 16 electrons are needed to form two water molecules from one mole of superoxide. Image below. 

Phagocytosis is a way of generating food for the cell by exposing the contents of the phagosome to hydrogen peroxide produced by NADPH oxidase. The manuka honey colloid with its mineral, protein, lipid, phenolic complexation chemistry its photon capture by the phenolic and it's the ability to reduce the iron, which results in the generation of the hydroxyl radical when the colloid is exposed to hydrogen peroxide. A coordinated system that breaks matter down into regenerative precursors. 1200 electron volts doing weird and wonderful things, causing quantum entanglement of matter so that it forms structures when the light of different frequencies interacts with it. Hence, why macrophage is so important in producing energy and food for surrounding cells as it is the garbage dumping ground within our body that has a physics recycling system as its heart. The process that occurs when the colloid is taken up into the cells also leads to the generation of many new molecules some of which are inhibitors of cathepsin B and human leukocyte elastase. some of these are due to covalent cross-linking between phenolic, MGO and the N-terminal peptide of apisimin. This is what has been labeled by 9AC and been shown to be taken up inside the inflammatory macrophage. So it does appear to get where it needs to go in order to turn off inflammation and interact with other cellular machinery to modulate gene expression through inhibition of HDAC enzymes which is another aspect of it's the ability to modulate inflammation. Phagocytosis is at the top of the inflammatory cascade an initial trigger of inflammation. However, it is blue light and UV light that sits at the divergent energy landscape cascade and that drives the production of radicals and quantum entanglement needed in our body to feel vitality and happiness.



love oxygen

The diradical nature of oxygen is the be all and end all to our own duality. The quantum nature of the photon and quantum entanglement at the speed of light means only one thing. Our biology is too slow. We are the goldfish in the bowl. Our consciousness is 3 to 30 Hz and our subconsciousness is 1 billion Hz. So our frame rate of the conscious mind cannot accept the craziness of quantum entanglement because it is happening within us, in other words, because it takes so long to get into us via our sensors it has already happened. It is because we are so slow mentally! Funny. It is only when we merge our conscious and subconscious minds into one by being mindful that we can then start to tune into other frequencies of electromagnetism and energies outside of our external realities taken in by our sensors and become in-tune with our internal frequencies providing insight to a temporal and spatial relationship that exists at the speed of light in energy landscapes, which cascade up and down depending on how the photon is interacting with the electron and that occur at all levels of the fractal universe. It is all happening within us and not external to us. You are only at war with yourself. Stop fighting it and just go with the flow.

A single electron is transported at a time down the electron transport chain. A single electron by itself is radical. Or do they travel as photons? I think they travel as photons over distance using quantum entanglement first. The distance between the transport chain components is proportional to the frequency of the wavelength of the electromagnetism being produced, so the energy is forever in motion capturing and harnessing the energy flow as photons at the speed of light.  

I know that the hydroxyl radical is like a master switch for tissue regeneration an inbuilt death and regeneration cycle in everything biological. The quantum entanglement process is driven by radical chemistry. There is iron in the mitochondria. The question is does the production of hydrogen peroxide in the mitochondria by SOD lead to hydroxyl radicals? I think yes! 1200 electron volts is sufficient energy to make and break the mitochondria apart and create and destroy. So it's the master switch to turn on and off oxidative phosphorylation.

There is no doubt that the handling of iron by the cell is a complex process. However, the role of mitochondrial iron trafficking in the regulation of cellular iron homeostasis is not understood. In mitochondria, iron is used for the synthesis of heme and the generation of iron-sulfur [Fe-S] clusters. 

If we believe that radicals are bad for us then this goes against the understanding of biochemical electron transport and how quantum entanglement works so I think biology has just failed to comprehend physics and the changes physics that occurred in the 1920's with Einstein and the other theories that came forward regarding quantum mechanics.

My own personal experience and understanding is that the benefits of Manuka honey are due to the radical generation that the bio-material produces due to photo-Fenton chemistry. It is the area of science that needs the greatest changes in order to integrate physics into biology (quantum biology) and biochemistry and into psychology and psychiatry. Mental health provides a vision for the future outside societies current paradigm. It is where freedom is found. It may look crazy from the outside, however, internally it is a place of inner peace and acceptance of the age of the universe and understanding our place within it. It is nothing to be scared of as the shaman provides visions of a future that the general public cannot see. As you enter into a state of ecstasy your mind works faster and in that state, time slows down. The same thing is experienced during fight or flight. When you merge both states of being and see through a single lens of the mind's eye you can perceive more than what is seen or felt or heard. This is not an illness it is a blessing because it provides great insight and it demonstrates that this is not outside the normal bounds of human beings reality and experience. In fact, connecting to other frequencies of electromagnetism outside our normal sensory perception is how human beings evolve. This is seen in a baby whose brain connects at 0.5 to 4 Hz to its environment. As we get older we are increasing our brain function frequency from 3 to 30 Hz. However, mindfulness allows you to connect to your subconscious being and open more frequencies of electromagnetism to your perception. The microcosm is an internal reflection of the macrocosm. The distance on the outside relates to the frequency on the inside.

The hydroxyl radical has a bond length of 0.1 nm. A half-life of 1 nanosecond. That corresponds to an external distance of 1 x E^11 km. At the speed of light that equates to 3.8 days into the future of your internal light. So a quantum leap forward in time in your own mind can come from interacting consciously with a bond length of 0.1 nm. So I think it is possible to move forward in time using your mind just as it is possible to look back in time to see the external light of the world and measure it and understand it and where it has come from and how long it has taken to reach us from a faraway place and therefore it is the past. The light from the moon takes 1 second to reach us. It is also captured by our eyes at the frequency of 50 Hz (cis/trans) isomerization and processed by our consciousness between 3 and 30 Hz so it is slow. However, because we are all made of electrons and the electron reflects it's own internal world externally and it's external world internally the electron fractal provides an opportunity for quantum entanglement, we are all one, one of everything, we were harmonic quantum entangled prior to the big bang. The Bose-Einstein Condensate. Therefore, we should be able to have the perception of that past and we do. It is the cosmic background microwave frequency that permeates all space-time. We are all connected to that on that level. Do we choose to feel that within us? Yes, it is our intuition. We already know who is friend or foe. Our body tells us if we chose to listen is another question. Have we been taught to listen to our intuition? No. But it is something that we are born with. It is something that we must become more in tune with in order to move forward as a species as it is that sense of the universe outside of our current sensory perception that provides connectivity to the oneness of everything that allows you to move with respect to the all mighty. It is also something that we should not be afraid of as we can only perceive what we know and without knowing we cannot perceive. So what comes first the knowing or the perceiving? Your beliefs come first. Then you manifest the world around you to fit your belief system. If your belief system and your external world around you do not match up then you have a disease. Loss of harmony in your environment. The best thing to do is move into an environment that matches your belief system. Then you are in harmony and you resonate at the frequencies of the people around you amplifying the vibrations not canceling them out causing further damage to your health and well-being.  


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