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If you work in the bee industry and produce honey and you want to know how it really works and you're interested in developing your business to provide greater benefit to you and your community then let me know and I'll provide you with an opportunity that you won't bee-lieve.

What's the buzz. I love bees and the work they do for us on this planet. However, companies making toxic compounds that are killing them is wrong. Without pollination, we are in serious trouble. It is the buzz that results in the dehiscence of the pollen. Maybe businesses would rather kill all the bees and then make nano-drones to pollinate the flowers so that they can make more money. Technology has lost the plot. They are making artificial leaves to capture carbon dioxide. I think that nature without our interference knows how to re-establish itself. It does not need our involvement. Are we making things better or worse? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the more we strive to make things better then worse we are making it. We need to do less and let nature provide her bounty.

I have figured out how to take 0.1 to 1% of Manuka honey and create OH BEE HAVE which is a product that changes the understanding of what we are doing and how we are doing it. It provides 100 times more energy per glucose molecule than oxidative phosphorylation. This is a way to scale back the destruction of our environment and obtain more from less. By understanding quantum biology I have found a solution to the world's problems. How much did this cost me to develop this? Well, everything! It cost me my life, my job, my family and my mental health. However, because the more you do the worse you make it. I feel Iike I don't have to do anything anymore as I have discovered the answers. All I need to do now is to teach others the answers, hence why I am developing an online course on quantum biology and have written a book on quantum biology to share this knowledge.


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