Ying and Yang approach

The understanding that matter is both temporal and spatial (space-time) and proximity of electrons creates mass and spin creates gravity and that bonds holding atoms together are made of light (photons) suggests that we have a ying and yang approach to a bubble bond as an electron on one side is moving in the opposite direction as the electron on the other side of the bond bubble (matter vs anti-matter). That is the idea of quantum entanglement of the electrons. Producing radical extends the idea of separating quantum entangled electrons and put them in many molecules making the molecules all beahve as if tehy are quantum entangled. The internal reflection of the electron has a positive pole on the inside and a negative pole on the outside. It is merely a reflection caught in a mirror plane. It has symmetry. The bond bubble has a lens and mirror plane in the centre. The concept provides a cohesive understanding which fits together with the observed information as well as the theoretical data. The reciprocal of the gamma ray is the ELF frequency. This provides balance within each bond. The 2 by 2 of Noah's arc. Electrons are paired in a bond. The photon appears to be two electrons that have symmetry. As we are the observer and we have two eyes and a pineal gland third eye it suggests that the mind may also be a photonic bubble and the lens focal point is the pineal gland which provides the visual clues to our environment. It's like physics two slit experiment wherein biology our eyes provide the slits and our minds projecting out the information into the environment. However, we know that it is all just inside us. I like to say that I am upside down, inside out and back to front.

The lens also appears to perform photo-Fenton chemistry based on the coordination of calcium, which is capable of conducting electron capture, and coordination with N- and C-terminal extensions of beta and alpha and gamma crystallins. The beta B2 crystallin C-terminal extension being FHPSS coordinates with calcium and has been shown to down-regulate gap junction communication, which stops current flow. If electricity, magnetism and light are all parts of electromagnetic radiation at a particular frequency, then stopping the current flow is likely to turn off both light production and magnetism within gap junctions within the lens. GAP573 was shown to promote wound healing. It is interesting the photo-Fenton (electron capture) by coordinated calcium could be playing a role in this via the phenylalanine residue (F) capturing 280 nm light. The true nature of the underpinning mechanism of action now appears to be completely different from what was first thought and hence the opportunity to extend the IP into the realms of quantum biology. This leads to a theory of everything which is outlined below and can be defined as electromagnetic radiation as matter adopting a structural configuration that minimises the energy frequencies within the environment so that the colloidal system finds the minimized energy state which is defined by the isoelectric point of the system. As soon as the system is measured energy is being put into the system, and it takes it away from the energy minimum and it adopts a new energy state which is what is observed.

So through observation, we define a system and without this observation and interaction with the system, it does not exist other than in our own imagination or our subconscious mind. If the subconscious mind is performing photo-Fenton chemistry to produce light of particular energy frequencies, do the orbital dynamics of Plank's black body radiation relate to the colours observed and the distribution of electron energy frequencies produce various colours in our minds. The UV catastrophe appears to be responsible for the production of radicals through photon capture of coordinated minerals with electron donating groups in compounds with aromatic rings such as neurotransmitters.

How can various electron states e.g. colloidal systems bond together and produce patterns of averaged energies that result in colours based on electron energy distributions?

There are 5 eV ratios going in various orbitals. The loss of energy from a photon of UVA light will be able to produce a variety of frequencies of photons as they drop down in energy. If too much energy is present then energy could be removed from the photon as it would induce both microwave and infrared vibrational changes to a molecule overall colloidal structure.

The hydroxyl radical appears to generate very high energies which could produce neutrons from the hydride present through an alignment of the magnetic moment of the proton and the electron through quantum tunnelling. There appears to be a focal point and mirror plane whereby the electron is a reflection of the proton in the nucleus. If the electron looks like the earth with a north and south pole represented by bosons W- and W+ then the quarks appear to be similar to electrons. When one is moving in up the other is moving down and the charge and mass on one could alternate between the two based on its relative trajectory with respect to each other. As two electrons make one photon and as electrons and protons are able to combine to produce neutrons it would appear that electrons are also present in the nucleus. Both their state is flipped so that they can align with the protons magnetic moment and angular direction (Figure 13). The closer they are to each other the more mass they experience as it is due to the magnetic field generated.

To see how light can hold atoms together via bonds the following images are based on the refractive nature of the bubble was captured and used as a conceptual model. Mirror plane of the bubble bond refractive prism.

The light appeared to bond the bubbles in position and the distribution of energy throughout the system occurred due to refraction and reflection. Each bubble has a view of its universe both inside and outside. The alchemist version of this is the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. This enables one to perceive the entirety as part of oneself as all I can ever be or feel is me to the best of my ability. The true nature of reality is hidden from us due to the fact that we only see at a slow speed of 50 Hz and hear from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Our sense of touch is at 30 ms these are what we are consciously aware of. However, taste and smell are both quantum in nature and relate to vibrational frequencies and of compound structure and electron energy distribution. Higher energy food is hot and pungent like mustard or wasabi. Low energy food is bland and plain to taste and is beige and has had all the vitality taken out of it.

The breaking of bonds creates light and it is this light that we are absorbing via digestion. If we split water and convert the bond energy into high energy light e.g. via radical chemistry then we are able to become energised.

However, the photo-Fenton reaction which occurs at 10-9 s is responsible for fight or flight being able to respond faster than our conscious mind can reason. So we do experience things at the speed of light and this is our creative mind our subconscious mind which allows us to do anything and be creative. Understanding how to merge the creative and analytical minds or conscious and subconscious minds creates a sense of well-being a nirvana or a unified state of being. Enlightenment.

The unified theory is based on Einstein's equation produces the following formula. It is the understanding and the recognition that your mind is what unifies you. Mind over your matter or at least to hold your matter together so that it is coordinated effectively in a feeling of health and wellbeing. A sense of self-control over your decisions is needed to achieve this. It is not power over others it is a sense of self-awareness and self-control that comes from understanding and wisdom.

This is the model that came to me that everything is one.

(E/M)c2 x (-E/M)c2 = (E/-M)c2 x (-E/-M)c2

It is because we produce light which interacts with the world around us that it comes into focus and we can understand the environment that we are in. We are like a bat. The bat produces sounds which them comes back to the bat through echos which it sees as a sound map. We produce high energy photons via photo-Fenton chemistry which could be neutrinos from hydrides from water splitting or X-rays from electron capture of UVA light which comes into our eyes. The macular absence of pigments for photon capture means this area of the eye is responsible for sending photons out into the world which are at frequencies that our vision cannot see (outside the visible region).


These are bonds of light bonding bubbles together as the structure of a molecule made of atoms. The sharing of electrons produces bonds, which are bonds of photons. Two electrons with symmetry, equal and opposite.


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