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organo-gel for bone health

Calcium is an important mineral in our bodies. Calcium absorption is important for bone health and teeth health. We all know this. What we assume is that absorption occurs via transfer into the body via diffusion, or ion channels, or between tight junctions in our intestine. I don't think so sunshine! Remember what calcium is made of electrons. How many electrons? You would say 20 right! No, not in the quantum biology field there are 140 electrons all vibrating at different frequencies in calcium. That is 70 photons. If you were able to completely deconstruct Ca 40/20 into photons you would get 70 of these as each proton is three electrons and each neutron is three electrons and the negative (neutron) binds the positive (proton) in the nucleus. The photons of the neutron and proton come together to make six electrons or three photons, as each photon is two symmetrical equal and opposite electrons with a given wavelength. The three electrons in a proton and neutron form a triple helical trio, like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When two come together as the photon, depending on their energy level, frequency, they can interact with the electron and capture it in interaction and create the triple helical trio and enter the nucleus as either the proton or neutron (quarks = electrons). The higher the energy used to observe atoms the shorter the timeframe by which observations are made. Until we reach the Plank length.