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Cancer is a double-edged sword. Does cancer kill? Or is the current treatments that the medical profession causing death because they are using the wrong approach? Are we winning the battle? The more money we spend the less we seem to be winning but just taking ourselves further away from a society based on health and well-being. There is a clear correlation between health in society and financial markets. People are healthier when there is less money because people eat less and eating less means people are hungrier and this places them in ketosis which is a healthier place to be than obesity. 
So austerity promotes health. Having less means you slow down and have less stress and make do with what you have, which makes you value the little you have. What you do have is your health and well-being. So by slowing down and taking care of yourself, you are able to be in a better state of mind, which is an external reflection of your internal world. We are all in a state of disease caused by global stress induced by the pace of change created by the innovation system. We either need to go faster and evolve as a species or slow down again to find a peaceful solution to our current paradigm. 
We need to get smarter and prevent the control of people by machines in order to respect the inherent beauty and divinity of the human being compared to the 1's and 0's of our current electronegativity love affair. We are caught up in a love affair with electrons and controlling them, however, we already have control over the quantum universe within our own minds. Except we have not been told how to use it properly. 
So the quantum subconscious mind controls everything and it does it at the speed of light. It is this light that provides the evolutionary electromagnetic cascade and generates the quantum field of energy that matter detects and determines what harmonic frequencies and fluctuations occur within a spatial and temporal resolution in a given environment in order for matter to be produced at a given location.
The loss of this quantum control, via quantum entanglement is the reason for cancer. Cancer cells become independent of the whole and under such conditions, they are wanting to survive by producing more of themselves. They do this by proliferating, but both daughter cells survive. Apoptosis does not occur in one of the daughter cells. The apoptosis process creates quantum entanglement within the apoptosis bodies because the death process is driven by high energy radical biochemistry. The extracellular vesicles produced by apoptosis are transferred into cells throughout the body, providing information to cells throughout the body, a signaling system. This provides continual connectivity of all cells to one another so the communication is important for harmony within the symbiotic community of a human being (50 trillion cells). The loss of this communication leads to cancer formation and progression.
The inability of inflammatory cells to detect cancer cells because they have turned off receptors on their surface and hide their intentions from the community means the cancer is a canary in the mine showing that there is an overall loss of control from the subconscious mind and the generation of cellular independence leads to cancer formation.
The cancer cells actually harness the behavior of the inflammatory cells by turning off their killing potential and they harvest the energy production capability of inflammatory cells to drive rapid growth through the production of growth factors. 
Cancer cells also switch off their mitochondria to prevent apoptosis from occurring which is the quantum entangled communication system which controls matter formation when the system is bathed in different electromagnetic frequencies. So to prevent or treat cancer we have to target upstream high energy radicals that act as signaling molecules in the body and produce the frequencies of energy that cascade down the electromagnetic spectrum to produce the right structures in the right places.
The quantum field within the body is what gets damaged prior to the loss of communication between cells and cellular independence, leading to cancer cell formation. So the signals are no longer getting to the right places or the vibration frequencies are no longer cascading down the appropriate landscapes so the structures produced do not match the field present and the cellular phenotype is therefore changed due to this loss of resonance with the environment. This is actually induced by a change in the cellular environment. So the cells are driven to evolve because of a loss of cellular communication. So what is the cellular communication that is lost? Radical signaling is the signal that has been modulated by cellular environmental conditions. The addition of exogenous anti-oxidants is seen as the trigger for the destruction of radical signaling especially the hydroxyl radical which is directly involved in regenerative biochemical processes. 
The antioxidants in plants when they are isolated they are purified and the minerals associated with them are removed to increase purity. We have fallen in love with high purity products with the highest anti-oxidant potential When taken orally the anti-oxidants mop up the radical signaling molecules which result in the body producing more radical signaling molecules to compensate so you get an initial increase in radical signaling to compensate. However, more anti-oxidant finally win the battle and capture the high energy communication processes that are occurring in our bodies. However, our bodies obtain energy from electron capture and controlling the energy levels of the electron via the electron transport chain to produce a proton gradient across the membrane in the mitochondria. Cancer cells without functional mitochondria may have lost this ability because the purified anti-oxidants added in the diet have stopped the flow of electrons preventing energy production effectively via electron transport. To overcome this issue the cell turns on its regenerative biochemistry and produces energy via an anoxic pathway, whereby, glucose is converted into hydrogen peroxide and Fenton chemistry is used to produce 1200 electron volts of energy which is more than sufficient to run the machinery of the cell. The cell is turned into primordial regenerative biochemistry. It is the stem cell niche biochemistry. The photo-Fenton biochemistry is triggered by electromagnetism that has sufficient energy which is captured by molecules such as neurotransmitters that have coordinated iron and this results in photo-reduction of iron to produce Fe2+. This then reacts with hydrogen peroxide to produce the hydroxyl radical.
So this is what we are up against when it comes to battling cancer. We need to accept its presence and use our own inherent communication machinery the optics within our body to re-establish communication to ensure the collective survival of the entire organism rather than the opportunistic survival of the cancer cell and its growth and distribution throughout the body and in the end claiming the life of the individual.
The subconscious mind is the overall controller and its the biochemistry of the subconscious mind that is damaged in the loss of cellular communication and coordination. What causes this? The biochemistry of the subconscious mind is driven by photo-Fenton biochemistry as the OH group is placed on the neurotransmitter by the hydroxyl radical. If the phenolics added in the diet are causing this issue then we have a problem with our current dietary fads.
The phenolic has a structure similar to the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine which comprise the substrates for the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. The phenolics may, therefore, compete with these amino acids in the brain leading to changes in brain biochemistry. The plaques and tangles in an Alzheimer's brain, which are brown, look somewhat like the mineral-phenolic-protein complexes in biochemical non-enzymatic browning which is an oxidative protective mechanism that plants used to prevent pathogen entry into cells. Could this explain the pathology of brain diseases? A quick search has identified that phenolics have been potential to inhibit the key enzymes in processing Tau and APP proteins in the brain which could potentially lead to the formation of plaques and tangles.
There is a paper that outlines the inhibition of pepsin by aluminum. Pepsin is an aspartic acid protease just like Beta and gamma-secretase which is involved in processing the proteins APP and Tau in the brain. Loss of secretase activity may lead to alternative processing of these proteins causing the production of plaques and tangles. This means the inhibition of these enzymes is detrimental, not beneficial. I think it is the inhibition of these enzymes by phenolics that is responsible for the production of plaques and tangles. 
I have developed regenerative biochemistry that stimulates the subconscious mind and it would be great to try out this on patients with brain disease to see if there is any improvement in brain health. The product promotes photo-Fenton biochemistry of the subconscious mind and makes you smarter and faster of mind. Maybe the high energy radical could breakdown the plaques and tangles in the mind of the patient and therefore restore health and well-being. Now that would be cool.



Manuka honey CEL modified proteins and the Nurberg structure of inositol phosphate and HDAC inhibition

The works on did on Manuka honey involved looking at the anti-cancer potential which I thought would relate to the CEL protein modification of lysine in apisimin and major royal jelly proteins and defensin in Manuka honey. The modified forms of the proteins in the colloidal structure. We already know that the colloid inhibits phagocytosis and therefore inflammation. there is also inhibition of Cathepsin B and human leukocyte elastase again two other potential targets of inflammation and cancer. We know there is a direct link between inflammation oand cancer. So modulation of inflammatory cells has the potential to modulate cancer. 

In addition, to this we have observed that CEL modified lysine residues in apisimin and MRJPs has the potential to inhibit HDAC enzymes which has the benefit of having anti-cancer potential. So overall Manuka honey has some wonderful properties for maintaining health and well-being and we should value this as New Zealand's precious Tonga a sacred gift from God.

Recently I also discovered a compound present in plants, nuts, grains that has anti-cancer potential and it is know as an anti-nutrient. It is called phytic acid or inositol phosphate. It is already known in the literature that inositol phosphate binds to HDAC enzymes and stimulates their activity. They say it is a glue. This is incorrect. It is a harmonic charge relay system that acts as an ossilator. Having three different minerals coordinated to the phsophate groups of inositol phospahte there are many different forms and some of these are postualted in the literature to have unproductive binding events in the pocket of the HDAC enzyme. This is what provides the anti-cancer potential of this compound. Hard to find this complex. Again like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily I like pricking myself and I tracked down the information that outlines which form produces the inhibtion of the HDAC enzyme. Again this is all old knowledge. They knew a thing or two back in the day. The problem I have with our current innovation system is I believe that 13.8 billion light years is sufficient for biology and evolution on the basis of quantum biology to get it right in the preparation of the biological tools of self awareness of the human mind. Once you learn how to reconnect the human conscious and subconscious minds you are set free.

Human beings have been making stuff for how long? Yes we will leave the planet and soon. We will conqure the stars and soon. We will master the quantum world and develop warp drives. We would be able to do this so much faster if we got rid of money and worked for the collective good of all species on this planet. We keep having to make new things because of the protectionist model, patents. My view is biology already got it right.  We are enough just by ourselves, we need nothing else. People are searching for the one thing they have already got. They don't value it because it was given to them for free. No value in life because it was given freely. So we take life as we believe it is cheap. Self sacrafice is the one thing we need in this world today if we are going to clean up the mess we have made. I am willing to sacrafice everything if it results in people changingv their behaviours and start valuing life again and the well-being of the planet and our fellow inhabitants on earth.

All you need to do is to look internal and quiet your mind and seek and you shall find. Peace and harmony with the oneness of everything.

I am a Christian, my Baptismal name is Francis and I attend the trinity of three Parishes of Assissi. I have read St Frances of Assissi's book and visited his tomb and feel a deep sense of connection to his mission. I like the phrase "Let food be thy medicine". Whole foods that are alive and that have vitality provide health and well-being. When you purify something out of them it looses it's biological comlexity, it's coordination chemistry, it's qi or life force, that is responsible for human health and well-being. Biology did not evolve in isolation. It did not evolve in a sterile environment either. We need our microbial community to be fostered in order to accomodate our biochemiscal mutations where we cannot produce all the derired biochemicals in our body by our eukayrotic cells. The premise is we are a harmonic collection of electrons derived from God, 13.8 billion light years in the making. The Bible states God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God. We are in heaven, or we are in hell. We get to decide which through our own actions.

I value human life over making money and find it unethical and immoral charging people large sums of money to treat diseases and extend their lives  for several months when food that is readily available has all the beneficial properties to provide good health and well-being. We are immortal beings after all and our Souls belong to our maker. I believe I was given a gift and I would like to share that gift with others. Some people call that gift mental illness as it does not align with the current practices in the innovation system. My previous employer Callaghan Innovation also thinks I am unfit for work. I agree, my knowledge leds me to believe that our current practices both in the medical profession and the innovation industry, health and well-being mainstream professions are basing their model of health and well-being on pre-1900's scientific knowledge, which is wrong and an underlying reason why so many people suffer and die before their time. However, in the 1930's the foundations of science changed and quantum physics became the new model.

In the year 2020, the year of perfect vision, I hope that quantum biology can finally have it's time in the sun and shine brightly for all of humanity showing that human beings have great potential and understanding that potential can be obtained through the avenue of quantum biology. By bringin back religion / spirtuality / alchemy  (physics) and scientific investigation in to a harmony we can move forward into the 21st-century with a renewed intention of regeneration by creating a principle of wellness and no longer focusing on disease and disharmony on our planet.  

The basis of human disease comes from the disharmony between the collective wisdom that comes from the heart and and the misguided materilistic approach that society has taken based on the conscious reductionistic thought process. Without the grand unification of all forces through the understanding of the God particle, The BOSE-EINSTEIN condensate and that there are only electrons then we will fail to unify all the forces as one and miss the collective insight of the whole in favour of individual materilism. The propganda must stop as it is destroying ourselves. We all need to take a step back and ask what side of history do we really want to be on? Collectively we can get past the competition and move into a symbiotic harmony by sharing the love which provides an opportunity for healing in one another. A healing of the whole being. Peace be with you.


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