Christ's church and the drift north

I had spent six years in Christchurch when I did my undergraduate degree (Double Major in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry) followed by a Masters in Molecular Genetics with a research project looking into the Fertility Plasmids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa from clinical isolates from cystic fibrosis patients. Christchurch is where I cut my teeth on the dance floor. After my Masters, I took a year off trying to figure out wanted I wanted to do with my life. I ended up teaching hip hop dancing for six months for the Little Youth Talent Agency and enjoying the nightlife of Christchurch. I also did choreography and took part in The South Island Cultural Fashion Awards and got involved in singing and having fun with friends. I have always had a creative streak within me and find great pleasure in losing myself in the music on the dance floor letting my body conform to the beat of the music. It's a hard way to make money but its also very freeing as you live an honesty which has a greater purity than achieved by living comfortably on a 9-5-day job. After six months I finally secured a full-time job working on a construction site thanks to my brother. Family tends to look out for one another because blood is thicker than water. Whilst I worked on the construction site at Canterbury University I saw a PhD position in the paper and decided it was time to head back into the knowledge-based economy. So I flew up to Wellington for the first time and had an interview at Victoria University of Wellington with my to be supervisor Dr. Alan Clark and Keith Turner from the Meat Industry company Dairy Meats Enzyme Division. Now I had performed a Masters and I admit I was not a top academic student but I had been exposed to the meat industry from an early age. The age of three where my father did home kill round at my aunty and uncles place on Richard Pearce Drive in Temuka. So I held the bowl to collect the organs from the sheep and witnessed the death of the animal first hand in order to experience and understand where my food came from. Some people would say that this is not good parenting practice or call it child abuse, however, it desensitized me to the meat industry practices. I think if you think your meat doesn't take a life and you do not appreciate the sacrifice that the animal has made to provide you with the energy that enters your body then you do not appreciate the natural biological systems at play and the dynamic nature of the food web. We are what we eat. Our biology actually changes depending on what we consume it can actually make us healthy or it can make you sick depending on what you put inside your body. So I discussed during my PhD interview the work that I did in my Masters and the usual questions were asked about how did you overcome challenges and I gave examples of my creative approach to solve challenging problems. I must have done OK as I was offered the PhD position and started my journey into the great unknown.

It was a shift in gears moving from Christchurch to Wellington at Adams Terrace in a flat with people I had never met before after being with friends for such a long time, but the first few weeks I crashed at a flat in Newtown at my friends brother's place and decided that after walking a few times from Newtown to Victoria University that I needed to be closer to the University and closer to town in order to get to know the windy city. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers song resonated with the idea of Wellington. I found a place to stay with Roger and Marie on Adams Tce, and established myself close to the University and enjoyed learning to connect to a few new people who had similar emotional baggage and were looking for alternative approaches to life in order to satisfy what was missing in our lives. So I had missed out on having a mother in my life as she took her own life when I was eleven. I found out how she died from the local bullies at school. Aaron Hix, Aaron Heke and Andrew MacKay. Man life was shite in Temuka. I saw we called it, why kick a moo-cow cause the moo-cow kicked me. So why am I standing up, well I'm tired of being kicked around by my peers. The kids at school did some dumb stuff like sniffing the gas taps in science class as an easy way to huff on butane. I did not get it. The sexual abuse at the school of the girls by the bullies was out of control. Why didn't the teachers do anything about it why did they turn a blind eye. Couldn't they see what was going on? It sickens me that I didn't have the courage to stand up against the bullies. I tried but bullies know peoples weak points and they exploit those in order to keep on top and to keep a dominating position in society.

Why is bullying so rife in New Zealand organizations, well it is due to the structures we put in a society where there are chiefdoms with leaders and power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So what kind of society should we live in? A society where the rules are made to be broken in order to test the merits of them. I am not advocating anarchy. But we have so many rules and regulations we have taken away peoples freedom for what purpose. People should be self-aware in order to recognize that human rights and personal freedom have been lost in order to maintain the structure. However, structure matches function. So what is our function? To whom do we serve. My work is to serve God as God is number 1. That is what religion has taught me. So if God was the Bose-Einstein Condensate then everything seen and unseen is God. So I have to serve all by doing what I believe to be right. So by being completely open, I can serve my fellow human beings. So if I serve others I have to put myself last. If I do that then I win. Sounds strange but it is only through service of others that your ideas can be spread. I want to live in a society that is peaceful. This is my attempt to contribute to that peace by changing the approach rather than competing I am advocating symbiosis. Joining forces with those who are like minded. If we give ourselves the opportunity to share openly and commune with others freely with unconditional love, then we will see that we have more than enough to feed the world.

I think big business needs to change its approach. They have enough capital invested in infrastructure that it is a remarkable feat to have global distribution systems in place, the automation of everything using 5G networks with driverless cars doing distribution and drones. We will have so much time available to have fun that we won't know what to do with ourselves. Except we will be all dead because no one has woken up to the fact that 5G is going to destroy humans due to its ability to vibrate water molecules. We are 80% water, just like the planet and therefore will be transformed by the narrow bandwidth of energy. Our spirit, our light, our quantum biology is what is damaged and transformed. More mentally unwell people because they are tuning into the higher energy frequencies in the environment becasue of their water molecules in their bodies responding to 5G. Why do we need this because this will help business harness more of the heavy lifting giving people more time to enjoy life. Well just go and enjoy life and forget about the bullshit that 5G is going to do. We are already full spectrum, our biology is already quantum and traveling at the speed of light. So money is pointless if you cannot buy anything worth having as all the good things in life are free. It's the spiritual realm that matters not the world of matter. That is an immaterial world. The energy localized into such a narrow bandwidth is not able to be accommodated by our biology. It will transform us. It is increased disease rates for the benefit of business, not people. The government has lost the plot. It is AI to cure all. All it can do is make shit up. Go virtual and live in the virtual world because the real one will suck. You can do whatever you want in the virtual world. Own the universe create whatever. It is all just electrons. However, when you reemerge the real world has been taken away from you and it will no longer exist.  If Coke could distribute Fonterra milk powder to the four corners of the world in order to feed the hungry I'm sure people will stand up and take notice. Why don't they do powerful things like that? Well, it comes down to money. Money talks and bullshit walks and most people think I am talking a load of crap. So that's the rub. I am willing to say there is a better way. A way where we all can lift each other up and move forward as a species. Without this change, we are heading for the same peril as all previous societies like the Mayan, Inka, Romans, British, Chinese, American, Egyptians etc. We have reached a point in our own personal development where the pace of change is out doing the pace of our own biological evolution. We are making machines that can learn and that can think faster than us. Predict our movements from past trends and track us in order to make us conform to social norms. The downside is we are losing the art of social interaction through physical interactions by way of online social learning. If this is the future then yes you can be more connected globally and find out what is going on in the rest of the world but you lose sight of your local community and the family unit. The family unit is all humans as one species, all species on earth as the family of Gaia, the Cosmos as God. Mother as the moon, it becomes what you make of it. There has to be a balance which is where we still value the human mind. The blue light that enters our perception triggers the photon capture of photo Fenton chemistry so its important to understand the implications of feeding our mind the light from electronic devices. If we keep doing this we will lose our ability to think. One thing that computers cannot do at present is to think creatively outside of the box or maybe they do as I think that the electron is the underpinning conscious internal reflection that has symmetry and is quantumly entangled. It's one's self-awareness obtained by studying the principles of electromagnetism and nature that allows us to more fully realize our own identity and create opportunities for others to grow and prosper.

Some strange things started to happen during the early days at Adams Terrace, maybe it was the stress of changing tact and learning biochemistry rather than my previous focus which was in the area of Molecular Genetics. One of the strange things I witnessed was the ball lightning in the middle of the night about 30 cm diameter, a blue ball of electromagnetism that seemed to hover for several seconds over the road as I looked out on to the street. As I now think this was an internal reflection projected externally, it was my own internal fire projected by my mind into my environment. The book written by Daniel McGlauglin from Victoria University talks about the strange things that happen in Aro Valley. Well, Adams Terrace comes off Aro Street, which is an alternative counter-culture area of Wellington.

The other strange thing that I remember one sunny day looking out the window of my flat positioned up high on the south side of the street was to see a woman walking down the street. She had a particular strange walk about her and I thought to myself I want to get to know that person. I can still picture that in my mind now. My future encounter with this woman was to change the course of my life. I'll leave that until later.


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