david versus golith

I am against global extinction. I am fighting my battles. Why because people think I am crazy! So what if I am? I would rather be happy and crazy than having my head in the sand and act like an ostrich. To wake up and realize I am part of the global problem and try to do something about it so that we can create a future for everyone on this planet and share in a positive future. I think most people are like electrons running around the outside and caught up in the electromagnetism.

I would like to flip this on its head and say let's go Quantum. Bring in the positivity by flipping the electron and doing a pole reversal. By being positive we can make a change. Have the energy to make positive changes in your life. I love making a positive impact in other people's lives and I think we are all one. One people so no need to fight. When I look at someone they are inside of me. If you are inside of me then you are part of me. If you are part of me and I love myself then surely I must love you also. Unconditional love is what God gives. All the electrons in the entire universe is what I consider God to be. The Bose-Einstein condensate of the entire cosmos prior to the big bang. No contract so we cannot see it. 

Electrons are equal and opposite at the Plank time so 10^-44 seconds. So we have the quantum fluctuations which is in the microwave background radiation frequency about1.9 mm. Why that wavelength?

In cosmology, the cosmic microwave background radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation discovered in 1965 that fills the entire universe. It has a thermal 2.725 kelvin black body spectrum which peaks in the microwave range at a frequency of 160.4 GHz, corresponding to a wavelength of 1.9 mm.

At this temperature, only Helium is a liquid and all the other elements are solid. So the still harmonic waters of the cosmos prior to the big bang would have been super cool and it looks like it would have been liquid helium. So still waters run deep. how close are the electrons in helium and I will have to recalculate the number of electrons in the 100,000 km diameter Bose-Einstein condensate (ELF 3 Hz) to quantify how big my God actually is. I know God is supercooled helium and he gave himself or herself completely in the act of creation. So God created everything seen and unseen. God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God.

It's our choice what we believe in, it is our free will. I choose to bring God, science, and alchemy back together in harmony and see God as the Unified Field, what harmonic frequencies does God use to communicate to us. Full spectrum ELF to gamma. Once we sit at (0,0,0) we are at absolute zero.

Place yourself on the cross in the place of Jesus Christ and give everything away and when you have no possessions other than yourself you will know what your truth is. The right hand of the father is hydrogen (1,1,1). The right-hand rule of electromagnetism. We grow via the hydride (H-) so one proton and two electrons. The birth story of the universe being in six days is your implantation. It takes six days before you become viable. It's your world that is being created, the blastocyst.  So the story of Noah's arc is one of your birth. The great flood is the time you spend in the womb. The animals going in two by two. Two photons of the hydride and the fact we split water and grow by water. The human being is some crazy shit! I love it. I see the Bible as a physics textbook. Or Quantum Biology textbook. All I am doing is turning over all the cards and playing the matching game about time someone sorted this out. Planet earth needs a helping hand now, I love the planet so I am opening the flood gates of knowledge. Hope you enjoy. 

The more open we are the more we can collaborate and change the world moving into a new age of enlightenment. 



we bee winning



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