Title: Quantum Biology: The Nature of Reality


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Sight for sore eyes

Taking yourself out of the observation

Relationships between mass and gravity at the atomic scale

Quantum Biological Periodic Table

Periodic Table 2

Quantum Biological Principles


Evolution at all scales of electromagnetism

Photon bubble bond

Symmetry & Duality

Noah's Arc

Planting a seed

Global climate change and carbon dioxide

We need to change not climate change

My background and the work situation

Wellington and a New beginning

E=CM and Brian Ward

The Manuka honey story

Characterisation of the colloid in Manuka honey

The understanding obtained regarding the mechanism of action of Manuka honey

Cartoon of mechanism


Observations of Manuka honey

Isolation of the colloid from Manuka honey

Iron II

Hydroxyl radical

The role of hydride ion

Quantum tunneling

Lights duality

Chemical pathway and kinetics of phenol oxidation by Fentons reagent

Gaba a dance craze or a neurotransmitter

Numbers game

The role of the observer

Perception of time

Time travel

Growing atoms an evolutionary role

Electromagnetic radiation and evolution

Orbital energies

A universal wage

We got it so wrong. Why?

Sorry I didn't come forward sooner

Death of family and promises kept

Song and poem

Rewriting the future

Back to the the future

A new beginning

A dawn of a new age of enlightenment


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