the whey of water

Bruce Lee said, "be water my friend". We are 80% water so I can see where he is coming from. We are currently polluting waterways. I am not blaming anyone for doing this. It is all of our faults including mine. If we were that concerned we would do something about it this wound in our landscape. So I am offering a solution to the dairy industry but they have to do something in return. Clean up their act. How? Do less. Destock! Why? Well, I can convert $6 of milk into $200,000. Bullshit you say. Yeah, that's the problem. The shit that is covering the land. The white gold that is intensifying land use in New Zealand. Yeah, I will show them how so that they can de-stock and make more money. Funny how less is more. So hopefully they will take their stockpiles of food and do something useful with it and feed the hungry globally. I think we need to value important things in our lives and that is not money! So businesses of the future will be looking back at the past and wonder what hit them!

Humans are about to go ape! Let's

shake the monkeys out of the trees and I don't mean cut down all the forests and destroy habitats for monkeys. I meant move human evolution forward and out of 19th-century thinking and into the quantum field fully engaged with full spectrum electromagnetism.

So will they look to make changes? If they don't they will be called to account for their actions as we all will be in the future with future generations looking back at our simplicity, our ignorance and our lack of empathy.

I hope they can see my vision and connect to my ideas. Time will tell. As other technologies are coming into the market at a great pace, if New Zealand doesn't make changes now then we will miss the opportunities that are happening now. We need to move quickly to take advantage of these opportunities for change before it is too late, as climate scientists are saying we have 12 years to get it right. Lets put the planet back together and have sustainable approaches to feed the planet.

My take on biology "Biology only does one thing and it does it really well and that is the electron". Understanding this is the basis for quantum biology. 

If you would like to have more control of your electrons from the perspective of quantum biology, then get in touch and I'll see how I can help your business.


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