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If you are interested in purifying enzymes or using enzymes during processing then I have expertise in this area also and would potentially be able to help you developed your product and process.

My Ph.D. involved isolation and characterization of ovine pancreatic proteases and comparison to the equivalent porcine enzymes. I developed industrial processes based on affinity chromatography. Developed matrices for trypsin, chymotrypsin, and elastase I. Also, I did kinetic characterization of the ovine enzymes using synthetic peptide substrates determining Km and Vmax and catalytic efficiency, and Arrhenius plots.  

I thought I knew quite a bit about serine proteases but sometimes you can overlook the obvious. The binding of calcium was suggested to be due to stability but I now think it is something was cooler. I think the isotopes of calcium capture photons which provides a molecular switch that triggers photons in the charge relay system at the active site of serine proteases. The half-life of the calcium isotope corresponding to the frequency of enzyme activity or the catalytic rate.

I also think serine proteases have quantum effects happening within them as the proton that is being shuffled around the charge relay system is itself quantum that is because a proton comprises two photons of electromagnetic radiation.

It is known that the hydrogen bond is quantum in DNA and allows for mutations in order to modify the amino acid sequence in a protein in order to facilitate adaptive evolution. So the charge relay system in a serine protease could also convey quantum effects. Time will tell if my theory about these enzymes is true. We know that the rate of reaction with different metal ions present changes. Could this be based on the half-lives of the various isotopes of the different atoms? It could be good to investigate this at some stage in the future. This may be a good Ph.D. thesis in the field of quantum biology. Kinetic isotope effects are known in enzymology and this could be a good indicator that such factors do exist.


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