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I see many opportunities for companies in this space, exciting times ahead. If you are trying to innovate in this space by making more income from your by-products then contact me as I would love to be of service to you.

We need to cultivate the fertile ground. Yet our current industrial practices for food production go against the model of physics that less is more and therefore we have the mentality that bigger is better. To shift our perspective and our future we need to understand how to get more from less. We will have less space in the future to produce more food from less viable land. How we do this when our current models are causing more sickness in the human population because we are adding more toxic chemicals into our environment in order to control every parameter that we can think of. However, the more we do the worse we are making it. 

My answer to this situation is to do less. The planet was an amazing place without us. It doesn't need our species to be here to exist. However, we are here and have been given this planet as a gift. 

So, I have devised a method of obtaining more energy from less material. So we have more than enough food now to feed everyone. There need not be famine and homeless as we have already produced sufficient dwellings for everyone to have a home. We need just change our minds and our model of ownership. Unfortunately, we currently value money more than we value life. If charity starts at home, then I have gifted plenty to companies that have used my services in the past. I think I have repaid my debt to New Zealand. I obtained a GRIF scholarship of $25,000 tax-free per annum for three years when I did my Ph.D. Has the government got payback for their investment in me? Well, I think so. I recently secured funding of $140K of Seafood Innovation Ltd funding. I also obtained funding from other companies to do research and was enjoying work. The companies I have helped over the years have contributed to the government's coffers, such as Aroa.  However, they obviously think that what I am doing or how I am doing it is not right. So I will leave them in peace.

Some of the work I have performed in this area focuses on companies like Cedenco and others around Gisbourne as part of the work I did for the Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA) as I was the science leader for Callaghan Innovation for this research program. I hear the BPA is about to get back up and running. Good luck boys and girls. I wish you all the best.


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