I have been giving careful consideration to a range of problems for some time and I have come up with a potential solution whereby unification of the forces comes from exploration of the idea of the conscious observer and the limitations of our biological sensors. The hypothesis suggests that the Unification of all things comes from the observation that all things were 1 prior to the big bang and that they were quantum entangled with each other. If we start with that as the initial starting point then our universe is all connected as one. So there is not a multiverse  but one universe of all time all the time but our collective consciousness connects to a frequency of humanity that conveys our current conscious paradigm.

Cosmology has searched for the beginning of time and seen the cosmic electromagnetic background radiation which was evidence for the big bang, The fluctuating sound wave, the ripples of the universe, and expansion of our cosmos, however, despite all our efforts we have not been able to observe anything in the universe prior to this point of time. Religion has put forward the rationale of God being the divine creator and the maker of everything seen and unseen. If this is a valid explanation then the rationale of scientific investigation should be able to contemplate the existence of God, an immortal being that was responsible for all that we see and do not see. If this is correct then we need to first understand our own limitations with respect to the conscious observer and then see of how to remove the observer out of the observation but still then be able to rationalize the existence of everything seen and unseen through rationale thought in order to come to the same conclusion as the initial hypothesis. However, this requires consciousness. One way to remove consciousness out of the equation is to enter into a subconscious state where thought is not based on rationale contemplation but based on emotions and intuition, our gut instincts. Enter into fight and flight. Change you perception of time. We can do this by entering into fight or flight and respond in a way which is faster than our conscious thought processes can partake in the process of reasoning. Say the first thing that comes into your mind even prior to thought. Einstein came up with the concept of E = mc^2 where everything is energy. I would like to change his equation to the following c^2= E/M and say that everything is light. Light being the fastest thing in the universe. Therefore, everything must be light first prior to it becoming energy or vibration and matter. Also I would like to suggest that due to conscious observation the light becomes trapped at a fixed point in space-time and is seen by the conscious observer as matter. However, no matter what you see in front of you it is merely light entering your eye and being transformed into a signal that the brain can interpret as vision. What if we avoid, for simplicity sake, our biological complexity and just say that in lens of the eye converts external light into internal light of our minds which is reflected at a spatial scale internally in a reciprocal relationship to the length scale of the external distance. In other words our ability to see distance externally is controlled by a narrow band of electromagnetic radiation and our perception of time is due to the clock of our eyes and conscious mind, which is due to cis/trans isonerisation of the retinyl lipid causing our conscious version of reality as the external world. However, the subconsciousness minds version of reality is like a vanishing point with time every changing as the frequency of energy we connect to on the electromagnetic spectrum provides the temporal and spatial resolution of time. So we can travel forward and backward in time in our mind by being able to travel down the electromagnetic spectrum based on the frequency of energy and therefore Hz and the lifetime of the molecule, electron, atom and wavelength of light that is responsible for the subconscious minds observation. If this is the case then time travel is possible by tuning into different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that is occurring within your mind. So based on this lets look into some aspects of human biology in order to understand our biological limitations, which will allow you to understand how to take your conscious observations out of the observer role leading only to the thought experiment and contemplation of the connectivity of everything. The wholeness of one and your role in that observation. Once you have contemplated you and your role as creating your own universe then you can see where you are coming from. Your own connectivity to everything and the perspective that the microcosm (your mind) and the macrocosm (your body) are one and connected by the spirit or energy signals which allows autonomous communication which you do not need to think about. However, as you are biological in nature, your biological tools have evolved and lie to you. That is OK they are still amazing and offer a solution to a problem of lack of vision. We are blind to most of our universe but if we were able to see it then we would most likely be scared of it. Its greater than the sum of the parts and by its very nature is continuously changing and because we are part of it, we also have the ability to adapt to it at the speed of light. So with that I would like to start by talking about sight and its role in the conscious observation and its role in scientific experimentation.


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