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I remember the metal bowl for my father as he did home-kill around at my aunties in Temuka and collecting the organs for consumption. Things haven't changed much in my life. I have taken the opportunity to take organs from slaughtered animals and make higher value products from them for human health applications.

Endoform made from sheep stomach.

GAP573 made from eye lens crystallin protein beta B2 crystallin

Forsberg waste (Affco) Histone H2A protein elastase I fragment digest that has apoptosis-inducing activity.

Aorta chymotrypsin extract that inhibited cartilage degradation and inhibited aggrecanase

Digestive tract extracts that were shown to be anti-inflammatory and reduced macrophage TNF alpha production.

If you are looking to develop products from your red meat waste streams then I have the expertise and track record to create a range of different products from red meat co-products.

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Iron content

holo & apo lactoferrin separation

The use of CCAEC and conformation chromatography has enabled separation of holo and apo forms of lactoferrin which has not been possible previously.

If you are interested in understanding the bioactivity of the energy generating system in whey then you need to understand the iron content of lactoferrin and the lactoperoxidase system.

ICP MS, Randox and the Ratio methods are not able to tell you what percentage of lactoferrin contains one atom of iron in the N or C lobe and what percentage of lactoferrin is iron free or contains two high-affinity irons bound. If this is something that you are interested in then please get in contact with me.


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