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Registration on the WAND database (MEDSAFE), TGM, Magnate, Magnashield, Magnashield NAE. I will be looking at advancing these technologies in New Zealand to ensure that New Zealanders have access to the latest technologies for wound healing and regenerative medicine treatments. 

I have already established relationships with a number of wound care facilities and have both national and international experts that I can access for wound care opportunities. If you want to get involved in an exciting opportunity to co-develop wound care products then let me know. Maybe you have raw materials that you want to increase the value of. Human health and well-being markets are important opportunities with unmet needs. We could always use more products that helped people get well and fixed the underlying reason for the illness or disease rather than trying just to fix the symptoms. 

The medical profession looks for disease and finds it because you can only see what you are looking for. The alternative health industry looks for wellness and shifts peoples perception from a sickness model into a wellness model. I currently sit in between both models and look for a unified solution, where restoring health and well-being can be achieved through a holistic approach that addresses both mind, body and Soul. By just addressing the body manifestation of disease we are not dealing with the underlying issue of the disease of the mind. Placing the Soul of the person into the mix creates a triangular approach that can create a complete person. Understanding, the spiritual aspects of a human being and the need to address these functions provide a different approach to human illness. 

We have been trying the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff for many years and things are getting worse. System transformation means a complete re-evaluation of the current knowledge system and this is now possible with the advent of quantum biology and the understanding that our current models of biology work for matter but they don't work for all frequencies of electromagnetism. We know that things are equal and opposite, the Ying and Yang approach of oxidation and reduction. Firstly we are oxidative and then we are reductive. We have been focusing on the reductive side of our biology for too long at the expense of our oxidative biochemistry. It's the radical-based signaling biochemistry that is needed to provide the field of energy prior to the reductive layers of the onion skin which is what we observe through our sense of sight. The re-establishment of our regenerative oxidative biochemistry provides a transformation of the medical health system. The fact that alternative therapies have been poo-pooed by the medical profession as not having any clinical evidence indicates that both professions need to re-establish communication and work collectively together in order to become whole and holistic. They can both learn from each other and there is a need to see value in each other's approach. Without the sharing of knowledge openly and without judgment, we cannot move forward collectively to address the coming wave of human sickness that is coming with the introduction of 5G.

The only way I can see to address the issues is to increase our own energy levels so that higher frequencies of energy from 5G will not be detrimental to our biology. To that end, I have been developing medical devices and evaluating these to determine if this is of benefit to human health and well-being. So all of the products I developed are being evaluated personally to ensure they meet the criteria of being healthy well-being based products.


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