hypocrisy in the medical profession

Matthew 7:1-5 "Judge not, that you not be judged". I have been judged to be unfit for work. Why? Because I have a mental illness called a crisis of conscience. I no longer want to work for a Government that is killing people. I have tried to let people know the science of Quantum Biology and how it is informing scientists that the human being is doing quantum biology based on the oxidative radical in our body which acts as signaling molecules and how we do quantum entanglement and the light that we produce in our subconscious mind is generating the structures in our body due to the electromagnetic radiation fields, the vibrations, that occur in our bodies. However, the powers that be are not able to grasp what I am saying because they are not smart enough to comprehend quantum biology. So they put me on gardening leave. They will not let talk to anyone. They will not say what I have done wrong. They will not let me explain myself. That is the problem with having managers making decisions that do not understand science. So they only value one thing and that is money. I think we should value having a planet that continues to support life. So I have a difference of opinion and feel like I need to bring to the attention of people what is going on and why? I don't blame them because they do not understand quantum biology.  

As the science of vibrational energy, quantum fluctuations changed the fundamentals of science back in the 1920's the current biology models are wrong which is causing us to use matter to try and heal people, which is not working. We need to be using electromagnetic radiation of particular frequencies to heal people and this is seen as an alternative treatment and the medical and pharmaceutical industries are reluctant to change because they do not know any better.  

The entire system is entrenched with the current model of reductionism that one step at a time does not work. It needs a complete transformation, The foundation stone needs to be laid. The foundation stone for quantum biology is the electron and the Bose-Einstein Condensate, The model is built again from the ground up by bringing in harmony science, religion, and alchemy and the role of the conscious observer involvement in the observation and the manifestation of one's beliefs into the world.

So first do no harm means do not think a person is unwell or has a disease and accept they are on a journey to wellness. The sickness model of the medical profession creates disease, stress, and illness. Great business model to create illness in people by creating an atmosphere of fear, stress and poor nutrition, pollution, chemical carcinogens so that illness market can be enhanced to provide customers for the pharmaceutical industry. I congratulate them on their mastery of bullshit. When they wake up to the fact that it doesn't need to be like this it can be different. It can be a wellness model and an enablement model so that we are getting high vibrational energy and increased vitality, health, and well-being.

So I am writing this information to provide quantum biology and the implications that have for the medical professions. If they do not change then they will miss the boat because it is about to sail.

So they have cast the first stone. My judgment is that if they understood the science they would change their model. They are the ones creating the disease. The model of society is causing disease. the global extinction and still the governments are doing very little as they require money from tax to incentivize companies to make money via the innovation system so that we can fix the problems that we have created because we are trying to develop technologies that we will use to improve connectivity, information, health, and well-being. We are taking people out of the system with the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning and creating a system where people are no longer valued and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

We have created systems on systems that design themselves to create more and more wealth for the few elite and then we wonder why the world is full of sickness and disease. We turn a blind eye to all the pain and suffering. We have lost sight that we are all one being. We have been told about the world of matter but not the world of spirit. We have only been taught about 4% of the electromagnetic spectrum our current thinking is wrong. The limited intellect of the ruling elite is based on the perception of the value of money. However, in a world where we have 12 years to transform the planet into a sustainable system. We do not have time to play by the rules. We need to act and act now. We need to make conscious good choices for ourselves and the planet. The sickness in an individual is a reflection of the sickness in our isolation from one another, the loss of community and the judgment that people place on themselves. People need to make changes but are afraid to change.


Well-being and our mental health

the economic system is sick

We're broken

We're blind

We're evolving

With purpose

Our divinity

Our home

Our place

Who's watching

Who's judgement

Seated where

All one

Experienced through


Experienced by

The whole

Via quantum tunnels

We are

God is

Jesus is seated

What difference



Our light

We grow

To produce


New life

Come together

Obtain enlightenment

Bring peace


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