My background

You may or may not be interested in my upbringing. Well, it was not easy, in fact, it is full of painful memories, which I use to push me forward as an internal desire to do good in this world despite the heartache that I indeed feel. I personally feel that this pain is reflected out in the environment surrounding you and until you can master it and walk through it you cannot accept it. Acceptance and kindness of who you are is key to being happy. If others cannot accept you as you are then they are just being judgemental and comparing you to them. However, understand they do not get to judge you. Your judgment comes through your own self-examination at the end of one's life and the realization that it is a gift that you were given and if you made the most of it then you can feel pleased with your growth and experiences. However, if you feel that you have not achieved what you desired but still tried then you also may feel satisfied as you gave it you're all. To be given that gift and to have been swept up with the tide of conformity is to have given up on your dreams which is to say that you have lost sight of your own desire and lost sight of your connectedness to the universe that you are making inside of you, in your mind. Free yourself from the demons that hold you back and embrace the future you. I write this as much to myself as well as others. It is painful letting go of the old you. You must grieve. However, the ability to pick yourself back up and start again is there in all of us and provides for a death and resurrection experience, where we grow every day, and the old us dies in this process. When we grow slowly people around us do not notice the transformation and they can grow with you. However, if your transformation is rapid and results in a major upheaval in your life and in those surrounding you, this can provide catastrophic circumstances. They change is seen to be too dramatic and results in self-destructive tendencies in those that surround you. Despite your own growth and feelings of well being, they are not shared by others, they do not have the right to control your spirit, your ability to fly and it's your world that you create, you may as well create a world that you want to live in rather than one that is being forced upon you. Set yourself free and do what you find enlightening.

That is what I set out to do some years ago. The quest for enlightenment. The answer to everything, the meaning of life. The question of why are we here. What brought us to this place in the universe and this point in time. The crisis point in humanities future. I believe we all have a role to play in the future of humanity. My role is to stand up and have my voice heard amongst all the noise. To create a future of harmony is what I desire.

As I said earlier on that our eyes lie to us. The reason why I got interested in how eyes work came about from the work I was doing at Industrial Research Limited as a Scientist back in the 2000s. I was searching for value-added products that I could make from the meat industry. It was a project that I was doing in partnership with the Australian meat industry partner Meat and Livestock Australia. They wanted to make additional money from the co-product streams from the meat industry and I wanted to make something beneficial to human beings. So I set about trying to identify material from animal body parts that could be used for human health applications. I identified that wound healing targeted products would be a good area to focus on as there were already many products made from collagen from animal tissues that were being used in wound healing. So it was obviously feasible to generate products from animal tissues for the purpose of making wound healing products.

After an extensive literature and patent search, I decided to focus on extracellular matrix proteins, the stuff that surrounds cells, and because I spent my Ph.D. working on serine protease from pancreas, I decided to use these enzymes to hydrolyze the extracellular matrix proteins in order to produce peptides that may have some interesting biological activity in the area of wound healing. I decided to focus on two main aspects of wound healing and that was the stimulation of fibroblast proliferation, cells that form the extracellular matrix and differentiate into myofibroblasts that act as muscles within the wound and contract and help close the wound. The other cells that I focused on were the endothelial cell which lines blood vessels. The inability of blood flow to reach lower extremities is one of the many reasons why chronic wounds fail to heal. Along with nervous system damage, high protease levels in the wound, bioburden levels in wound, growth factor hydrolysis by proteases, and other comorbidities and mortalities associated with end-stage disease attributed to diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

The concept was to stimulate blood vessel formation by promoting endothelial cell migration and proliferation. I discovered one such extract from the eye of a sheep that was shown to stimulate the migration of endothelial cells that I had obtained from a friend and colleague Petra Hoefakker. After considerable effort, I narrowed down the peptide as coming from the eye lens crystallin protein beta B2. The peptide was only released after protease treatment by elastase I, which cleaves C-terminal to alanine and valine and this protease was the target of my desire during my Ph.D. So I spent considerable time using this enzyme and thought I understood its mechanism of action. In fact, I have only now just learned more about its mechanism of action based on the principles of quantum biology, which I will explain later. I searched the literature relating to Beta B2 crystallin to see if anyone else had discovered its promising wound healing potential. There were several companies targeting other crystallin proteins and wound healing but they did not really outline aspects related to wound healing potential of beta B2 crystallin so we applied for a patent in this area. This was my first foray into the drudgery of patenting. The funny thing is I did not create the material as it came from a biological source and has been around since eyes evolved lenses but I now get to claim ownership over matter. The quantum biological viewpoint is that matter is made of light, traveling at the speed of light and therefore there is no time at the point of view of the electron spinning round and round in circles. Time is only a construct that we humans put in place to cope with the duality of day and night and we love to divide things up into different categories, give them different names despite them being made of the same thing but just having different frequencies of electromagnetic vibrations. So, my concept is that all time is happening all the time, at different frequencies and it's only the frequencies that you can connect to that allows you to see the universe you are in. This is happening everywhere and all you need to do to progress through history and learn how the future is going to be if you accelerate your own brain biochemistry so that your mind works at higher frequencies and then you can connect to a higher state of consciousness and be set free.

Back to the eye lens crystallin protein, I finally figured out that the peptide, a 5-mer sequence FHPSS, from the C-terminal end of beta B2 crystallin had homology to the C-terminal end of connexin-43 which is involved in gap junction communication. However, a New Zealand company was also working on peptides and antisense RNAi technology for the treatment of wounds called Coda Therapeutics. I meet with Professor Colin Green at Auckland University with Dr. Richard Furneux to discuss my wound healing peptide and to get some insight as to where I could take this product. The meeting was interesting. I was told that if I did not have something that was considerably better than what was already in the market then I would not have a chance of getting the product to market. So not what I would recall a revisiting reception to an early foray into the world of scientific commercialization of intellectual property but hey you got to start somewhere.

So I endeavored to continue and explore the benefits of my eye lens crystallin peptide that I had named GAP573 since it was my baby. Why did I call it that? Well after speaking to Prof Colin Green I search up his work and discovered the wound healing potential of gap junction (hemichannels – which are the channels that connect cells together so that they behave themselves and act as one rather than as an individual) modulatory compounds. Professor Green talked about modulating gap junction communication to stop the spread of damage from one cell to another a term called the bystander effect. People appear to display the bystander effect or nearest neighbor effect in crowds, where the crowd mentality takes on symbiotic connectivity leading to collectivism, which is led by the leaders within the crowd. By stopping cells communicating with each other you make them independent of one another. Independence means they get to make their own decisions based on their own environmental cues. This also has the benefit of being creative and seeing things from a different perspective, which is why New Zealand is full of creative crazy people because they are living in isolated communities and want to essentially be left alone to their own devices.

We have a spatial relationship that we can easily visualize that which pervades our perception and leads us to believe that this world is solid and made of matter. However, there is also a temporal world. One which resides outside of our field of vision due to its size and speed (frequency). We can only tune into the frequencies of energy available to our sensors but we can learn to see what is not visible by its absence but understand it lies outside of our conscious sphere of understanding. It is this world that the quantum nature of reality occupies and it is strange, to say the least. It is this world in which my mind resides through thought experiments and through experimentation of how nature works via the instructions of electromagnetic radiation that occurs at the speed of light, which changes based on the refractive nature of biological materials, and operates at the atomic scale through events such as electron capture, beta minus decay, kaon decay, beta plus decay, alpha particle generation, transformation of protons and electrons into neutrons and the reverse in order to create isotopes and stable atoms. The duality of light being both a wave and a particle depending if there is an observer present. This world is so weird that most of us chose to ignore it rather than try and understand it because you do not need to understand it to be able to survive in the current world we live in. However, the future tames it, not only do we understand it but provide foods that utilize its quirkiness in order to become integrated and more able to perceive it in a way that opens up our subconscious quantum mind which allows a radical shift in human consciousness. Moving from the electronegativity universe based on the electron that we currently occupy by becoming more centered means shifting our focus into human endeavors that focus on nurturing activities thereby enabling one another to achieve our goals and destiny, rather than competing with each other. By becoming centered we enter the energy of the nucleus of the atom (metaphor) at least our perception changes to reflect positivity at the center rather than negativity, which is fear and self-hatred and anger and negative emotions, which is the electron in the orbit running round and round at the speed of light. If you feel that the world is traveling too fast and the pace of change is too much then you are not alone. However, once we enter the quantum field of enlightenment then we are set free. The point of singularity. This is not achieved through artificial intelligence. Machines do not have emotions like a human being or do they? It is obtained through our own intelligence through a personal growth of knowledge and wisdom that allows you to connect to your own eternal universe and walk through its many doors without fear and embrace your fellow travelers as they are part of you when we were all one, and there is only one of everything. Therefore, there will only ever be one and only one. You are not alone. We all share the expanse of our own eternal universe to provide connectivity to a cosmic expanse. To look out is to see the past, to see the future you need to go internal and fast. Quantum tunneling of the hydride ion into the nucleus to generate a neutron and an antineutrino is a way of becoming trapped in the center of the nucleus when you use food in a way that stimulates your subconscious minds photo Fenton biochemistry, that generates high energy photons from the photoreduction of transition metals like iron, which is coordinated with the phenyl ring, and this reacts with the biochemical signalling molecule of hydrogen peroxide to produce the hydroxyl radical with a half life of 1 nanosecond, your mind flies. You can connect with your subconscious mind and be set free on your journey. You create within you the high energy hydride ion H- which is quantum. In Quantum biological terms it's two photons that can tunnel into the nucleus to generate a neutron and an antineutrino (antineutron) in order that the mass is one (slightly bigger than a proton) and there is no charge matching the observer requirements. Once in the nucleus as a neutron, you are surrounded by positivity. In fact, as it is all just electrons you have flipped the electronic field on its head. The poles switch and the north becomes south and south becomes north. This switch results in a change in mindset from being a negative (glass half empty person) to a glass completely full and my cup runneth over (a positive person). So you have more than enough of everything so you are willing to share and give things away. In fact, ownership is not necessary for the future. What we need is a planet that collectively supports life and each other. Country living already has this type of mindset whereas the city living mindset is more competitive in nature.

If you surround yourself with positive people then you can achieve anything you want to in life just set your mind to it and get on with it. What I have achieved has not been due to any financial incentive. Nobody other than myself has asked me to explore the unknown. I have no one to blame for my own aspirations and achieving my goals so you are free to do as you please in a world restricted by rules as long as you follow all the rules of the game then you can do what you like. So what are the rules of the game of life? They are the laws of nature. The laws of our universe and how to be a kind person. Love God as number 1. As everything is made from God, the Bose-Einstein condensate, all the electrons at the harmonic frequency buzzing near absolute zero. Love thy neighbor as thy self as they are inside of you when you look at them so they are actually part of you. Be kind to your self. It's going to be all right as everyone is right from their perspective and it comes down to what part of the bubble do you perceive reality from. If you consider the entire sphere os the Bose-Einstein Condensate and then look to position a three-dimensional cross and find the x,y,z coordinates of 0,0,0. Then you have both negative and positive sides of the various coordinates which is how we will view the electron depending on where it is located when we observe. To understand all positions of the reflection you must do this at a time scale of the Plank length and a distance of the Plank scale and move one frame at a time to identify all positions and then when you observe everything you can find the center point 0,0,0. Where you are zero. Where you have put yourself last. Opposite charges cancel each other out, so there is only ever the midpoint and symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The position of equilibrium. Supersymmetry. Without the energy of the conscious observer, we can identify zero and understand the system will maintain zero without any external observer in the quantum state. The minimized energy state is always the winning solution. This comes down to what frequencies of electromagnetic radiation from gamma rays to radio waves are you connected to within your own universe of your mind based on frequency. External distance is the inverse to internal frequency when the speed of light is taken as the constant, which arose from the breath of God and the energy released from the time of the big bang.  We are all on the spectrum. The spectrum is electromagnetism and it's being able to tune into frequencies outside of the norm that allows you to see things differently, creatively in the subconscious mind. However, different viewpoints are good. That creates diversity in ideas that allow a human being to live in an accepting society as long as we learn self-regulation. The longest waves relate to the size of the entire universe prior to the big bang and the shortest waves relate to the plank length, the dimension of the electron. The electrons being packed side by side in the colloidal bubble of the universe. You were created in your maker's image. Interesting that our maker (God) was made of electrons and so are we. Two electrons create a photon. so let there be light and there was. Or in today's language of science. Let there be electromagnetism and there was when God's breath, QCD, created the fluctuations in the liquid waters of helium prior to the big bang to generate the process of expansion at the speed of light. So you could say God breathes at the speed of light near 300,000 km/s.   Also, our evolution started with the electron (1) followed by the photon (2), followed by the proton (3 UDU = +1), and neutron (3 DUD = -1) and then hydrogen (4). The interesting thing is hydrogen is what we currently think of the first element in the old periodic table. Two photons and four electrons. It has one electron orbiting the 3 electrons we call quarks. Total of 4 electrons or two photons of light. An opportunity for the quantum superposition state and to be quantumly entangled by sending the photons in various directions to be absorbed by other molecules. We are also created by protons in our DNA coming from our mother and father at the point of conception. The hydrogen bonding holding our two chains of DNA together. The DNA molecule is, in fact, a harmonic light wave, right-handed helix. It is quantum in nature and should be considered a frequency oscillator depending on chain length resulting in the production of matter by providing vibrations of energy that allows the transfer of waves of energy into the surrounding cytoplasm which is focused by the lens of the nuclear membrane. The poetry of life is beautified to watch. The proliferation of cells and the process of DNA synthesis is an exceptionally fast event triggered by photons of light, hence the reason why DNA is helical in nature and the right-handed double helix is due to the principles of our chiral universe, the principles of electromagnetism. A universe of electromagnetic radiation, of colloidal light.

Anyway back to the eye lens protein, learning about gap junction communication and its importance in wound healing made me use the tools I had available to me, my mind, and explore the potential homology in the amino acid sequence of the peptide that I had discovered from beta B2 crystallin and the proteins involved in gap junction communication. So as a twist of fate, my peptide had sequence homology to the C-terminal end of the connexin-43 protein. This protein forms the gap junction hemichannels which are the water tubers between cells that join them together and make them act as one.

Another protein that is also involved in this process is Zona Occludens (ZO) which stabilizes the hemichannel protein connexin 43 at the site of the plasma membrane. Lining up of two hemichannels in separate cells creates the gap junction. The flow of water through the hemichannel creates an electrical field. So connexin-43 binds to the PDZ-2 domain of ZO and keeps the protein at the plasma membrane. The sequence responsible for the interaction between Cx-43 and ZO PDZ-2 domain so happened to correspond to the sequence of my peptide GAP-573. So I thought I had found the answer to the mode of action of my peptide by looking online and doing some in silico biology (biologE e.g. electronic biology). Interesting as this was, and the fact that fate had put me on the path to meet with Prof Colin Green the expert within New Zealand in Gap junction communication biology at the University of Auckland, prior to seeing that was the right direction to head for my own research. So I investigated the gap junction modulating potential of GAP573. Most biological assays for gap junctions use expense pieces of kit and patch clamping was something I thought about doing but not having access to the instruments and not being an expert in this field I thought it would take some time to get meaningful results if I had to buy and set up an instrument to perform this work. I could have collaborated but again this takes time so I considered my options and decided to develop my own gap junction modulation assay one based on readily accessible biological materials. As the peptide GAP573 was being isolated from the sheep eye lens, I thought the lens may be the answer. So I investigated the lens and understood that it does not contain any DNA in the lens fiber cells. No DNA means good refractive properties for sight. As DNA synthesis produces light and that would be problematic in a system involved in sight. The lens fiber cells all run parallel with the light coming into your eyes. Also, there are gap junctions between lens fiber cells and a fluid flow that occurs within the lens its self. But the lens does not have any pump to support this fluid flow. The lack of DNA, the immune privileged nature of the lens, the lack of blood vessels. This is such a strange organ and yet one that is so vital to our existence on this planet. To see is a vital and evolutionary advantage. I also knew after reading about gap junctions, that they are found in all tissues and that they are typically regulated by both gene expression as well as phosphorylation. So control of gap junctions in the lens in the absence of DNA cannot be related by gene expression but rather by phosphorylation. So could the lens its self be used as the tool to explore gap junction communication modulating the activity of the peptide GAP573 which had also been isolated from the lens. Well, I set out to see if it could. I obtained some eyeballs form Taylor Prestons from sheep and then recovered the lens from them. I then postulated that if I added fluorescein to the solution surrounding the lens and incubated it for a while some of the fluorophores would enter into the lens and this would move from cell to cell via the gap junctions therefore if my peptide GAP573 modulated gap junction communication it should prevent this process from occurring and the fluorophore would not migrate as far into the lens. I set up the experiment and incubated the lenses with and without the peptide in the presence of fluorescein and left them overnight. I then washed the lenses with water and measured the fluorescence intensity of the entire lens at the wavelengths of light corresponding to the fluorescence of fluorescein. To my delight, I was able to see higher fluorescence in the absence of the GAP573 indicating the gap junction modulation did indeed occur. I repeated this a number of times and performed a dose-response analysis to determine the optimal concentration of the peptide to use in my wound healing experiments. I also investigated a number of similar peptide sequences and performed that analysis identifying numerous gap junction modulating peptides using this model system, which is both cheap and easy to perform.

I also explored the role of phosphorylation of the peptide GAP573 by having a synthetic peptide made FHPS(P)S where the penultimate amino acid serine was phosphorylated. This serine was chosen because this serine corresponded to a known phosphorylation site within beta B2 crystallin. It was surprising that the phosphorylated form of GAP573 did not inhibit gap junction communication it appeared to do the opposite. Now, this could have been due to a number of reasons but I took it at face value that the addition of phosphate prevented the interaction of the peptide with the PDZ-2 domain of ZO, therefore, the interaction between ZO and Cx-43 was stabilized and could support the gap junction communication. However, my quantum biological viewpoint has shifted and I now consider the role of phosphates in cell signalling where a phosphate is involved in coordination with a transition metal or a counter ion and this ability to coordinate and perform photo reduction via absorbance of light at a particular frequency may be responsible for the signal transduction pathway that is occurring resulting in the communication between cells. So not only does light hold our atoms together but it is light of a different frequency via gap junctions that are holding our cells in harmony and allows them to communicate at the speed of light.

So I had a good indication that I have a peptide that modulates cell to cell communication which allows cells to become independent of each other. When a cell becomes independent it can do a number of things,. One, die because it is lonely. Two, freak out because it has been left on its own. Now freak out could mean be scared and frightened and do nothing. Or it may feel emboldened and take its life into its own hands. It wants to survive. Survival means find food, a source of energy and find others that are like themselves. When it is one it is radical. However, there is strength in numbers so it wants to find like-minded cells so to speak. To replicate, proliferate in the case of a single cell becomes two daughter cells. If it wants to go searching for food because it is hungry or lonely and wants to share what resources it has then it has to undergo an epithelial to mesenchymal transition. To change its phenotype. To become like a mesenchymal stem cell. Once in this phenotype, it can migrate around and sense its environment and get environmental clues as to what sort of cell it should be and where it can reside and find a new home. As with the electron, when it is paired and has symmetry it is at its lowest energy state and finds peace. The decision a cell makes is mutually exclusive so it cannot migrate and proliferate as the programming languages of those two phenotypes are different so they cannot occur at the same time. A cell, therefore, has to choose its fate, its destiny just as we do. The dynamic reciprocity, Dr. Zeus push me to pull you, inside out and outside in flow of information and communication between the cell and its environment happens at different time scales. A cell may remain quiescent for a long time it may last a lifetime or it may only last weeks depending on the location within the body that it resides. Its death through apoptosis is programmed into its existence and the cells fate is sealed. Just as a worker bee only lasts a short time period compared to the queen, each has its own fate waiting for it and once you have made your choice it is your fate sealed. It depends on whether you chose to take your life into your own hands and live each day as if it was your last or just wander through life as if its a never-ending journey that goes at a snail's pace, whatever you do it is your choice and its the free will that you are expressing. However, the ability to change direction in life and change the end goal and then work towards that allows you to change your fate and your path forward. When a wound occurs then there is a cascade of events that starts with a clot being generated via a blood coagulation cascade and the serine protease involved in this led to the hydrolysis of a peptide bond in fibrinogen to produce fibrin which allows a clot to form via cross-linking and stabilization of the clot by transglutaminase. This stops blood flow. The flow of blood stops the electrical current traveling around the site of the wound. Degranulation of platelets results in the release of a range of growth factors and cytokines which recruits inflammatory cells into the wound bed and the symphony of cellular healing begins with the conductor leading the way. The cascade of events leads typically to a scar tissue being formed which does not have the same level of strength as the tissue that was there previously. However, tissue regeneration can also be triggered under certain sets of circumstances which leads to healing without scarring through an embryonic tissue regeneration process. That is why people are so interested in regenerative medicine and human embryonic stem cells. However, I believe it is both immoral and unethical to perform research on life that has been generated in a laboratory. That's not cool people its not good at all. I also believe that asking for money to treat sick and dying people is not moral or ethical either. Doctors and politicians need to make decisions regarding peoples lives every day and they get paid to do that. I find this hard to fathom. I believe in educating people to give them the skills needed to live a happy and healthy life and teach them how to heal their own diseases. I believe there are certain things that are sacred in this universe and one of those things is human life. It starts when hydrogen bonds form between the single-stranded DNA from the mother's egg and father's sperm come together to form the double-stranded helix. The light wave of life. I believe it should, therefore, be treated as sacred and left alone to do what it wants to do, to become a new life. Whereas scientists are harvesting parts of it for body parts. We have our own regenerative capacity within our own bodies we do not need to harvest cells from stem cells, they already reside within you. All you need to do is learn how to turn them on. Make them come to life. Switch off the cell to cell collectivism of the whole in order to turn on cellular independence and you turn on the internal regenerative capacity within your own body. However, individuals need to be radical as they are on their own. They still need a moral and ethical compass in order to align with the magnetic north (positivity). The only way I have felt comfort and at peace is to become centered and stay positive. Enter the nucleus of the atom in my mind and see from both perspectives. Look at the extremes and match the views from both sides in order to cancel each other out it is only by looking at all arguments and placing a weighting bias on each idea that you come to some middle ground. By combining the ideas of science and religion into a unified viewpoint (centred where both sides of the coin make the whole coin) rather than being at war with each other, my internal battle was won over by the acceptance that the Bible talks the language of physics using the language of 2000 years ago and it just uses the language of love (simple words and messages) and the metaphor of death and rebirth. Yes, we die. We die every day. When a cell divides and creates two daughter cells one of the cells gives its life to support the future daughter cell. That cell that sacrifices itself through apoptosis actually becomes part of many others. It offers up its own body to feed the many. The apoptotic bodies that are generated are small vesicles that look essentially the same as extracellular vesicles. These colloids resemble their own miniature universe and they convey knowledge and information to the cells that bring in that information by uptaking the extracellular vesicle. So death merely results in a transformation from a whole to a sum of many parts to distribution to many and an awakening to connectivity and perception of all as one. This revitalization is experienced at the mind point in one's life where your electron passes through the cross of mathematical probabilities of the Euclidean coordinates of (0,0,0) on the x, y z coordinates of one's life journey. The Cross, we each carry one in our lives, our burdens. You come to this point three times in your life. First at conception, second during the midpoint in your life where you get to project into your future based on the efforts you had performed in your past. The third time is when you leave this temporal and spatial existence and enter the field of light that pervades the cosmos and fly with the angels. The death on the cross of Jesus Christ is the midlife death where you get reborn into a new being which allows you to experience your future without having lived it previously and you get to decide if you like what you saw and this gives you the energy to change it, if you did not like what you see.

I have experienced this process so I speak from experience. I am a changed man. My eyes were opened. The light that comes out of me is based on the knowledge and understanding that I have gained over the course of my lifetime. I still have plenty to learn but feel now that I have something to offer as a way of teaching others how I got to where I have got to, in order to feel empowered and enlightened. Some people say bi-polar, some people call me a crazy scientist, others think I am just a crazy dancer. We are each given gifts from birth, we are a miracle. We are connected to everything at the start of the universe as the Bose-Einstein Condensate. The super cool, superconducting, manifestation of our own will power, we will ourselves into existence. We step forward out of our comfort zone when we are willing to accept ourselves for who we are. This is an eye-opening experience, one that is earth shattering and one that leaves you wondering how to move forward. You see the path before you but you are still fearful of failure. However, it's only these doubts that hold each other back. The tall poppy syndrome. Well, we all need to be tall poppies together. If we all lift each other up with love, then humanity can do anything. Its all inside of us and we just need to figure out how to have one thing nonjudgemental self-regulation. Just because you see something doesn't mean you own it just because it is inside of you. You need to leave it alone and let it do what it needs to do in order for it to find its happy place. Like Happy Gilmore, the ball needs to go home and find the hole. The well in which it can find peace. It needs to become centered and to become paired to find that soul mate. We need to heal as individuals first before we can find self-acceptance before we can accept another for who they are. We need the opposite of what we are in order to become complete. The opposite of the negative electron is the positive anti-neutrino or the neutron to the antineutron the proton and the electron. So the opposites attract.

My own experience of death resulted in an increase of conscious mind expansion that allowed by the mind to open up and accept a flow of knowledge within me that continues to this day. Its a higher vibrational energy than normal, however, it is not mania. I can stop, think, reason, and then answer based on my knowledge. I am not fixated on one thing. It is, in fact, a knowledge based on scientific evidence that has continued to grow day in day out at an ever-increasing rate. It's both enjoyable and fun so the fact that others around me find it weird and they think my ideas are crazy, I say to them I agree wholeheartedly from your perspective I must seem absolutely crazy. From my point of view, I am happy to accept me as I am and enjoy my life and can help others with my knowledge which is based on both my scientific understanding but also my religious beliefs and that provides me with a moral and ethical compass. Often people do not want a mirror held up against them as when they see their reflection they see judgment. I am not the judge. Only you can judge your life and your honest appraisal occurs once at the end of your life.

Now I believe the world is an amazing place with some great people but I also think there are some things happening that should be stopped. For one, mental health issues are caused by social pressures on individuals versus individuals willing to accept social norms. To fit within an acceptable boundary is to choose to conform to society as it is now. However, we need to change and to do that we need people to show the way which is counter to society. It is those on the fringe, therefore, have shifted from social norms in order to align with a new paradigm. There is a shift happening. An awakening. You need to join the new wave of positivity otherwise you will be left behind. We are doing it to ourselves due to the inability to address one thing of fear of the unknown. Fear of death. However, if and when you experience your own death, what will it be like. A release and freedom from this world. The Bible talks of heaven on earth. For me, heaven is a state of mind when you are freed from the constraints of society and able to walk your chosen path without persecution. You have religious freedom. The people in the mental health system are trying their best but its not good enough people. You're getting it so wrong. The religious enlightenment experience and one's faith journey cannot be seen as counter to scientific endeavor and it also cannot be seen as being outside of social norms. It needs to be celebrated as a growth of knowledge and a new ability to connect to a new vibrational frequency or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. People are entitled to their faith. In fact, the governing bodies overseeing psychiatrists clearly stipulated in the code of ethical conduct and practice that religious freedom of expression is accepted. The integration of one's life experiences into your existing framework of one's values and beliefs creates a frameshift, resulting in a slip in the fabric of spacetime so that your frequency shifts into a higher gear and as your mind changes to a new higher frequency and your perception changes. It is mind over matter. My own personal experience made me very receptive, empathetic, to those around me. I wanted to share my experience with others I foresaw my own future and it was exciting. So I was way too open and became caught up in the mental health system despite me clearly saying it was a religious experience. It happened at church. The system loves to take control of one's life to maintain order and to keep you in your place. It is like society is the person with the mallet at the fair and you are the clown sticking your head up through the various hole. You keep getting hit on the head by the system. I was told against my will to take medication. I was told by work in order to come back to work to stay on medication. I was told by my wife to take medication. Everyone was saying the same thing and so I ended up being surrounded by negative people controlling me telling me what to do. I ended up taking medication against my will. Losing one's will power is a slippery slope and is what I believe causes depression and suicide attempts. Thankfully I did not want to go these desperate ends and my own doctor asking the questions and planting those seeds of doubt into my mind. Its the environment that selects for the response and when you are surrounded by people who are looking for sick people they only see what they are looking for so your response is to be unwell. The people in the system are making people unwell to ensure they can put food on the table. So how can you identify healthy people from unwell people when you are looking for unwell people. Easy look for healthy people and treat them. Your focus needs to be on health and well being not on treating sickness. Lift people up before they enter the system through education. Remove things from a society that makes people sick. Easy. Is that too controlling? Yes. However, if people want to do stuff to hurt themselves they can do it overseas as there is plenty of places overseas to have fun in. Then they acknowledge that they are right and you agree as you do not have any will power. They are in the position of authority. People need to wake up and understand that the way your mind works is to try and control others. The power struggle comes down to one thing. Lack of self-control. After five years of clawing my way back out of the depths of despair due to the negative influences in my personal life, at home and at work, which is all inside of me anyway. The self-doubt and voices that you tell your self day in and day out denying yourself the truth because its bigger than you and you can't control it. Well, its all inside of you and you are in control. I finally came off the medication and set to work developing my understanding of the Unified Field Theory and how to unify all the forces and then focused on understanding the influence of the conscious observer and learned to disregard what I see in order to embrace the weird of quantum biology world, which gives one a completely different perspective. It is back to front, upside down and inside out compared to the world we see. In other words, it is inside of us at a time scale outside our current visual field of view and at a temporal and spatial resolution that is unable to be comprehended. The rules I have developed for my current understanding of quantum biology have allowed me to discover a number of new ways of doing things, which is counter-intuitive to current best practice. I now look for minimized energy states in complex biological systems in order to find the equilibrium point where everything is in harmony and the system can find its symmetry and be relaxed without my interference. By automating the system and aligning this to the minimized energy state I have found a way to do what the system wants to do rather than try and control it. I am actually doing less and achieving more. Funny how the less I do the more I achieve. That is what physics tells us also that less is more when it comes to the behaviors of atoms. Just as the Bos- Einstein condensate behaves like one, the supper symmetrical system based on the wave function of the electrons. We now have material that is performing superconducting at room temperature. I think biology has been doing this for a long time but we just need to get people who love physics and nanomaterial to see the world of biology and the cool evolutionary systems at the nanoscale that biology has already invented. The less you have the more you value what you have. So when I own nothing I value the only thing I have and that is my life which means I will fight for my rights to stand up and be herd.

When my work colleagues say to my boss that I am acting weird or saying things that are weird and I am asked to come into a meeting and told to leave work immediately without being able to talk to clients and say what is going on. Or even explain my viewpoint. I get to go on gardening leave. I am asked to sign documentation that asks me to fully disclose my mental health to a psychiatrist. So I have to write everything down. I am 47 years old that is a lot of writing. I have to disclose everything and they get to read me the riot act. My human rights are being threatened. I have done nothing wrong other than saying what I think is the true nature of reality and people find that strange well that is because they lack knowledge of the quantum world. They accept what they have been taught and do not question the current knowledge. If new information comes into play and suggests an alternative viewpoint and you have your head in the sand then you will miss the megatrend happening. If you are leading in the field and focus on delivering outcomes to commercial clients using your knowledge and you find science easy but you are unable to convince others that what you are doing is not more than doing research in a way that answers questions that clients are wanting. Then you are stuck. Yes it is challanging to say the least to see things from an alternative perspective but if you keep doing the same thing again and again you may as well be a robot and infact artifical intelligence will take your job and you will be unable to support your family. Not a good place to be. We need to teach our children to connect to the creative person in order to meet the job opportunities of the future. Keep learning as the pace of change is rapid but the spread of knowledge is also rapid.

My latest run in with work happened to coinside with a meeting with a client and we were discussing the previous four years of work as well as the plans for the future. I was discussing some work that I had been doing regarding the production of a novel lipid compound called NAPE which is a precursor to N-acylethanolamine which has brain health, wound healing, pain reduction, and anti-inflamamtory activity. I have been the only one to be able to produce this product on a small scale in the laboratory. It has also been produced at large scale by one other person in the Processing building, at the Gracefield premisis at Callaghan Innovation. I had just been at the AMN-9 conference and must admit I was causing a bit of a stir with the scientist there because I was looking at the technologies that they were developing trying hard to emulate biology when all they needed to do is go and plant a few trees and offset their carbon footprint. Except they want to out perform what biology already does. Biology has had along time to get it right and it has evolved to do it efficiently using processes whereby minimized energy states are already identified which results in enzymatic processes that are highly efficient. The more we interfere with nature the worse we make it. We need to concentrate on ourselves and leave others alone as well as leave the planet alone so we can live in harmony with it.

In the meeting we were discussing the production of the precursor molecule NAPE and I said that I did not think it was made by a typical enzymatic reaction whereas others thought it must have been due to an enzyme. However, I am a protein biochemist and enzymologist and if they don't want to take my word for it then they are most welcome to try and purify the enzyme by themselves but I will not waste my time doing something that is not possible. I have already have had a couple of goes at it using my newly developed chromatography methods called CCAEC which separates protein by ion exchange but with the resolution of chromatofocusing enabling cheap separation and isolation of targeted proteins. When I tried to isolate the enzyme from the extract that was producing NAPE I lost activity which I was detecting as a phospholipase A2 enzyme assay that I had developed. When I recombined the fractions back together the extract agained demonstrated activity.


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