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So I considered this a while and I also considered my latest learnings from AMN-9 where it had been observed that dust in a laboratory environment induced enzymatic activity. It was the minerals in the dust and complexation chemistry and photoreduction that were responsible for the observed enzymatic activity from the dust. So I outlined this as a possibility at the meeting with the client for the production of the NAPE and also indicated that the reactions are due to high energy radical chemistry due to the coordination of the minerals present in the sample coordinating with the proteins in the solution that was responsible for the proposed enzymatic activity. As the coordination chemistry and photoreduction of the transitional metals are weak interactions they are not capable of remaining connected to the proteins during CCAEC purification methods. Hence the loss of the activity responsible for the production of NAPE. However, my teammates think that my idea was crazy and complained to my boss about me. In the meeting, I agreed to disagree with them and the meeting moved forward. I thought that was the last of it but it was not. I was asked to come into the office and told to leave without any recourse on my part as to address the issues that have been raised regarding my mental health. So I'm considered a crazy scientist. I have a reputation. I enjoy questioning the current paradigm because I think we have got it so wrong. If we had it right then we would not have such high levels of disease. It increasing so we are actually heading in the wrong direction as a society. The more layers of control we put in place the fewer people are able to take self-responsibility. Self-preservation is important in order to look after one's self and not do things that are going to be detrimental to one's mental health and physical health. Callaghan Innovation is named after Sir Paul Callaghan. An amazing scientist who followed his passion. So he said that we need to explore the unknown and do that with the scientific endeavor.

Well, I am not listening to what people at work are telling me to do because I disagree with them. I am going to have my say and I am saying what I think therefore you are the judge if you are so inclined. People love to judge and they compare to themselves and if they see something that does not sit well with their current knowledge then they question why is someone acting and saying things like that, maybe they are not quite right in the head. Well, that is their prerogative. They have their free will but so do I. So this is my way of having my say and getting my frustrations off my chest. The frustrations of peoples inability to see outside of their own point of view. They don't really want to be taken outside of their comfort zone. They don't want to change. That is fair enough, I am not asking them to change. All I am saying is let me do my job. However, I keep getting sent on gardening leave for having too many creative ideas. The easiest solution to the current drama I am causing is to leave work and set up a consultancy business that then I can work the way I like with the clients I want to help. New Zealand companies and offer them my knowledge. I think this would be a way that I could make a positive contribution to New Zealand's economy. This would also mean I do not have to confront my current teammates and say what I think so they don't have to be exposed to my ideas and they can stay in their comfort zone.

So I was asked to leave without redress. I accepted that and have been off work since February 2019. I know they are only following policy and I do appreciate their concern. In fact, I thank them for it. However, I do not need it as it is merely a form of societal control. I was asked to see someone about my mental health so I went to see my psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Romans along with my wife. Now my wife is very frightened that I will lose my job and salary of $100,000 p.a. We discussed the current situation and I said that I am happy to control my health and well being through the use of micro and macronutrients and meditation, good sleep, exercise, and good nutrition (food) as well as hydration. So this is what I have been doing in order to stay mentally agile and improve my well being. However, Dr. Romans said that I was oscillating between bi-polar one and bi-polar two. To me that sounds like I am very centered and calm and centered as the two poles of the electron, are positive and negative the two extremes of our emotions. So being able to be comfortable within my skin is all I can ask for. Dr. Romans said to me 'Don't let the Beast out'. I do not know what she means by that. I know she is trying to do a good job but what she said to me overstepped the mark by a long way. The ethical standards by which she is held accountable by the Australian and New Zealand body outline the need to respect my religious beliefs and work ethically. However, I now believe that she has crossed over the ethical boundary and therefore I will not be subject to her stupidity. She has overstepped those boundaries and I hold her accountable for the decision that she made to speak to me like that. she believes in matter, no matter what she thinks, she does not matter to me. One, I had a religious experience back in 2013. I now use my know-how from that experience to conduct scientific research based on that insight that I obtained during that moment in time.

The Beast that Dr. Romans talked about is one that resides in all of us. It is the reflection of the kindness that I feel. To me, the number of the Beast is the devil's number or 666. The absence of God in one's life is the absence of Gods love and self-acceptance. It's your choice to believe what you want to believe in. You have your free will. People need to respect each other's human rights, and rights to respect and practice your faith whatever it may be. So I believe that I have a right to speak up and say what I think and talk about God as Love. I believe I am not beastly and Dr. Romans was trying to provoke me and plant a seed in me in order to enforce her will power on to me. This is not acceptable for a professional person to be taking advantage of a patient. I talked to her about the biochemistry of the human mind and ask about the biochemical pathways that the various pharmaceutical medications operate on. She did not know. She is not well informed. Therefore why should I take her word for it? Why did she do that? The only answer I have been able to think about is that she is compromised. She has a vested interest in finding me unwell. If I am unwell then she gets paid $400.00 / hour for each meeting we have, which work have stipulated that they will pay for. Well, I thank work for their concern about my health and well being but I also say to them that I am perfectly fine. I don't respect the thought police. If you are not willing to learn the true nature of reality and see past the position of the conscious observer then it's only your bias that is responsible for you seeing what you want to see. Therefore, Dr. Romans wants to see unhealthy people so that she can remain in the quality of lifestyle in which she currently has and anyone challenging that paradigm is seen as unfit mentally because they do not have the ability to have a logical thought process as they are unwell and compromised. Well, that is not the case at all. Doctors are ethically and morally compromised as they break the first rule of their profession which is to do no harm. Acceptance of the current situation and not enforcing your will power onto another individual is needed in order to meet this criterion. The current situation, this is not happening as Doctors are caught in the current human paradigm of the observer only seeing what they are looking for and their eyes lie to us so they cannot look inside someone's mind. It's your private property and therefore off limits to others unless you let them in. I am opening up for one reason and one reason only and that is to shed some light on the current situation which is at crisis point. The large increase in mental health issues and the lack of suitable treatments available to help those in need means we need to address the situation by enabling the people to grow and embrace their health and take control by improving their will power. When you increase your will power you can stand up to those enforcing their will on you. I say to those wanting to control others that the best thing you can do is leave them alone because it is your pressure that you are placing on them that is responsible for their actions. The people in the system need to accept there is a shift in peoples understanding as they grow and this growth provides an opportunity to see the world in a different light.

Mental illness is nothing more than having a different perspective from the mainstream. It is not dangerous to have different views but it is dangerous for society to enforce their will on to others in the name of mental illness. Things need to change. If people need help then help them by teaching them what is going on in their heads and how amazing the human mind is. Tell them about the limitations of the current mainstream knowledge. Tell them about the research that is being conducted. Show them how to conduct their own research to obtain peace and therefore enable them rather than trying to control them. Only by enabling their self-regulation are you giving them the tools to address their internal issues. The current pharmaceutical tools are not leading to patient benefits but leading to social control of a patient's free will. I took it upon myself to create my own product that would help me and my well being to ensure that I am being a responsible human being, being kind to other human beings on this planet and as such developed a therapeutic based on the principles of the Bible and let Food be thy Medicine.

Over the past 18 years, I have been involved in the development of regenerative medicine products that have resulted in the development of a ½ billion company located in Auckland called Aroa. The extracellular matrix scaffold is used for wound repair and tissue regeneration in the areas of chronic wounds, breast reconstruction surgery, and hernia repair. This material was made from sheep stomach and it was just two of my weird ideas that resulted in a low energy production system for the preparation of the ECM product. So I understand biology from the point of view of physics and evolution from the point of view of the periodic table and full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and the perspective of the conscious observer being the one who is performing the selective pressure on the environment and therefore selecting for what they want to see. However, as you put your energy into the system you are interacting (your selective pressure) with the system itself, and it is unable to find its happy place where it is matched and at its minimized energy state by accommodating all of the frequencies of energy that are present in the defined system. Therefore you need to align the minimized energy state in the system with what you are trying to achieve and then automate this process so that you are not interfering with the system during this process. That way the system can find the relaxed minimized energy state and this will align to your desired outcome. This way you can expend less energy in order to achieve your goal. Do less and achieve more.

My approach I have been applying for a number of years now and been achieving great results which have enabled me to develop revolutionary process methods aligned to the principle of evolution with respect to temporal and spatial resolution in the evolutionary landscape that connects to the minimized energy landscape. Are others doing this I don't know? The quantum biology field is a new area of research. The merger of physics to biology and treating biology as a collection of electrons traveling at the speed of light means you need new tools to deconvolute the system that you are interacting with. What do you do if you do not own a quantum computer, develop one? My subconscious mind is a quantum computer it is available to do the calculations in real time in the background of consciousness if I allow it to understand the rules of the quantum world then it can perform the calculations and come up with multiple answers (ideas), which are analysed consciously to see which one make the most sense given the current set of circumstances. However, I think the subconscious mind is the quantum state computer. We already have all the tools necessary to perform the experiment and that is the human mind. By using one's mind we interact with the world around us. We get to choose what we look at. We are the ones who are in control of ourselves through self-control and therefore we are the ones making our own world. I prefer to live in a world that respects human rights and stand up for religious freedom and the right to free speech so I am making my stand by writing down what I think and having my say. You get to have your say also.

So I am fighting for my rights. In the arena of the public and therefore expose myself and my beliefs for all the world to see. I am a sinner. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. However, I will keep trying and stay true to my principles if that means taking a few hits across my bow, then so be it. So at present, I am staying with friends being kicked out of home because I said to Dr. Sarah Romans that I would not take pharmaceutical medication as I have been down that pathway and I did not like other people forcing their will on to me. I also said that I will take micro and macronutrients for my brain health and well being, get plenty of sleep, exercise, meditation and eat good healthy food. So I have been doing this. Dr. Romans did not listen to me at all. She was not interested in my point of view. She wrote down a list of mood stabilizers and anti-depressants that she said I was to go away and study and I get to choose which ones I wanted based on the research that I have performed. The research I have performed is that any compounds that have electron donating groups and can perform coordination chemistry to allow photoreduction of transition metals and perform photo Fenton chemistry based in the presence of light and hydrogen peroxide and diradical oxygen and water can either increase or decrease the photoreduction chemistry of the subconscious mind. This means that the number of coordinate positions in a molecule is what is critical in either promoting or reducing the photoreduction of the coordinate mineral associated with the neurotransmitter. If all six sites are occupied then the mineral is trapped and the chemistry is decreased causing depression of signals and the inverse is true. Compounds with aromatic rings such as tryptophan and phenylalanine and tyrosine which are the precursors to stimulatory neurotransmitters have four coordinate positions prevent caging of the mineral. In fact, the aromatic ring capturing the light of frequencies to allow photoreduction is important in the generation of the free radical signalling molecules in one's mind. It's the high energy signalling radicals that put in the hydroxyl groups into the neurotransmitters. So I understand based my research that micro and macronutrients are what I need to create a good mental space and to create a happy environment for me to work in. So I have developed my own product and find it to be very beneficial for my health and well being. It is made from food and provides increased coordination chemistry in m mind to increase my photo-Fenton regenerative biochemistry.

So I told Dr. Romans I would not be going back to her as she offended me with her comments about letting the beast out. The beast being 666. The concept of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, which represents carbon. So if you think you're a carbon-based life form then you have lost sight of where you come from which is the Bose-Einstein Condensate. We are star dust and we are light so my new periodic table based on the electron number provides a new number for carbon and that is 42. Funny how that is the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy meaning of the universe and everything is also 42. I wonder if their subconscious mind, the creative mind, the Holy Spirit, provided them with that divine inspiration or they had already worked out the periodic table based on the number of electrons in the atom of carbon. Whatever the reason it is rather amusing from my point of view.

So I have asked to have a second opinion, which I have organized through my financial advisor, FoxPlan John Killick and I have told work that. I was asked by my wife to contact the crisis team and I have done that but I do not feel in crisis or need them to get involved as they cannot provide a second opinion in order to obtain a letter to support my return to work. This is something that the crisis team cannot do. All they have the power to do is put you under the mental health act if you are a threat to yourself or to anyone else and I am neither. All I want to do is say what I believe in. To stand up and have my say based on the harmony I have obtained by combining both sciences in religion into a single model. The peace I have obtained from doing that and the insights that has provided with respect to doing research that is of benefit to human being means that I want my knowledge to be available to others so that they can do what I am doing in order to create opportunities for humans to live together successfully in harmony in a loving and accepting environment that also respects the planet as a living organism and part of us.

So I have been in contact with the crisis team a number of times over the past two months. I have a good chat with them but I do not need their help. I need the human rights commission, official information act legislation and a good lawyer in order to sort the situation out which is uncomfortable for all concerned. My wife even called the crisis team and got them to come round to my house while I was at home and they also brought the police which was carrying guns as this was after the Christchurch shooting. It was pretty disturbing to have the police going through my house and being questioned by the crisis team. However, after half an hour they decided to leave as there was nothing to see. As I had explained the situation about the bullying that I had been experiencing at work. I am under the spotlight and anything I say that sounds strange and that other people do not think is right is called into question and I get sent packing to go get evaluated. If they want to pay me whilst on gardening leave then I am happy to oblige.

The bullying that I experience at work comes from the fact that I do things differently, being an open Soul and using my insights in order to develop processes and products based on fundamental principles of evolution with respect to electromagnetic radiation and the periodic table means I look at the world differently. So I have been exploring death and regeneration cycles for a number of years. As matter cannot be destroyed nor created only transformed then the idea is to understand when things die they decompose and breakdown but they also transform into new things and life grows in the form of bacteria. Fermentation products are considered healthy in this day and age so I am aligning my thinking to natural processes in order to produce new products. Most scientists do things in a very controlled environment and try and manage a whole range of parameters to achieve the desired outcome. My approach is the opposite I will let the system do what it wants and not interact with it in order for it to find its minimized energy state and then look to see what is produced in order to see if there is any useful material produced using such an approach. So again I am doing less in order to create something of value. This is very different from the status quo, however, it is leading to new opportunities so aligns with the business I work with. These minimal approaches created additional benefits as the cost of production is very low. Biology does not evolve in a clean system. Nothing works in isolation, therefore, the complexity creates vitality and improves well being is a concept that is being explored.

I leave things around in the lab for weeks at a time and observe every so often to see what is happening. I do multiple experiments all at once without controlling what I am doing and see how each approach influences the outcome. This means of playing with bio-materials with biology means you get to choose which is the best approach. I also conduct research using a microscope and explore the functional processes that I am trying to develop in real time using light-based microscopy and I record what I do using a video camera in order to capture the events that are taking place. Such an approach has accelerated the development time and is enjoyable to do. So I have been told by my peers to clear up my mess. I have been told to stop what I am doing because it is just a waste of time. I have had managers slam their hand onto their desks in the form of intimidation, which has resulted in other staff leaving due to the misconduct they felt was being shown by the manager. Still, I stood defiant. I have been told by my peers to stop looking for stuff that is not there. However, my pursuit of the truth has led me to find what it was and that para-magnetic minerals were responsible for it being hidden from sight using all the traditional methods that have been established in the scientific literature. I have been given multiple warnings by my work and I am on my last warning. Man what do I have to do to show that I am not doing anything wrong, I am just doing science using my understanding and knowledge. It is not frightening. It is fun and enjoyable and so I am passionate about doing things and I work hard and I think creatively to come up with new solutions for clients. The current situation is that people tend to get a job and get secure in their job and then become lazy and only work as hard as they need to. It's just a job and makes them money so they can do the things they enjoy at the weekend with family. I enjoy my job and I am passionate about it, so I work hard. My mind does not want to stop, it wants to figure it out and solve the problems at hand that humanity faces. So my approach appears to fly in the face of the status quo. I say each to their own. It is not my place to tell others what to do. However, I also expect the same in return and I do not want others judging me and telling me what to do. I have worked hard for 28 years developing my knowledge and to have someone tell me I am wasting my time looking for something that is not there is frustrating. I do not listen to them because I know that we only see such a small proportion of reality that if you look with various tools then you see new things. So I keep pushing the boundaries and standing up for what I believe in only to get kicked in the guts by the system yet again. So I keep looking for what is not there until I figure out how to see it and make it visible with the tools that are currently available to science. So I discovered products that have the ability to help the human body regenerate to turn on the prana, chi, Ki, the bio-energy. Its revitalization, regeneration. I know it as the Holy Spirit from the perspective of the Bible. If that is really what it happens to be. The Bible is a physics textbook then we have nothing to fear except fear itself. The regenerative medicine products that I am now making through my own company Quantum Technologies Ltd (as work did not want me to do this at work) increase ones regenerative biochemistry, increasing will power, energy levels and opening up one's mind to the quantum world. So quantum biological based on food stimulates a regenerative medicine within your own body to provide the energy you need to face the challenges of this world. It has improved my cognitive function and allowed me to do more each day. It is what I use to enable me to identify low energy states in complex biological systems in order to create solutions for clients that enable them to compete on an international stage. I think these types of products are the products of the 21st century and provide the uplift in energy that the world needs to accelerate the development of humanity. I hope they will be used for the benefit of humankind and will not be used against human beings. I hope that they will support a peaceful future for humanity rather than the constant battle for control and power that appears to go on day in day out at our current time. Mother nature will fight back, she will have the last laugh. Also, my products are used topically and therefore I need less of them than oral food. The transfer of high energy electrons through the skin provides sufficient energy that only 1/1000 of the material is required to provide sufficient energy for the day's activities. This means we get more for less. Everyone can, therefore, be feed and do not have to starve but instead can have sufficient energy to be an effective part of society.

So I am on gardening leave at present after the police incident I had another knock on the door ten minutes later and the crisis team was back again this time with a psychiatrist. I invited them in and we discussed my current situation and I said that I was feeling fine and needed a second opinion from my insurance provider Sovereign to obtain a letter to say that I am fit to return back to work. That was something the public health system cannot provide. So if I am unfit for work then my insurance cover will have to cover my pay until age 65 (retirement) with an initial early lump sum payment to be back paid.  I live in a beautiful part of the country and love my wife and children (five of them). However, by standing my ground and doing what I believe is right I am being put to the test. The test is who blinks first. I am still being paid by work, for how much longer I do not know. I appreciate the love and care and support that work has given me over the past 18 years. Either I am right and I have come up with a potential solution for the current world problems or I am wrong and I need to move forward in a way that will not hurt anyone including myself. So after my conversation with the person from Kenepuru 'who said I was interesting'. Maybe I should have got him to clarify what he meant by that. Then I received a text from my wife telling me to move out of home and go back home to Oxford to see my family down there. Initially, I said I wanted to stick around and play sport and coach my son's football team but my wife insisted. She brought me a one-way ticket and I left that evening with friends from Bankot Cresent who took me to the airport. So back down to Christchurch and then on to Oxford after a couple of days in the garden city.


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