Nature's Rules - the quantum biology principles

It starts as one. Bose-Einstein Condensate (Science) and God (many names in different languages – but the one and only God. Translated names in different religions e.g. Ali.

The dimensions are the Plank length. The diameter of the electron. To ELF which is 3 Hz and 100,000 km diameter of the colloidal particle. Near absolute zero (2.7 degrees Kelvin) background radiation of the universe which corresponds to the only element that is in liquid form helium.

It is a fractal. Many layers of the onion skin as everything is made from electrons, corresponding to different wavelengths. Our own evolution is based on growing our atoms based on the use of electromagnetism in a process that works at the speed of light so we cannot see what is happening until we slow time down by entering in to our fight or flight state of being in the subconscious mind by stimulating photo Fenton biochemistry which results in the formation of hydroxyl groups in neurotransmitters.

It is part of our death and regeneration process. Tissue regeneration biochemistry.

The hydride ion H- which contains four electrons results in the production of two photons which can be quantumly entangled and can go in different directions and based on the wavelength can be absorbed by different molecules and trigger photoreduction of transition metals coordinated with the aromatic ring of the precursor substrate of the neurotransmitter (tyrosine).

It is colloidal-based on an ever-changing colloidal system accommodating the frequency of vibrations in its environment. Electromagnetic radiation is colloidal, a spiral that generates its own electromagnetic field due to its interaction with itself, due to the polarity of charge in the electron.

The right-hand rule of electromagnetism sounds like the Bibles right hand of the father.

The Holy Trinity corresponds to electromagnetism producing light. c^2 = E/M

It is all energy.

It is all magnetism.

It is all light.

It is all electrons.

It is equal and opposite. Matter versus anti-matter. Symmetry. This could also correspond to the Janus particle that is the electron with its two poles and looking and acting like Gaia (Earth).

However, it is our measurement of matter through the use of light at various frequencies that create the matter that we observe through our own measurement (observation, though, our senses).

You have to come up with an idea before you can measure it through experimentation.

Your idea is from an internal divine inspiration (The artist, the creator).

The system you are measuring always wants to be at zero the minimized energy state, which is at its isoelectric point.

Your interaction with it through measurement, observation (sight), and your presence take it away from zero. As the light you put into the system provides energy which the system must accommodate and adapt to in order to find a new energy minimum.

You get to choose what you believe in.

You have free will.

You are a human being.

You are divinely made in your maker's image. Made out of electrons.

You get to share your knowledge freely.

People can either agree or disagree and that is their free will.

We are all right from our own perspectives.

Our biological sensors provide our perspective and experience.

Our senses lie to us and only allow us to see what we believe.

We make things up all the time to fit the model we believe in. This is because our sensors only operate at intermittent intervals and therefore the mind makes things up to fill in the gaps.

There are many truths but that is because we all have our own opinions, experiences and values and beliefs.

To understand the laws of nature is to become one with nature.

To abide by those laws is to be a seeker of the truth.

To learn about your own limitations due to your sensors limitations and then learn more about the wider range of frequencies of electromagnetism that exists outside our own limited perception is to become more self-aware.

You only learn about yourself, through interaction with others.

Once you understand your limitations you can learn to take the observer out of the observation. As the observer provides the selective pressure on the system to conform to the pressure provided.

You can only see the frequencies that you are tuning into based on the tools you are using.


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