Noah's ark and the hydride and great flood

The Noah's ark story is a birthing story. Our DNA contains many different genes each coming from various creatures so to speak. We have evolved and with the discovery of extracellular vesicles, we are able to see evolution in action, as these nano-cells containing DNA and RNA and proteins come together in a symbiotic relationship to create the complexity of the eukaryotic cell. In a sense, it is apoptosis in reverse. They are seen as communication packets as well as being involved in cellular communication over long distances within the body of a macrocellular organism such as a human being. In fact, they are everywhere and produced by everything but they are so small you need special instruments to see them. So we come together in the mother's womb 2 by 2. The photons of light grow our bodies. Yes, it's weird but if you don't observe things from all angles then you get caught in your own point of view and you cannot share someone else's perspective. So I am trying to share mine in order for others to understand my perspective, and if you understand me then you can change your point of view or not. Or at least understand that I may think differently but it's not in order to try and hurt anyone but just to convey knowledge and wisdom in a kind way. Noah's great flood I see as the fluid in the bag (world) surrounding the baby. The concept of time in the womb I have not quite got my head around but I have been thinking about it for several months. I think that time may be very slow initially as the fetus is small and has no eyes and as a primordial brain that is growing rapidly based on high energy quantum entanglement radical chemistry. The sight still develops in the baby after birth. In fact, we keep putting down lens fiber cells throughout our life so your eyes continuously change. If you consider the time from the perspective of the photon then its speed determines the time clock temporal and spatial relationship.

I think change/evolution is like water. It transitions through a phase change going from one phase to another as the thermal transition temperature is reached. So evolutionary potential is always present within the biological system. Once it gets pushed through the phase transition point it transforms. This phase transition concept of evolution provides us with an explanation of why things stay the same for a long time and then there appear to be times when major changes occur on planet earth. These changes occur when there are phase changes in our environment. When the energy levels on earth increase to a point of increased vibrational energy. We move up the electromagnetic scale and at the frequencies, we use for our survival. With the ever-increasing transfer of energy via the internet and wifi over very narrow bandwidths we are causing increased energy in our environment. Those who are more connected to their subconscious minds (the perceived, mentally ill portion of the population) can feel such energy in their bodies and this causes agitation in their bodies. With the transition to 5G, we will see and ever-increasing incidence of mental health issues around the world. Wake up people we need to use our own biological communication tools and integrate those into Gia in order to connect using the full spectrum of electromagnetism at the speed of light. Slow time down by entering the quantum state. Enter the quantum world of your subconscious mind and avoid the pitfall of the silicon valley of death.

We are lucky in New Zealand that we value our diversity, our peace, our Aroha, our Unity. By the way, this is Godzone. The land of milk and honey. We live under the Southern Cross. The star points the way. We need to recall all New Zealanders back into Aotearoa. Cut the umbilical cord and turn our backs to the rest of the world. Their behavior does not warrant our attention. They are the bullies of the playground, earth. By watching them you only encourage them. Don't say their names, they are nameless. They know who they are. The ones that spread hate and fear. The ones that believe in carbon. The ones that live like the devil, 666. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. We have been taught to act like carbon-based beings needing power, money, objects to fill the void in our hearts, in our Soul in our minds. There are 42 electrons in carbon 4+2 = 6. There are 21 photons in carbon 2+1 = 3. There are three in one. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your mind, your heart, and your Soul. When the three become one you become whole again. You become Holy, Holy, Holy. (0,0,0) (x,y,z). The mathematical cross of (0,0,0) is absolute zero. The Bose-Einstein Condensate = God. The right hand of the father (Jesus), is also the right-hand of electromagnetism. We have done this all before, nothing new under the sun. History repeats. This time we are going back to where it all began in order to restore humanities oneness with God. Unification is the singularity event. 

We are the land of milk and honey an island of calm in a sea of turmoil. We need to show the world what can be achieved by working cooperatively (symbiotically) together in harmony. We are a village of nearly 5 million people, on the world stage at present. If we can get it right then we can reinvent the New Zealand brand as one of Love and peace and harmony. Then, buy New Zealand made is to support diversity, a culture of prosperity, freedom, and love. These are our common values.

The conservation of matter and the basic laws of thermodynamics suggest the pathway of least resistance, with the lower activation energy, is the one more likely to win the evolutionary race. If we want to change the planet to be more loving we need to get our own land in order. We need to address the wrongs of the past. We need to stop exporting water, plastic, and our food until people in Aotearoa are well feed, are happy. We need to learn to look after ourselves first and once we have that right we can show the world what it means to be a loving human being free to share with others with harmony. We need to go back to a sustainable way of living. Not shipping stuff around the world. So we only have a small economy. That will cripple the economy and the business will collapse. People won't be able to work and we won't be able to eat foot or afford to buy food or medicine. People will die. It will all turn to custard.

I agree it will and it has to in order for it to transform into something better. If we remain on our current course as a species then the North polar cap will melt. The ice is a paramagnetic molecule and the direction of the water molecule at the pole is involved in maintaining the paramagnetic north. The land mass at the South Pole shields the ice from the magnetic field which means the ice will be there for longer than the North Pole. The CO2 levels are not the biggest problem humanity is facing, it is the polar reversal when the North and South poles switch. When this occurs the earth's magnetic field reduces to about 90% of its strength which causes the earth to be exposed to more harmful radiation from the sun, including UVC and gamma rays. These are mutagenic causing DNA damage and will result in much more energy entering into the earth's system. This is the phase transition that is about to happen. It will cause massive change. Loss of telecommunication as the satellites will be exposed to gamma radiation and mass extinction and evolutionary transformation at the speed of light. So the extinction rebellion says 'We need to change not climate change'. That is why I am writing this story and exposing everything that we can do in order to change ourselves quickly and prevent this from happening. Maybe this is meant to happen. This is the planets reset button. Can we change quickly to avoid the issues of climate change? To mitigate these issues. We can do it we just need to work together and move back to a more sustainable future using sustainable and recyclable biomaterials that have built-in recycling system based on a regeneration system of photoreduction and coordination as well as deconstruction and quantum entanglement to produce regenerative precursors in order to grow the future infrastructure for a biological-based economy.

That is what I have discovered. Natures regenerative biochemistry, based on quantum entanglement. Radical chemistry providing the high energy biomaterials that promote an alchemical transformation of the human being. Wellness comes from death and rebirth. 


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