A numbers game

So what are the numbers that are important? Well it starts with 0 (absolute zero), which is 1, one is everything connected as the Bose Einstein Condensate. The God head of the cosmos. Then, there is only one of everything so it is one again. When you add the previous two numbers together to make the next you have the golden circle ratio. The 2 is the photon, equal at opposite, symmetry in the universe. When the photon interacts with the electron you produce a proton or 3. Depending on the position of the electron with respect to the photon in relation to the observer and photon and the electron can also be the neutron. If 4 is hydrogen the first element of the periodic table H(4) then 5 is H(4) plus 1 a mirror particle to the electron the anti-electron, which can become a photon of 2 plus a proton. 8 is deuterium which has 1e 1P 1N 1/e where 1/e (+1 inwards, -1 outwards on the opposite side of the atom in the electron orbital) is the mirror plane of e (the anti particle) which cancels out the charge of neutron of -1. This is why the neutron is slightly heavier than the proton. 13 is He(14) minus 1e as the corresponding anti-electron particle is in superposition, equal and opposite, symmetry. 21 is Li(24) without considering the electrons or anti electron particles (-2 + 2 = 0). Li+ (24 – 3e = 21). The golden circle ratio may relate to an internal symmetry relationship within the universe that spirls up and down the electromagnetic spectrum. The internal curvatue of the colloidal universal bubble. The orbital structure of the electron.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

1e,1p,1n was a race horse (deuterium)

2e,2p,2n was 1 2 (He) P=3 N=3 2p=6 2n=6 6+6=12

1e,1p,1n 1 1 race

2,2 1 1 2

E=hc/lambda, v=c/lambda, V^=1/lambda, T=1/v, E= energy (eV), Lambda = wavelength (m), V^ = wavenumber (m^-1), T = period (s), V = frequency (s^-1 or Hz), H = Plank constant = 4.135667516 x 10^-15 eV*s, C = speed of light = 299792458 m/s

When your eyes are open and you are focused on the external world

When you close your eyes you become more focused on your internal world

Your brain waves increase in frequency when you sleep

You become more self-aware when sleeping

Your subconscious state

Your internal light

Photo Fenton




The initial universe size has to be equivalent to the longest wavelength of electromagnetic radiation (ELF).

That is 100,000 kg or 100,000,000 m. Or, has the wavelengths stretched or become red-shifted as the universe has expanded. Our own universe started out as a 1 mm sphere. That still a large number of Plank lengths. If the Bose-Einstein Condensate started out as 100,000 km in diameter corresponding to ELF frequency of 3 Hz. We can then tune into this frequency before going to sleep.

The big bang may, therefore, have been symmetrical both spiraling in as well as expanding out. Down to the Plank length and out to the expanded universe.

When you do the calculations as to your own universe from 1 mm to the entire universe and then look at the microcosm reflecting the external macrocosm you get an interesting number.

Depending on your brain frequency your perception of time will change. Depending on the size of the Bose-Einstein Condensate at the start of the Universe your ELF wavelength will change and there for the age of your universe will change.

The proton frequency between the double stranded DNA chains.

1/meter (ELF) provides an internal reflection at the diameter of the proton wavelength which is involved in bringing single-stranded DNA chains together at the start of life. The reciprocal (1/x) in relation to ELF wavelengths are the proton wavelength frequencies and occur at the attometer. When we sleep we enter in our subconscious mind. We can have positivity by connecting to our proton in the nucleus and connect to wavelengths internally at the attometer scale which reflects externally to wavelengths corresponding to 10,000 to 100,000 km. Corresponding to Hz of 3 to 30 which is the range of frequencies that our human mind can work at with respect to the conscious state of mind.

Light speed in a vacuum is fast however the refrative properties of matter change the speed of light. The speed of light changes with wavelength and the environment that it is located in. Light can interact with matter based on its wavelength. At high enough energies of light a whole set of radical reactions can be stimulated.


i^2 = -1

We create our own universe. It is in our minds. Knowledge expands your universe and connects you to new frequencies of electromagnetic radiation creating higher frequencies of energy and therefore projection us forward in time.

The faster your mind goes the further forward in history you can travel to see your future relative to the collective human consciousness.

6 Days of creation = 6 days of fertilization, migration of the fertilized egg down the fallopian tube and hatching and implantation

The Bible talks about our own creation. The creation of our own universe.

Distance in Km of 6 days in creation that light has traveled. 

So the human conscious mind controls the ability to interact with the various frequencies of our electromagnetic universe. The position we find ourselves relates to the frequencies we can connect to as well as how high we sit in the position of the wavefunction of the frequency of the wave. The higher the energy then we are lifted higher in the wavefunction. We can still be positive or negative depending on if we sit in the crest (positive outlook) or trough of the wave (negative outlook). We can also be centered and sit in the center of the wave function.

Universe / 6 days of creation. The concept that you create the universe in your mind. You are the center of your universe. It is therefore expansion

The expansion of your light in all directions at the point of your conception (creation). You were part of the unified field = Father (God), Son (Jesus) how to live well, Holy Spirit (Light) eternal Holy spirit within us.

So consciousness creates the world around you.

Father, Son, holy spirit = Electric, magnetic, light

It is all electromagnetism

E = mc^2, Father = energy

M = 1 / Ec^2 = Son

Holy spirit = c^2 = E/M

During sleep, alpha waves are replaced by beta waves

beta waves focused, alert and engaged in any form of activity.

When your eyes are open and you are focused on the external world

When you close your eyes you become more focused on your internal world

Your brain waves increase in frequency when you sleep.

Its OK to be connected to more frequencies, and at higher frequencies. Mania is the sharmanic voyage. Biopolar is going from positivity of the sharmanic voyage where you have your will power and self control to having your rights taken away from you by those that surround you. You are very empathetic and take on knowledge from your surroundings by doing this you are susceptible to manipulation from others around you especially by people in positions of authority like doctors. When a doctor asks a question in a way which, makes you think and question how you are feeling if you want to hurt yourself or others. They have planted a seed in your mind. They are the ones looking for disease and therefore they observe what they are looking for by planting those seeds. They have broken their Hippocratic oath. First, do no harm. They should ask how do you feel. Leave it at that.

This is how a human being forced the will power of another human being into submission. Without your personal power. Your will power you feel lost and therefore you consider all the options including what you were asked to consider by your doctor. So yes you think about it because by the Dr asking the question they have set the wheels in motion to bring you down and make you lose your will power and put you on medication. The system is broken. It needs to change. Look for health and not sickness and you will change the outcome. Being a biochemist and knowing how the medication was taking 25 years off my life expectancy I decided to do something about it. So I did the research and I found that the way medication for mental health works is by stopping photo-Fenton biochemistry. They are essentially taking away your will power, your Holy Spirit, or bio-energy. That is why it reduces the life expectancy by 25 years. They are murders in my eyes. The system wants to control you and then harvest your Soul. I say to them. No thank you if you cannot understand what you are doing then I will show you because you are mentally incapable of learning something new because your brain is so slow.  So people who have mental illnesses have special super powers that normal people do not have. It is their ability to see more, hear more and do more than normal homo sapiens. So we have a new species emerging from the ashes of the mental health system and from the downfall of human society. It is homo quantum smarty pants. Yes, I am taking the piss. So what if you take yourself too seriously then you think you know too much. God knows everything. I only know a small amount of what God knows.

Symmetry in S block orbitals only 1 paired electrons are allowed. The duality.

Gravity changes with proximity the closer you get the stronger the field is until to reach the plank length

Slightly different gravitational fields for proton and neutron

Mass stays the same (amount of stuff) but weight changes due to relative gravity – dense closer (weight increased closer to core, get lighter as you move further away from core). Gases above the mass of the earth and then space due to gravity effect on weight. The core of the earth has iron which is denser than the atmosphere. Proximity causes fractional distillation of the elements in the universe as matter changes and grows as it becomes denser. Therefore the periodic table of elements is alive. It is dynamic and part of our own evolutionary growth and mind expansion. As we change our connectivity to various atoms in the periodic table we become more aware of new frequencies available in the human being.

The density of electrons in spacetime creates gravity which relates to the proximity of an electron to its nearest neighbor in a system in symmetry at equilibrium. The closer the electrons are to themselves the denser an atom, therefore, the higher it's mass. As more electrons are transferred into the nucleus of an atom the atom grows heavier because the volume occupied cannot keep increasing so the proximity of the electrons increases.

Hence an increase in weight.


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