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Eyesight dominates our sensors. The limitations of sight are critical to understanding in order to determine our inability to contemplate what is not able to be seen. The wavelengths of electromagnetism that our eyes use in vision is between 350 and 780 nm. This is a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum, which traverses many scales both respect to wavelength and time, as the frequency of certain electromagnetic waves cannot be observed without the use of specialized equipment. The spatial and temporal resolution of eyesight is also very limited. Our spacial limit is down to 0.1 mm and the horizon distance is dependent on your height and location on the planet. Light travels from a distance, over the course of our perception of time, to reach our retina in order to trigger cis-trans isomerization of the retinyl pigment in order to convert the frequency of light into an electrical signal within the rods and cones of the eye. The temporal resolution is around 50 Hz, PAL TV with its 25 frames per second and 50 fields interlaced creates the illusion of continuous motion, we, therefore, know that our eyes lie to us. Scientists, philosophers, religious and spiritual people of this earth have used their imagination to develop tools whereby one's own perception can be altered from our conscious reality using either thought or adaptive tools that allow us to view alternative frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that we were unaware of using our own limited biological sensors. However, our scientific instrumentation also has limitations with respect to both spatial and temporal resolution. Most often the devices only see very narrow windows into the electromagnetic world many sensors would be needed to determine the presence of all the electromagnetic frequencies in operation at any one time, in real time and at a spacial resolution at the Plank length. Under those conditions, time would stand still. Therefore, we are always going to be blinded to frequencies outside of our own perception and the perceptions of the instrumentation that we use to facilitate observations at frequencies and at resolutions that we cannot perceive.

In fact, our biological sensors have developed the way they have for good reason, if we were able to see all the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation in real time at the spatial and temporal resolution at the Plank length then we would be completely overwhelmed by the chaos of the continuous motion or we too would be traveling at that speed and therefore we would no longer perceive time and everything would appear serene. This is, in fact, the search for the oneness of everything and to connect with your inner being using meditation and other spiritual endevours.

The other limitation our eyes have is that they can only see the contrast. The contrast relates to the vibrational frequencies of electromagnetic radiation between 350 and 780 nm. So without contrast and outside of this wavelength then we will not be able to observe anything because there is no difference between one point in spacetime and another point in spacetime. All spacetime is homogeneous, the same with respect to vibrational frequencies of electrons.

It was once thought that the eye shot out light as well as received light in dynamic reciprocity. I think this is correct. The macula of the eye does is a small hole in the center of the retina. This provides the sharp vision we need to have laser focus. Does it have photo-receptors? It is a hole in the retina so many be it doesn't. Does light from the mind come out of the macular and exist the eye. We are still learning how the eye works. It would appear that the macular is a primordial eye. A pinhole camera providing the upside down image in the back of our mind. The curvature of the cranium acting as a focal lens to concentrate the light onto the pineal gland. The pine cone structure around 7 mm in size that was the early primordial brain. It was and still is a primordial photoreceptor. Activation of the third eye using colloidal photoreceptor systems provides a reconnection with the reptilian brain. Fight or flight. If you can reconnect you can become enlightened. To become comfortable in both your conscious and subconscious mind is to see with the all-seeing eye.

There are a number of aspects of eye biology that are known. Like embryology and the growth of the blood vessel that supports the eyes development. The promotion and regression of the eyes blood vessel are important and turned out to be one of the discoveries that I made when searching for peptides that promoted wound healing from the red meat industry.

A scientist once thought that the human eye also produced light that was sent out into the environment. The ability of UV and blue light to trigger electron capture in GAP573 (FHPSS Ca2+) to generate various isotopes of calcium (27 isotopes of calcium are known) some do beta minus decay. The ability of the calcium isotopes with an imbalance of protons and neutrons results in the release of an electron and the antineutrino into the environment may be what was previously considered many years ago. It appears that knowledge of the past was as advanced as it is now but used alternative words to describe it. 

The best technology in the world is actually the human being and the mind-brain interface. However, we have not been given very good instructions on how to use it. That is what is failing our children in our current material based education system. So how can we change this? Well, I think we are by opening up knowledge to all via online forms. It is up to people to seek and find their understanding of their truth about how the human being has a divinity about them. That they come from God. They have a part of God in them and everyone can access this is the follow the rules of the game. Gods rules. So what are God's rules? Well, we know the Biblical rules that God gave Moses on the Mount. The ten commandments. 

What about quantum biology does it have rules to follow. I think yes. I have outlined these in my book on Quantum Biology.

With this understanding doing research is much more fun and getting results is easy because you are aligning to the quantum field. 

The technologies and products and processes that I develop for clients use this evolutionary approach and results in the production of products and processes that are game changers. The identification of minimized energy states which allows processes to be developed that align to one's environment and provides solutions that may seem left field and it looks at complex systems biology attributes and takes into account all aspects of environmental, social, economic and political that influence the desired outcome and it's alignment with human advancement of knowledge and our connection to the divine spirit world, which is the unseen quantum field of electromagnetism that provides 96% of the energies that we currently do not utilize as a source of energy.

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