How our minds lie to us

Our own biological tools of consciousness and the perception it provides are seriously limited whereas our subconsciousness mind is expansive and allows us to connect to the world around us in a way which is based on quantum entanglement. The six sense is our ability to connect with our internal light of different frequencies and commune with nature on a level that is more connected than a piece of electronic software.

We have surrounded ourselves with electronegativity. Made our selves our own slaves. Made ourselves no longer able to connect to our inner self as we fight for our own gratification searching for our lost Soul looking for happiness externally when we already have what we are looking for internally. We need not compete for resources when you as an individual are whole by yourself. What is broken is the system which provides a framework for lost Souls to endure the pain of separation from your family. You are a collection of colloidal spheres travelling at the speed of light, already connected to your subconscious. To tread the eye of a needle, to become connected to your inner creative being is to be reborn. To release the fire within us to feel the burning passion and let your spirit fly.

To be told by society that you are unwell because your ideas do not align to with the mainstream when the mainstream is heading for the cliff. The lemmings are about to jump into the sea, join in and immerse yourself in the mass evacuation of the planet. People believe that death is the end the only way off the third rock from the sun. However, I believe that we will leave this planet and enter space but first we need to resolve the issue of the divide between consciousness and subconsciousness. To heal ourselves. To become whole. The way that I tried to achieve this was to enter into my mind using topical colloidal nanoparticles systems, micro and macronutrients, isolated from foods that we eat every day and use those in a way that feeds my body and stimulates my internal energy and allows me to connect to my Soul.

The premise is we are not a physical body but a body made of light. My new Quantum biology periodic table stipulates that two electrons that are equal and opposite are considered to be the photon. In a chemical bond, which is what is holding matter together, there are two equal and opposite electrons. The bonds are actually photons of light holding our molecules in place.

Colloidal system observed under a light microscope with bonds of light at different wavelengths (based on distance) is holding the various atoms within the molecule. The atoms being made of electrons and the combination of the photon and the electron is the proton and neutron.

The observation of the bubbles with beams of light radiating from a central prism, which is spherical provides a macroscopic vision of an atomic world where the atomic radius is based on the bubble volume, and the bonds of shared electrons holding atoms together provide a shared vision between the atoms, where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

The quantum jump of the electron from one orbital to another creates an acoustic wave in the fabric of spacetime. It is the speaker at the Plank length.

This model suggests that when we break bonds, we will release light. This happens to be the case as when we burn a candle we are breaking the bonds within a wax ester chain of candle wax and combining these carbon-carbon photons with carbon-oxygen photons which have lower energy and produces light now that is what I thought until I just had a weird idea.

What is the difference between carbon and oxygen in the Quantum periodic table? Carbon-42 and oxygen-56 so the difference is 14. The element with 14 photons in it is He-14.

So the quantum light reaction of burning a candle is as follows:

C(42)H(4)3-C(42)H(4)2-C(42)H(4)3 + 5O(56)2 → 3(O(56)=C(42)=O(56)) + 4H(4)2O(56) + Photons(?). The number of electrons are balanced.

No. of electrons 158 + 560 (718) → 462 + 256 (718) so the total number of electrons in the system has not changed so you have conservation of matter.

10 bonds in C3H8 + 7 bonds in 7O2 (17) → 6 bonds in 3CO2 + 8 bonds in 4H2O (14) so there are 3 fewer bonds (3 photons) which result in the generation of light being released from the reaction.

What if the following also occurs in the weird world of the quantum biological universe in which we live but cannot see.

C(42)H(4)3-C(42)H(4)2-C(42)H(4)3 + 3O(56)2 + 2He(14) → (O(56)=C(42)=O(56)) + 4H(4)2O(56) + Photons(56)

The difference between C(42) and O(56) is He(14). Two conversions of carbon into oxygen via 2He(14), therefore this is added to the mix. So there is a quantum conversion of carbon into oxygen due to the alpha particle or helium. Background radiation leading to alpha particles being present in the flame.

No. of electrons 158 + 336 + 28 (522) → 154 + 256 (410) + Photons (112/2 = 56) and that is equilavent to O(56) (radical singlet oxygen species)

As the quantum biological approach uses fewer electrons (522 versus 718) and results in the release of more photons of light 56 versus 3. When the number of electrons is counted that do not balance on either side of the equation. The quantum biological approach suggests that light is generated by the release of photons as paired electrons, whereas, the current understanding balancing of the chemical elements on either side of the equation leads to no net gain of photons. The only way of saying photons are generated is by counting the number of chemical bonds which is three more on the right side of the equation than on the left so this would suggest that the light generated by burning a candle is only three photons per three carbon chain unit. Not that many and not that efficient. So I think the minimized energy state would win in the evolutionary battle which would be the system that produces more light than the system that produces less light. Getting more for less is a great way of making a fortune as well as feeling satisfied that you can achieve more with less knowing that you are not stripping the land of its resources and you are managing your environment in a respectful way.

So where does the helium come from? So it comes from the hydrogens surrounding the carbon atoms. There are 8 hydrogens in C3H8. It requires 4 hydrogens to make He(14).

So 4H(4) → He(14) + Photon(2)

C(6e 6P 6N) → O(8e 8P 8N). So we need 2P and 2N and 2e per transformation from C to O. 4H(4) would need to transform to 2H(2:1) e P N or H(7) and then 2H(2:1) e P N or 2H(7) would form He(4:2) 2e 2P 2N or He(14) which would combine to transform C(42) to O(56). This looks to be similar to the suns transformation process forming helium from hydrogen.

Half a photon is a radical which is highly reactive, which is a single electron.

The transformation at the speed of light, that we cannot see takes C(42) + He(14) to create O(56).

The photons in H(4) may provide some of the energy for this transformation to occur providing the frequency of light emitted in the visible spectrum.

Therefore, my concept of the introduction of HE(14) may not be quite right despite it matching the production of helium(14) + a photon of light.

As there are eight hydrogens in propane which is sufficient to generate 2 photons of light plus two molecules of He(14) then is a flame like a little nuclear reactor doing nuclear fusion of hydrogens into He(14) prior to combining He(14) with C(42) to make O(56) or does the H(4) act as a quantum atom and tunnel into the nucleus of carbon-releasing energy in the process as light and then growing the atom of C(42) into O(56) leading to O=C=O. Where the hydrogen on the central carbon of the bond donates the protons (photons) into either end of the carbon atoms. I do not have any experimental evidence other than a hunch and an underpinning belief that the quantum world is weird. I keep proposing many mechanisms that are responsible for combustion which may or may not be correct, however, it is fun to postulate, so I postulate alternative theories to the standard model looking at alternative universes that could also account for our own observations. As there is more than one way to skin a cat.

To test this we would need to do spectroscopy on the flame at femtosecond or faster time resolution to look for the signatures of some of the transformational elements involved in this process. Alternatively, is this single photon transfers or radical chemistry processes. Or is it all of these or none of these. That is how I use ideas as biological entities in their own right and play them off against each other in a way to try and identify the minimised energy states that exist at various temporal and spatial resolutions. This is a known example, as we all know that propane burns to produce CO2 but do we really understand the physics of each electron and each wave function based on quantum principles. I am not smart enough to do the calculations, however, I just use thought experiments to come up with radical concepts that keep coming up with ideas. Hopefully one of these will be right. Test all of them and see which model best aligns with the observation at different temporal and spatial time scales. So a further revision of the chemical reaction could be.

C(42)H(4)3-C(42)H(4)2-C(42)H(4)3 (158) → O(56)=C(42)=O(56) (154) + Photons(2) as the photon is equalivalent to two electrons. So a total of 4 electrons.

If we know the starting weight and then the chain length of the alkane of candle wax then we can measure the lux, number of photons, to be released. This could be used to determine which model and idea align best. So can a candle burn and produce oxygen from carbon through quantum effects in the quantum world at the plank length and the plank time scale? 

The two electrons in the hydrogen bond on the central carbon are transferred to become the second bond of the double bond between the carbon and oxygen in the carbon dioxide molecule. The proton from that position is transferred into the terminal carbon that the bond is attached to and becomes a neutron so that it becomes C(6e 6P 7N). This happens at both ends of the molecule in a symmetrical dance. The three protons surrounding the carbon atoms at either end of the molecule collapse into the carbon centre and creating an additional three neutrons C(6e 6P 10N). The imbalance between neutron and protons results in the conversion of two neutrons into protons and release of the electrons to create oxygen O(8e 8P 8N). This occurs at both ends of the molecule in a symmetrical pattern reflected at either end of the molecule through the vanishing point of the nucleus of the central carbon. This is what I propose would happen if no one was looking in a perfectly symmetrical universe without any external influences of electromagnetic radiation. That is what I visualise as the quantum dance leading to conservation of energy because symmetry provides effortless energy to achieve the favoured outcome. By not observing the system can be at zero. It is our own interaction with it that takes it away from zero, from the super symmetrical state. 

So oxygen does not even need to come into the equation as there is a transmutation of the atoms of carbon into oxygen. So if we burn carbon-based products do we generate oxygen. A weird concept I know considering what I have been taught at school and University. Maybe I do live in an alternative Universe one in which I am creating my own reality so therefore I am living in the quantum world based on my knowledge and that is why everyone thinks I am weird. Weird ideas create weird behaviours. I cherish, love, freedom, honesty and integrity. The quantum world is weird and I am willing to stick to neck out and say it's worth considering in order to try and understand the true nature of reality. To me based on what I know and think anything is possible if you set your mind to it and given enough time your own subconscious mind, your own quantum computer, which is already biologically integrated into your body is up for the challenge. The quantum nature of the hydride ion (2 photons of light) can make neutrons. An imbalance of the neutrons and protons in the nucleus can then generate a proton in order to have symmetry in the atom. So I visualize and conceptualise the events in my mind by assuming that time does not exist and become creative and see what ideas come to mind as to how this transformational process may occur. The funny thing is if you believe it then it is true to you. It is all a belief based system until you can get evidence to either support or refute the concept.

So in the wonderful world of photons, we could get a transformational process producing light 2 photons versus 0 photons in the traditional understanding of the chemical reaction, unless we consider the electron transformations from one orbital to another, which requires external photons of the bandgap frequency to trigger the transition of the electron from one energy level to another. However, I am considering the transformation of a single molecule not a collection of molecules. If we consider one thing at a time in a temporal and spatial manner we slow time down. Others may describe the generation of light differently and discuss photons of light interacting with electron orbitals and the duality of light being both a wave and particle. Whatever way you cut the mustard the outcome is the same. We observe CO2 in the traditional concept of material science you have to balance the equation by adding oxygen and making water. How hot is the flame in a candle? It is 800 to 1000 degrees C so too hot for water. The decomposition temperature of CO2 is 2926 degrees C. So the temperature of a candle flame is too cold to destroy the CO2 hence it is a low energy state molecule in the environment of the candle flame. So CO2 has evolved from the flame microenvironment. However, in the quantum chemical reaction, all the components of the wavefunction exist in the original molecule to provide the transformation on the temporal and spatial time scale to generate the product of the reaction.

Beta oxidation of fatty acid leads to acetyl-CoA. The acetate structure CH3-C=O(0-). Just consider the above process and take propane structure out of the fatty acid and look to covert two of the carbons into oxygen but only one of these has a double bond.

CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-C=O(OH) → CH3-C=O(OH)

We would need 4(H) to make He(14) in order to convert C to O.

In CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2 we have 6 available and would need a cofactor with two H groups such as FADH2 acyl CoA dehydrogenase has FADH2 as a cofactor. I would need to consider this more to see if this is a potential mechanism for the conversion of two C(42) into O(56) by the addition of 8H(4). This could be how the structure of the lipids was broken down prior to enzymatic control occurred in the quantum world. So things occur in the quantum world prior to them occurring in the material world. They are also equal and opposite because without any conscious observer the system is at its minimum energy state, which is symmetrical making it relaxed, at zero. Therefore the calculations can be simplified to a superposition of the entire system around the vanishing point of the symmetrical molecule. If we can find symmetry then we can identify the low energy state within the system. So it's only when we do not observe and interact with the system that we can observe this symmetry. If we observe then we interfere with the system and it moves away from zero, from symmetry.

The concept of growth and transformation in an environment having a selective pressure on a molecule to select for a new molecule that evolves a new energy minimum that is at a low energy state within the energy landscape of the environment. Obviously, the flame is hot so only molecules that are stable above that temperature, that can survive that environment are selected for. Again, the idea of survival of the fittest in regards to the candles environment provides an evolutionary perspective, a biological perspective, to a molecule. So CO2 has evolved in the environment of a flame burning carbon-based materials. The concept of evolution can be taken out of the realms of biology and into the realms of quantum physics and chemistry. As electrons are travelling at the speed of light over such short distance they are by all intent and purpose at one point in time and space and that is everywhere all the time. If that is the case and we are the conscious observer selecting for the result of the interaction and we only see what we are looking for then how do I know if I am correct or just daydreaming. We get to chose where the electron is when we measure its position. The electron wants to symmetrical with its anti-particle proton and its mirror particle the antineutron (mirror reflection through the nucleus). So as long as we keep out of the observation and avoid putting our own influence into the reaction we can consider the system at equilibrium, and therefore having symmetry which is its lowest energy state and where it wants to get to. Equilibrium equals zero, everything matched and paired. So, under those circumstances, the system is symmetrical and will always behave that way. So by choosing propane, I have a mirror plane around the central carbon and the symmetry of the molecule is the outcome of the reaction by producing O=C=O.

My ideas keep changing and I question things until I feel there is nothing else that needs explaining. I am now comfortable I think at least at this stage with the concept of chemical transformation as an evolutionary concept. When energy enters into an environment the environment has to change its structure to accommodate the energy. This chemical transformation results in new molecules to be produced. So evolution grows atoms up from one to another by stepping through the quantum world of the hydride produced from water and the equilibrium is reached in the quantum world when the energy coming into the system is equal and opposite to the energy being released by the system. The periodic table from H(4) to Os(1000) but this occurs in different environments. It does it using photons of light two photons at a time. The hydride. Two electrons in a photon. The story of Noah's arc is the animals coming in two by two. The photons are used for growth two by two. There is a beautiful metaphor between the Bible story and quantum biology, alchemy, reality. Where the hydride ion (H-) contains two photons. So the concept in the Bible that the animals went into Noah's arc two by two is directly referring to the photons coming from the hydride ion (H-), from water and the splitting of water using photo-Fenton chemistry (1200 ev). This could be due to splitting water and making the hydroxyl radical and the hydride (H-). These molecules can be generated by the signalling molecule hydrogen peroxide and Fenton chemistry, or photo Fenton chemistry. More on this later.

To test this weird hypothesis we can simply count the number of photons produced in a chamber from burning a known amount of propane in the presence of various gases including air, pure oxygen, nitrogen, and also look to spike in helium at a stoichiometry that would allow the optimisation of the quantum biological burning of the candle.

The funny thing is that you get to choose what you believe in because it is all in your mind, therefore, you are the one who gets to make up the physics rules of your universe. If you choose to believe in something with enough conviction then you will it into reality it becomes consciously real to you. If others cannot see your logic they call you crazy. However, if you can use a scientific rationale outlining the reaction rates using femtosecond lasers that capture the radical transformations of photons interacting with matter to create a new low energy state at a temporal and spatial resolution that your eyes can perceive then you have proof of what you are saying is in fact the way nature truly behaves and you are a correct and not crazy. Unfortunately, most crazy people are smarter than sane people currently in charge. It's the dumb ones that don't understand that think the current situation is OK and cannot see past their own selfishness that think they should get everything that they desire. Well, I say go ahead on chock on the shit that you want. It means nothing at the end of the day. It ends up owning you and therefore you fight to protect it. Fighting is not going to stop you from dieing and you cannot take it with you when you enter heaven. Heaven is a state of mind one in which you connect to something bigger than you and therefore you offer yourself up. You serve others and by doing so create a better future for all those around you.

It does not appear sane to me to keep doing what humanity is doing and thinking that we are going to reach a different outcome from what has happened previously. Mass extinction. Something has to change people not the planet but within us in order for human beings to become whole once more. In order to be enough just by being ourselves. We need to fix the squeaky wheel not break the planet.

As you can probably can tell I tend to question everything in order to seek what I believe to be the fundamental truths of the universe in which we live. What got me to this point was a series of leaps of faith, a self belief that we need to discover the truth and the truth shall set us free.


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