functional structures and precursors to amino acids

150,000 proteins from 23,000 genes in the human genome. How many peptides considering proteases and their substrate specificity and post-translational modifications, I don't think I can count that high. Considering there are 10^52 electrons in our universe many peptides structures can be produced. If we think we can control our biology by targeting one enzyme and find some master switch in that will cause all our diseases to disappear then you are correct but it is not based on matter. The UV catastrophe has the answer. The ability to regenerate and to heal is driven by high energy photons which provides an opportunity for the human body to transform into a higher energy state and become regenerative and enlightened. The body has an inbuilt tissue regeneration process death and regeneration cycle that promotes quantum entanglement and creates a sense of community within your own symbiotic community of the 100 trillion cells that makes up the human being. 

Interesting how we can generate energy in many different ways. I am not talking about traditional biochemistry of glucose going into glycolysis, Krebs cycle, and electron transport. Our evolutionary biology has a spatial and temporal relationship corresponding to the full spectrum of electromagnetism and the accommodation of the environmental electromagnetism generates the quantum field that selects for the structural elements and atoms in that environment at a temporal and spatial resolution that which acts as a ghost in determining the structural imprint of matter that manifests in the environment. So the environment is selecting for its own manifestation through its own conscious awareness.

As everything is made from electrons then consciousness must reside in the inner reflective capabilities of the electron and its interaction with a photon. The fact that a photon can capture an electron and make it into a neutron that can undergo beta minus elimination to form a proton means that the photo-electric effect is driving atom transmutation which is physics but some would also call alchemy. 

It is transition metals and higher elements in the periodic table that are capable to perform photon capture and generation of new isotopes and then new atomic nuclei. How fast does this occur? Too fast for the human eye. The energy of a photon relates to its lifetime and this also translates to its wavelength and the type of atoms it can interact with based on Fraunhofer lines. All the information is readily available in the literature all you have to do is put it all together. Or talk to me, or do my course or read my book on Quantum Biology. How do I know? Well, I developed a smart drug and have been using it for over a decade and it has helped me accelerate my learning by staying in a theta state of mind. See my products and you will understand that the technologies I make are regenerative and based on promoting energy in the human body to make you faster and smarter. OH BEE HAVE, THE MILKY WHEY, Organo-gels, ACTIVE High-Performance Sunscreen. All of these products I use to facilitate my own intellectual development so that I can get a head start. I am now making these products available to facilitate the intellectual development of human beings. Enjoy, you deserve it!

If you have by-products and think that peptides could be an area you are interested in then get in contact as I have plenty of experience in developing bioactivity peptides using various enzymes as well as evaluating the bioactivity using bioassays that I have developed. I can actually look at the sequence and give you some understand it's potential bioactivity so that I can determine which assays are going to be the best to test the product in, which improves the hit rate. How do I do this? I understand the evolution of proteins from the perspective of a temporal and spatial resolution.


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