Periodic Table

After 150 years it was about time we had a different take on the periodic table. By understanding that everything is just different vibrations of electrons and there is nothing other than electrons and they travel at different speeds depending if they are trapped in matter or not based on their wavelength then we can unify all forces.


I started again. I placed all my knowledge to one side and then integrated religion into my model. I played the matching game and found the common ground between physics, biology and the Bible. I have not read the Bible and this is something that I have been told to do on a number of occasions. I will start to read it. I have listened to Bible reading for 18 years to support my wife and children. I was not expecting what happened to meI did not know that my future would turn out this way when I was a child. However, it is what it is and I can only do what I think is right given the current set of circumstances that are going on in the world at the present time.

I believe we are looking into ourselves as one being, the cosmos when we view externally because the light has entered us. so it is actually inside of us.  Therefore the human mind is the Tardis and can go to all parts of the universe using thought as the means of astral travel and visualization. Most people do not appear to do this. Why, well they have not trained their minds to think like that. This is why people think I am crazy because I say things that they cannot fathom. Is it just because I am seeing things from a different perspective and therefore I have changed my perspective. Once you know how your biology works. Then you can understand its limitations and it's your brain's biochemistry that is responsible for your well-being. The photo-Fenton biochemistry that creates the neurotransmitter using light corresponding to the wavelength that is absorbed by the aromatic ring. Coordination chemistry is key and so are hydrides to produce neutrons and charge relay systems based on different isotope half-lives. The problem is everyone is an expert on one thing and I am an expert on nothing so I look for the common theme in everything and once I have found it I put my model back together.

So this is what my model predicts and I believe the model aligns with evolutionary biology or should I say quantum evolution which is physics and biology and evolution quantum entangled. 

The electron looks just like earth, it spins, wobbles and travels through space-time. It's just a little bit bigger and therefore it goes a bit slower than the electron. I wonder if the ratio of the electron and its mass correspond to the earth and its speed and its mass. So just understanding the concept is more important than the actual numbers. Maths is too hung up on numbers.


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