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This is an alternative viewpoint and one that obviously challenges the current paradigm and it looks to harmonize the various forces in the universe not in a mathematical tour de force, as I am not a mathematician but a mere biologist who enjoys a good challenge. The Unified Field is, therefore, the Bose-Einstein Condensate. I have looked to see similarities between science and religion in order to find a harmonic voice where everyone is correct from their own perspective.

By taking the observer out of the observation what have I actually achieved. I started by saying that vision was a major limitation to our current understanding and therefore we needed to see things from a different perspective in order to move forward into the 21st Century. Interestingly, it is not our eyes that see at all they are merely a biological device to transfer information into the organ that we use for vision and that is our mind. To be a visionary is to be able to see past the current paradigm and see into the future to create something new. However, there is nothing new under the sun. There are only electrons.

To understand our minds without the limitations of our own conscious state means that we have to get creative and come up with new ideas as to how our mind works so that we can remove our mind from the observation and not limit ourselves to the here and now but to see both forward into the future and into the past. Now seeing into the past is easy to do as there are plenty of history books that can tell you someone's perspective of the past. Seeing the future, however, is somewhat more difficult. If you can see the future then you would be considered clairvoyant and be able to predict what will happen next. However, being able to understand the mathematical relationships of the governing laws of our universe, therefore, gives you the power of prediction if you perform the calculations. The Bible, however, is full of predictions and the accuracy of these is alarming. How then can we see the future as a human society? Most people would say look at the past civilizations and you will see a repeating pattern. The mass extinction of species at present has previously been observed and scientific evidence at present suggests we are heading down a similar track unless we make a dramatic change to humanities way of living.

My own perspective is we make our own future and we have the intellectual know-how to overcome any situation by adapting our behaviors to ensure the survival of our species. If it takes 1 second for the light from the moon to hit your retina at approximately 300,000 km/s, 7-8 minutes from the sun, and 4 light years from the nearest galaxy then that light reaching your eyes from the external world is from the past. If that is the past then the light inside of you must be the future. Your ideas and plans etc. How do we see the past? Using our mind, at electromagnetic frequencies of 350 to 780 nm. That corresponds to a particular frequency. However, the cis-trans isomerization of the retinyl lens is limited by the switching speed. If we want to see the future we need to connect to our minds at a higher frequency of electromagnetic radiation.

The phenomenon of fight or flight has an interesting effect on a personal perception of time. Time slows down and can come to a complete stop giving you more time to do things. So the perception of time is due to the frequency at which your mind works. The faster the frequency then the longer you have to make a decision in the face of adversity or danger. Therefore, understanding how the subconscious mind operates is therefore important in understanding our own perception of spacetime and our ability to time travel not in person but for our subconscious mind.

We know we are made up of the same stuff that the cosmos is made from. In fact, we are stardust. Neurology has identified a raft of structures within the brain was being responsible for conscious thought, however, the subconscious mind has eluded science, as well as the understanding of what biochemical structures relate to happiness. Scientists have evaluated neurotransmitter levels, neurotrophic factor concentrations, etc but nothing corresponds to a person's happiness. The autonomous nervous system provides a connection to the primordial reptilian mind which is part of the fight or flight response. It has been shown that signals are received from this system of the brain prior to signals being received from the conscious part of the brain. We do not have to think about breathing moving our diaphragm or our signal from our brain for our heartbeat or even motion this just happens automatically, however, the mind is actually regulating all of these aspects of our physiology. Actually, everything is experienced in our minds and as such we are in fact creating the world around us. It is in fact inside of us. If it is therefore inside of me it means I get to control it. Well not really if you look at something and then its light is inside of your mind you still only get to control your self through self-control. The Bible talks about loving thy neighbor as thy self so I wonder if that is the same understanding as science has that it is all in your mind so be kind to yourself by being kind to others, or do on to others as you would have done onto you.

So I have come to the same conclusion via scientific rationale as the Bible teachers. So nothing has changed in over 2000 years. So human beings need to change in order to obtain a brighter future for the planet. I suggest we start by addressing the disharmony in the universe by understanding our place in it. Once we understand our role then we can act accordingly. Again I reach for the moral compass of science and I see that was lost many years ago in favor of the immoral compass of instant gratification. However, everyone has the right to choose and has free will. So where do I get off on saying what is right and what is wrong? I don't get to say what you do and what you don't. My perspective is I also have free will and I would like to share my hopes and aspirations of a better future for humanity on this planet and the other billions of living organisms that exist at present who we appear to want to destroy. I personally love planet earth and humans, however, I do want to share with you all a possible better future, not one that is based on competition which is what our current paradigm is but one that is based on symbiosis, a positive outcome of this would be a world were we have all that we need to survive as a species. On our present course, we are heading down the path of extinction.

We can turn this around if we change the underlying paradigm, where we all are looked after and we live in a sharing and caring society. We have enough resources for all, but our distribution of those currently has resulted in inequality. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, in other words, the pain and suffering being experienced by the earth are reflected in humanities own pain and suffering.

The moral compass that may be helpful for humanity is found in simple truths, not the lies and propaganda that is currently being touted by those in power and the media. So the current lack of self-control in society means that we will do anything for our own personal gain. That is not helpful for our planet. If we stopped and looked up and saw what was going on, would we still head our ship onto the rocks because we are having a great party at present and can't see an alternative?

If it is all inside of you, your future, then it has to occur at a frequency greater than conscious thought. By activating your flight or flight mental state you can perceive things that you do not typically see with your conscious mind. This can be achieved in a number of ways. One way is through meditation, another is through food, another is through medication, and mind-altering substances most of these things humans have experimented with over history, however, a new class of products is recently been developed based on the principle of quantum physics. The field of quantum biology is being born at present which combines the fields of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and physics which allows changes in conscious perception of reality through integrating the quantum weirdness of physics into the world of biological systems including human beings.

This is a discipline that I have been involved in over the past nine years and is an extension of the work that I have performed in the area of wound healing and regenerative medicine. The underpinning biochemistry of the human subconscious mind relates to the biochemistry of quantum entanglement where duality comes from symmetrical molecules. The diradical nature of oxygen is a quantum molecule as well as water and hydrogen peroxide these molecules are able to become radicals and the radical chemistry is able to separate two symmetrical electrons in a bond producing quantum entanglement in separate molecules which results in the coordinated connectivity of molecules due to the quantum entangled state. The energy in the system at various electromagnetic frequencies results in changes in the organization of the colloidal structure. Where light is a colloidal wave function because the electron is a colloidal bubble as well as the orbits it creates around the nucleus. The system has to find a new minimized energy state by changing the structure of the material and the frequency of vibrations. As more energy is added to the system the structure changes in a continuous process at the speed of light.

The oxidative regenerative biochemistry results in the production of hydroxyl groups in neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Coordination chemistry of transition metals is able to bind to the pie electrons in the aromatic ring of tyrosine and tryptophan. The aromatic ring captures a photon of light of a particular wavelength and the coordinated metal atom becomes reduced. The photoreduction enables the metal to react with hydrogen peroxide to produce superoxide and the hydroxyl radical which results in the production of the neurotransmitter by placing another hydroxyl group onto the aromatic ring. The photo Fenton chemistry and the hydroxyl radical has a half life of 1 nanosecond. Therefore stimulation of radical chemistry in your mind enables connectivity to higher frequencies and the perception of time changes from a conscious reality to a more peaceful concept of living in the now. The ability of the neurotransmitter to perform photon capture and perform photoreduction of coordinated minerals in order to produce oxidative radicals allows quantum entanglement to occur. Therefore, our sense of time in our mind is determined by what frequencies of electromagnetic radiation we are able to conceptualize in our minds.

Interestingly, the suppressor neurotransmitters have the ability to cage the coordinated mineral, usually with three electron donating groups (OH, NH3, C=O). When two of these suppressors neurotransmitters come together and cage the mineral, the mineral can no longer connect to the aromatic ring of a stimulatory neurotransmitter. So it is not able to perform photoreduction and reaction with hydrogen peroxide or the diradical oxygen which can result in a suppression of the photonic signals present in the subconscious mind. The aromatic ring structure of the neurotransmitter is able to do photon capture and allows photon reduction of the coordinated mineral. There are four electron donating groups in serotonin and dopamine which makes it possible for hydrogen peroxide to coordinate to the two other coordinate positions in the bound metal ion. This allows radical generation which is an important signaling molecule within the brain which is the signaling system of the subconscious mind based on light and radical generation which occurs at high frequencies. Radicals have high energy and they last for a much shorter period of time compared to neurotransmitters which are present in a vesicle sent down the axon and fuse with the terminal axon to release the neurotransmitter contents into the gap between the neuron junctions. Re-uptake of the neurotransmitter by the receptor allows repackaging of the neurotransmitter into a vesicle into the receiving neuron.

When you enter fight or flight your mind releases high levels of hydrogen peroxide resulting in an acceleration of the photo Fenton chemistry allowing you to enter the subconscious mind and connect to a higher frequency to consciousness changes to the frequency of the radical which is faster than your normal conscious state. The experience is like traveling forward into the future and this results in a change in perception of frequency in your mind. This is in a sense of a form of time travel by connecting to a frequency that is faster than normal. Other people perceive that event as mania. A bi-polar hypomanic episode is an ability to connect to a higher energy frequency in your mind. The individual who experiences such an event may have the perception of spiritual enlightenment. What you experience is dependent on your own history of experiences and knowledge. Therefore, it is the stimulation of the mind photo Fenton regenerative biochemistry that results in changes in perception. It also increases the speed of cognition and increases empathy.

The current psychiatric profession currently perceives mental health as an illness but for the person who underwent the experience, it can be a beautiful experience. A growth experience. The integration of a whole lot of new ideas into your current understanding and that reintegration takes time and space to perform. Giving people the opportunity for that growth is what is necessary not placing them on mind-altering substances that kill their spirit. It is what people fight against when they are subject to the will of the medical profession who does not understand the human mind. They have become pill pushers, worse than the druggie on the street. Pharmaceutical medicines reduce life expectancy by 25 years. They increase the risk of suicide in depressed people. Despite these issues, there are some very clear benefits in B vitamins and micro and macro-nutrients but the people dishing out the drugs are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. The whole system is F***ed so we continue killing people for the benefit of companies making money. It has to stop! Stop now.  The material currently used to help patients, do not do much other than try and control the brain function without truly understanding the brain-mind interface. It is the opening up of perception and the subconscious mind that is responsible for the spiritual revelation.

It so happens that colloidal systems in the nm scale can also interact with light of high frequencies which results in the generation of radicals that are involved in neurotransmitter production. This occurs in the production of methyl syringate in Manuka honey and we have seen an increase in this molecule when exposed to UV in diluted honey. This suggests that hydroxylation is a key feature in colloidal systems interaction and production of matter. So colloids are able to stimulate brain function. In biology, they have built-in energy systems. The evolution of the human mind appears to have evolved in an oxidative environment, which has resulted in the primordial subconscious mind, followed by a slower more controlled conscious reductive state where rationale thought processes reside.

So human cognitive evolution occurs through a shift in perception from the material world (4%) to a quantum biological world (100%) electromagnetism. This is not ill health but a shift in perception of reality and a deeper inward connection to one's Soul and spirit of light.  This does not need to be suppressed but encouraged as part of the journey towards enlightenment. One does not opt completely out of society when one has such an experience but you do need the tools and knowledge to understand what has happened and how your mind has the ability to connect to different frequencies of electromagnetism. This is not a disease but societies handling of the situation is causing ill health in the people whole are having these experiences because they are not accepting them as valued human experiences. Alternative societies, however, value the contribution of the shaman or medicine man and having a perspective that is different from the mainstream should not be seen as wrong but just the experiences one has in one's life determine ones own perception of reality. Acceptance of differences is what is needed and that is hard in today's society when the current paradigm is based around the material world for most people. Most people are not considering their entire well being from the perspective of other aspects of their being. That is because we do not teach about quantum biology in schools we teach about matter only 4% of the universe. So 96% is a mystery to most people. The spiritual awakening experience is not a mystery but a loving gift. One that should be shared and valued because it creates a new version of reality that can be born out into the future.

The quantum biological concept that everything is light of various vibrational energies at different frequencies means that matter is a manifestation of the human minds ability to interact with the external world via an internal mirror reflection via subconcious minds photo fenton biochemistry. The quantum state results from the radical biochemicals that have short half lives and result in enhanced perception and a slowing down of time. If it is indeed all in our minds and it is our minds ability to interact with our surrounding world in order to make it appear as solid matter. Then, we are influencing the world that we see around us. It is this influence that results in an ever changing flow of energy that is kept being put into our environment by by our minds. Therefore, in an evolutionary point of view our minds are selecting for what you want to see. We are the ones controlling our environment, therefore it is our influence on our environment that makes the process of science not able to be easily repeated. Therefore performing the null hypothesis and trying to disprove what you are seeing is counter productive as seeing is believing prooving what you see is easy only if it can be seen by others. However, what if we are describing what cannot be seen by our eyes but by our subconcious mind because that is how we feel. Then, it means others have to do what you do to see if they experience the same result or as each persons mind is different then each experience will be different. So there is only ever an n=1 when it comes to the mind. It is therefore only the persons mind who can convey what they see, feel based on their sensors and their knowledge.

I have considered this issue, and the role in the concious observer in the observation, which is where the initial premis of understanding our sensors limitations came from. Therefore, I looked at making a list of potential rules for understanding the quatum biological world by removing the observer from the observation. These are as follows:


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