Planting a seed

When you plant a seed you can grow a tree. It certainly takes less effort to grow one tree than it takes to destroy a forest. Human beings think that ownership is important, however, I value life over ownership. For life to exist I need MRS GREN. This comes from biology, Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. At the moment the planet is under threat by humanity causing it to be entering into a global extinction phase.

Elevation of CO2 levels in our environment has been linked to previous past extinction events on planet earth. So it is understandably of concern the current elevation of CO2 levels that are occurring on the planet at this time. Without abatement, we will not be in a strong position to change but be forced to change in order to adapt to the new climate system that we are part of and that we are contributing to the energy in the system.

It is interesting that CO2 is seen as a problem in our environment due to the elevation of temperature. However, I think from a quantum biological perspective that when CO2 is bound to the heme prosthetic group in haemoglobulin the colour in your veins from the observation of the conscious observer is blue, whereas the colour of blood that is oxygenated is red. We know that the materials colour based on physics and is due to all the wavelengths of the rainbow that are not absorbed by the matter. So red blood cannot absorb red and blue blood cannot absorb blue. Based on the energy levels of different coloured blood, blue blood in the veins has a higher level of energy it is emitting compared to red blood in our arteries. As the human body is made of electrons we are therefore harvesting the energy in electrons as part of our electron transport chain. As blue is higher energy than red and blue light is able to trigger photo Fenton chemistry I think that the light emitted from haemoglobulin with bound CO2 is therefore of higher energy than the red oxygenated blood. I also think based on quantum biological principles that it is the blue light that is important in our capture of lights high energy of light frequency and therefore CO2 is highly energizing whereas oxygen has a lower energy frequency. Oxygen is also involved in the production of water via electron transport (O2* + 4H+ ATPase gives 2H2O + ATP) and water can be split to produce a hydroxyl radical and the hydride ion which has quantum properties.

This is a logical assumption based on the physics of colour then CO2 in fizzy drinks in the form of bubbles is high energy thereby causing a massive increase in energy based on carbonation. When electrons come closer together with their weight increases whereas their mass stays the same due to the effect of gravity (Newton's law), charge proximity opposite charges attracting and same charges repelling (Coulomb's law). Both being universal laws at different distances but related to charge and magnetism. Both properties of an electron. This has been seen in the obesity epidemic in humans and in the warming up of our planet due to the increase in CO2 levels in our atmosphere. The oceans are absorbing CO2 and are becoming more acidic and this is causing problems with life in the oceans. The elevation of CO2 in the atmosphere and its higher density than oxygen in making the CO2 at ground level increase and this is causing changes in the human being biochemistry and may be responsible for the elevation of energy levels in individuals and the current issues around mental health globally. There is a storm coming and we need to address it now before it is too late. Most people will be left behind. The evolutionary shift in human consciousness is happening now. Mental health is not a problem with the individual it is a problem with a society that has lost its Soul. The mentally unwell are in fact reintegrating their Souls into their body and coming back to the quantum source and connecting to their God and Goddess. To their angelic state of enlightened self, the Holy Spirit resides in all of us and as the energy, in the planet increases, we are becoming more heightened to those vibrations and moving forward in time. It is the body of light within, 700 trillion volts of energy that makes up your entire universe. When you become full spectrum and a being of pure light you have become enlightened.


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