Switch off inflammation, using the oxidative thiol switch present in all inflammatory cells, as indicated by the inhibition of cathepsin B and HLE inhibition (an inflammatory protease present in cells). Other aspects of Manuka honey that have potential brain health benefits includes DHA neuroprotective benefits. The reaction of DHA to MGO also provides an opportunity for MGO to react with hydrogen peroxide which is going to occur when the colloidal material get taken up into the phagocyte such as the macrophage. So NADPH oxidase causes the exposure of the colloid to hydrogen peroxide and due to the photo-reduction also known as the photo-electric effect can lead to the reduction of the coordinated mineral present bound to the phenolic embedded into the protein colloidal structure. Size reflects an ability to tune into an energy in the environment and translates into a generator of high energy radicals and 1200 electron volts from one high energy photon that gets captured by phenolic.

How do I know this? I have experienced it first hand for over 9 years as part of taking my own medicine to keep me happy, and energetic. My own experience I think counts for something considering I have a PhD in biochemistry, MSc in molecular genetics and a BSc double major in plant and microbial sciences and biochemistry and 18 years commercial experience and written over 100 scientific reports.

The reaction between MGO and hydrogen peroxide leads to lactate formation, which is a neuron food. Lactate is used to produce pyruvate by lactate dehydrogenase. Glia produces lactate from glucose. So neurons do not use glucose as it is toxic to them. They don't like oxidative phosphorylation. They like the glyoxlyase pathway for energy generation which is based on coordination chemistry and production of high energy electrons as well as charge relay frequencies and photon coupling harmonics. Our quantum entangled subconscious minds are so amazing being able to process 40 million bits per second way more that a conscious state which it too slow!

So what happens when the colloidal material is analysed by MALDI TOF MS is that no matrix ions are needed to be added as the laser is able to captured by the presence of Manuka phenolics which are coordinated to minerals and to the protein in the complex. The capture of the laser light and photo-reduction and the generation of radicals such as hydroxyl radical lead to the cross-linking of the phenolic to MGO and the N-terminal peptide of apisimin a majic protein that is like a big lipid and is invisible to detect. However, we can detect it by MALDI TOF MS and using antibodies. Pretty cool how in the act of measuring you generate new materials that have biologically relevant activity. So I believe this reflects the actual mechanism that is happening within the inflammatory cell and this is what leads to the anti-inflammatory effect and the hydroxyl radical switches off thiols as shown by the inhibition of cathepsin B. Too complex for most people to understand, however, makes perfect sense to me if you look at only one step at a time then all you will see is that step. Biology doesn't stop it continues to change and then evolve at the speed of light.

Photo Fenton chemistry is where fight or flight is at and the merger of subconscious and conscious states of being is obtained via understanding how the various aspects of your own biology work and then using that knowledge to change yourself. Some people use their knowledge of yoga and obtain enlightenment using that approach. There is a faster way of getting there and that what I have worked out developing topical colloidal regenerative biochemical systems from biology. Physics and thermodynamics have told us that matter cannot be destroyed nor created so the energy is just transformed.

Breakdown of matter by the hydroxyl radical leads to the formation of regenerative precursors. So this is the biological recycling system. It is a death and regeneration cycle so it is normal. The hydroxyl radical last for 10^-9 second. 1 nanosecond. 1 billion Hz. If and when you connect to this frequency it is like moving forward in time a quantum jump forward in time. Time travel happens in our minds. We can obviously remember the past which is at a lower frequency. The higher the frequencies are ahead in time.

Stimulate regeneration biochemistry. Anoxia turns off mitochondrial processes. High energy based on hydrogen peroxide. Catalase O2 and water. Glucose Go H2O2. This happens in honey but not in Manuka honey due to the inhibition of glucose oxidase by MGO. So it's what is not there that is important in Manuka honey.

The colloidal material in Manuka honey is what all the fuss is about not the MGO alone so i though it was time to let the cat out of the bag as it is hard to hear the science that is being talked about when you know it's not quite it right. Time to put things straight.

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