Updated: Jun 4, 2019

CCAEC has the resolving power of chromatofocusing (separating proteins with 0.1 pH unit difference for their isoelectric points) but the price point of ion exchange CCAEC is a quantum step forward in protein purification. Proof of concept demonstrated by separating beta-lactoglobulin A and B from whey.

AKTA chromatography system. Testing out CCAEC to see if I could fractionate BSA based on its lipid and billirubin content.

Economic benefits of using CCAEC

Reduce the number of steps to purify the target protein of interest and reduce processing costs. Creates a better value proposition. Improve yields and purity. Improves economic performance. Reduces waste, therefore, more economically sustainable. Target the removal of minor components of antibody deamination products. Monoclonal therapeutic antibodies. Use conformational chromatography methods to separate different folding structures which changes the game when it comes to recombinant misfolded protein separation. No difference in isoelectric points but different three-dimensional structures can be separated. Proof of concept demonstrated using apo and holo lactoferrin separation using CCAEC and conformational chromatography. 

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