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GO QUANTUM. Take 2 L of milk and turn it into 1 trillion colloidal nano-particles per mL. Then, dilute 1000 times to produce THE MILKY WHEY. Less is more when it comes to physics! The weird and wonderful world of Quantum Biology occurs when the colloidal materials become small so they can interact with the frequencies of light and produce high energy particles. The result is a quantum-entangled bio-material that is regenerative, energizing and blissful. Reconnect to the unified field. We were once one and we are still one. Everyone is right from their own perspective. You need to learn to take your biological senses out of the observation. Don't see with your eyes as they lie to you. Learn to see with your mind, through consciousness and become fully aware and move into 21st-century thinking. Lighten-up it's not all bad. In fact it's just the beginning of something beautiful. Go quantum and become the new you.

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The milky whey was analysed by Izon using the Qnano instrument to demonstrate the number of colloidal nano-particles per mL from acid whey (AW) were generated. Only managed to produce 1 trillion particles per mL. I'll try for more next time. I diluted the product 1000 times to make to into a standard product having around 1 billion colloidal particles per mL. No wonder milk is a super-food. A complete food for babies. Is this the fountain of youth. Well I feel younger in my body, more energy, love doing the things I did as a child. So it makes me feel great. Others also think the extra energy is pretty cool. So how does it work? Read the FAQ for some insight. If you really want to know more buy my book or do my online Quantum Biology course.

SDS PAGE analysis of whey proteins isolated by CCAEC.

Whey protein analysis using AKTA chromatography using CCAEC allows separation and analysis of all the main proteins present in the acid whey material prior to the quantum entanglement process. What does it look like afterwards? It's like looking for light in the sun. What wavelength you chose to view the light it shifts its structure at the speed of light to conform to a low energy state so that the amount of light going into the system is equal and opposite to the amount of light being emitted by the system. So the system is at equilibrium with itself as long as we do not interact with it. It forms structures when we interact with it. Prior to this it remains as light, vibrations of energy at various wavelengths that interact with it's environment at the speed of light. So the colloidal system is the ever changing electromagnetic light wave that provides a temporal and spatial relationship with light in a evolutionary process that is hard to understand. However, you can get a sense of how it works when you connect to it through its topical use.

The milky way. Beautiful how the starry sky looks at night without lights around. To me it looks like a spine. The spine of our galaxy. Cool how the external reality reflects our own internal reality. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. If we understand that it is all within us, the same physics that is happening externally is happening internally. So the conflict that is happening in our world, the competition, manifests in human disease. We create our own reality. It is all in our minds. No matter what you say and do, it doesn't matter as it is all just light.

c^2 = E/M

If we rearrange Einstein's equation we can see the right hand rule of electromagnetism present where two photons interact. Weird, how the hydride (H-) generates two photons of light and the bible talks about Noah's arc and the animals coming in two by two. It's a lovely story but I think people have misunderstood the implications of the birthing story of Noah's arc. The six days of creation correlates beautifully with the six days it takes for the fertilization of the human egg by the sperm. The passage of the zygote down into the uterus and the hatching of the blastocyst and implantation. Six days before the ability for the new embyro to become viable. The great flood of the bible is your own birth being surrounded by water for many months.

This got me thinking about the biochemistry of light. The story of our own evolution and how enzymes really work using the speed of light at various electromagnetic frequencies and how we can walk up or down the electromagnetic spectrum looking at Franhofer lines.

Franhofer lines provide the relationship to electron vibrational energies and electromagnetic spectrum. Cool! Loving the scientific data available to visualize the model whereby everything has been done but the initial foundations were placed on sand rather than bedrock. I build my foundations on the Unified Field Theory. Cool how we can bring together all the layers of the onion and generate a new consciousness and well-being using the concept to regenerative energy.

Quantum physics has changed our foundations. The Bose Einstein Condensate identified the Unified Field | The God particle | so what's next. Enlightenment and the singularity, but not through computation but rather through extending and expanding human evolution. When you realize that your are already have quantum entanglement and you connect into the Unified Field and give in, then you align yourself to consciousness expansion and a changed perception.

I developed a new chromatography method that aligns to the unified field and the principles of quantum biology. Amazingly, simple CCAEC changes everything. It has the resolving power of chromatofocusing but the price point of ion exchange. See the chromatogram above that demonstrates the resolving power being able to separate whey proteins beta-lactoglobulin A and B which have a pH different of 0.1 units. How and why this works is pretty cool. Loving the power and concepts coming forward based on the principles of quantum biology.

THE MILKY WHEY'. How many stars in the sky. Lucy? Diamonds may be a girls best friend but colloidal systems are invisible to the naked eye, but once you know how they work it's amazing. Just like the stars in the sky. Be blown away when you connect to your eternal light that burns within each and every one of us. Light it up. It's a boy's night out. Yeah booyeee. Only 1 billion colloidal nano-particles per ml as determined by Izon's Qnano instrument. That's only after I have diluted the product by 1000 times.

So how much energy can be produced by this product. Well I found out today we have 700 trillion electron volts in us and we are already travelling at the speed of light. So how light interacts with the colloidal system can generate 1200 electron volt per photon of light depending on the frequency and this comes from one molecule of glucose. This is over 100 times more energy per molecule of glucose obtained through the production of 32 molecules of ATP from traditional biochemistry.

So milk which is the infants complete food provides high energy for growth via a regenerative biochemistry that is amazingly simple. The biochemistry in stem cell biology. It is quantum biology. It is physics and occurs under anoxic conditions. We evolved under conditions that lacked oxygen and, therefore, our biochemistry as a fetus doesn't require exogenous oxygen as we already know how to convert sugar into oxygen and water. This is how we inflate the blastocyst prior to implantation with water. Being able to stimulate that regenerative biochemistry is what I have focused on and have developed technologies that facilitate night time regenerative biochemistry.

Don't know how many stars in a milky way but I do know the size and the biochemistry and the number of colloidal particles in THE MILKY WHEY. Spray on topical colloidal nano-particles. Regenerate your mind, body, and Soul. Enjoy! You're deserve it.


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