Dr Keryn Johnson Human Rights Complaint Ref No. 127669 Date: 1/5/2019

I have the following issues with work in relation to my disability of having previously been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder back in 2013 after having a spiritual awakening at St Benedict's church, Ngaio, Wellington 6035, New Zealand. The inability of the medical profession to focus on a sickness model and to chose to focus on detrimental tactics as means of treatment has meant I had to develop my own personal medical treatment. Lucky I have a PhD in biochemistry and after five years have come up with a solution, a topical regenerative spray, that has helped me stay happy and positive despite all the attempted interventions the police and Crisis team and wife and psychiatrists have attempted over the years. I am happy being the way I am. I do not need their intervention. I will walk my own path and not buy into their bullshit.

So worked put me on gardening leave back in 2013 after my spiritual awakening and this has led to continued conflict with my peers at work. Despite me being able to do work successfully and despite me bringing in money for Callaghan Innovation they think that I am not fit for work because my ideas don't make sense to them or are too creative, to weird. Well I will leave them in peace. If they cannot understand science of biology from the perspective of an electron then they are not smart enough to understand quantum biology. Physics of biological systems. May be they need a smart drug to understand it. Luckily, I developed one of those also, which has given me the ability to reconnect my conscious and subconscious minds, so my mind works faster now then previously. It's quite a pleasurable experience, more creative, happier, smarter. So why do I need to go back to work, when my peers cannot understand me? I don't. The medical profession consider me to be unfit for work. I that case I'll do what I like, which is not work for Callaghan Innovation.

The problem i have with them other than being bullied, is the frustration that the government is not addressing climate change. I thought I would be able to change things from within the government organisation but now I see that was not very smart. They will continue to innovate. However, our biological tools are way too cool for silicon based technology. Once we know how to use the mind properly we can connect in ways which others cannot comprehend. Once your understand your ability to perform quantum entanglement then many things are possible. So I have written the following complaint because it is important to sand up for what I believe in and to have my say. Being dis-empowered is part of the buyllying I will not tolerate bullies. I suffered at their hands as a child and I will no longer let bullies get away with murder!

THE COMPLAINT: No provision for having my say regarding bullying that has been continuing at Callaghan Innovation over many years. I have dealt with this internally but feel that has become so overwhelming that I can no longer function effectively in an environment that does not value differences in ideas.

I have not been given the opportunity to address peoples concerns. I have not been given the right to have my say or defend myself against the accusations of others in relation to what they have conveyed. They are able to say whatever they like without reproach without any recourse because I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and therefore my rights to address those accusations have not been given a forum to be heard. So I do not get to have my say because I have bipolar disorder and I believe this is unfair, dis-empowering, and discriminatory as outlined in the Act.

The prohibited grounds of discrimination section 21 of the Human Rights Act 1993 “Section 21' prohibited grounds of discrimination 1(h) disability – (iii) psychiatric illness e.g. bipolar disorder diagnosis (2013 by Dr Sarah Romans). I believe I have been unfairly discriminated due to my prior diagnosis and are therefore treated differently from others leading to an increased un-wellness due to the pressures applied by this treatment.

Section 22 of the Human Rights Act in relation to employment. 1(b) I believe I have been offered less favorable terms of employment, conditions of work, and opportunities for training, promotion. My return to work stipulated that I need to be medicated, which is a clear breach of my human rights.  I have not hit anyone, I have not sworn at work, I have not performed self-harm or harm to others. I have self-control. However, despite my external calmness and presentation of self-control, I am held accountable for my mental health based on ideas. Examples of discrimination include the lack of support for my application to become an SE4 from SE3 which was turned down despite my ability to perform at high levels with commercial clients and obtained funding. The lack of support for international travel to international conferences to support my personal development. Whilst others have been promoted around me and been able to go to international conferences. Despite my abilities being at their level also. This discrimination due to my disability has placed me in an unfair disadvantage and has led to continued discriminatory bullying within Callaghan Innovation which has been detrimental to my health and well-being.

Section 22 of the human rights act 1(c)  subject the employee to any detriment. I believe that I have been subjected to a detriment by having to take the medication in order to return to work. This is clearly not what other employees have been subjected to.

We do not have a clear job description for my role and position within Callaghan Innovation. Therefore, how can I tell if I am doing things outside of my roles and responsibilities if these have not been clearly defined? Therefore, how can others judge that I am not meeting the roles and expectations of the organization by delivering scientific excellence to my clients? Callaghan Innovation's Whakatauaki  Rukuhia te wahi ngaro, hei maunga tatai whetu – explore the unknown, pursue excellence”. Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand's innovation agency” We activate innovation and help businesses grow faster for a better New Zealand. The Maori Waka in reception is the bow, which represents the leading edge of science. It is breaking new ground. To be innovative is to go beyond what is known. It is to step beyond what is possible today and achieve tomorrows realities.

People feel sorry for me and therefore treat me as a victim. They treat me as such which again is discriminatory behavior, and removes my will power away from me and takes away my human rights. It is a way of controlling and disaffecting me. A way of disrespecting me and due to my disability, it takes away my human rights and results in discrimination and victimization.

My ideas are treated as silly, foolish, someone with bipolar is seen as mentally unwell so people think that they can not see logically and therefore their ideas are not valid. People with bipolar are marginalized by society because their ideas do not follow mainstream thinking. Therefore, someone with bipolar does not get to have a say, they are discriminated against, they are treated as second class citizens and they are told to stop what they are doing because they are wasting their time and others time because they are chasing nothing but irrational ideas and thoughts. This is bullying. It is not good enough.

People enforce their ideas onto you because you are not mentally stable, at least that is the outside viewpoint. However, the human mind works by seeing what it believes, so people inflict their own will on me by saying what I am doing is weird and how I think is strange and therefore not normal. This is a form of bullying which is a self-protection mechanism that people are using to not engage with what I am saying because it does not make sense to them and therefore I sound as if I am crazy. I can see their point of view but disagree, as I am looking at things with a logical perspective which means I see not with the limitations of my eyes but with an understanding which comes from deep thought and understanding. This innovative approach has made me bipolar, that has been my response to cope with the stress of daily life in an all-consuming job.

Being told to stop working on something and that I was wasting my time makes me feel like I am not able to do the best job I can do to deliver an outcome for the client. This stops me from being innovative.  Therefore, I feel like I am being discriminated against because of my bipolar disability. Therefore I am treated unfairly considering the valuable contribution I have made to Callaghan Innovation over the years. That contribution comes not from following the current scientific literature but from changing my fundamental approach to how I work resulting in deep fundamental knowledge.

If anyone else within the organisation had achieved what I had achieved then they would have been put into a higher SE level than SE3 considering the valuable contribution I have made, the number of commercial clients I work with, and the economic returns for Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand that have resulted from this knowledge. The intellectual property I have generated for my clients. Has been valuable for their success. I believe, I have been held back because of my diagnosis of bipolar disorder and treated unfairly by my employer, which has led to my discrimination.

I have been offered no EPA support over the past two months off from work when asked to leave I was not given the opportunity to discuss my behaviors and the reasons for what I may have said and done, which has not been conveyed to me at all.

One of the triggers for me has been the loss of autonomy. I have had everything taken away from me. Being told that I was going to move from one team to another without consultation has been deeply upsetting. No one in the organisation has the same background as me, so my unique set of skills allows me to understand many things and integrate those into many facets of science as I collaborate widely within Callaghan Innovation. This has resulted in me developing a broad skills set which have been beneficial in order to cope with the diversity of scientific endeavours that have to be addressed as part of my day to day work activities. The provision of this knowledge is what I rely on in order to function at a high level within this organisation and the reason why clients come and use my services. So my stress due to my work environment and the conflict between my ideas and others and my religious values and morals and ethics and that of a commercial organisation. We no longer see eye to eye. Therefore I have to leave as the organisation is causing my disease.

I have had my second diagnosis outlining that I am in a manic state. I do not feel manic. I feel happy, not euphoric. I am in control and can think logically.

I am in this state due to the bullying that I have been exposed to at work, which has triggered me into a fight or flight state in order to cope with the stress being caused by the bullying. Also the lack of having an ability to address the bullying so I am left with no other choice than stand up to the bullies through my actions and written words.

This has taken me back to when I was a child and exposed to bullying at school and the breakdown of my mother, and her suicide that has also taken me into this heightened state of awareness. I have used this state of being to be more creative and come up with solutions to overcome problems. So I have learned to cope with, and become comfortable with this state of being, however, people around me feel uncomfortable.

This has caused people at work to question my well-being. I have been treated badly by work. I have not had a chance to explain myself and why I behave the way I do.

The mishandling of my situation by work has increased the damage done. Callaghan Innovation has not followed their own policies stipulating that they should have had the occupational health nurse present when asking me to leave and working out a plan as to how I could come back to work.

This did not happen in 2013 or 2019. So I felt that how the situation was handled caused further damage to me causing me to be stuck in this manic state as diagnosed.

My faith, being a Catholic means I will not take pharmaceutical medication as the Bible stipulates that food be thy medicine. So I cannot see at this stage a way to returning to work due to my heightened state of awareness is causing others around me to feel uncomfortable and I do not feel safe at work either.

I, therefore, think the best thing for me to do is stop working and focus on getting better with the tools that I am willing to do including dance therapy, music therapy, meditation, sleeping, healthy raw food, water and exercise every day.

I will be avoiding all pharmaceutical drugs, smoking, illicit drugs, alcohol, legal drugs, and television in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have read about the health-giving benefits of micro- and macro-nutrients and talking therapy which I am happy to do. I have already joined a man's group and have organised some counselling. I have a lot of trauma in my childhood which has made me the way I am. I know too much about the side effects of the medication that I am not willing to subject myself to those treatments. If Sovereign are not willing to pay the insurance money because I am not willing to take the medication as recommended by the psychiatrist then I will remind them of my human right to refuse medical intervention on the grounds of my religious freedom and I am willing to go to the United Nations to remain drug-free.

I believe that certain people within Callaghan Innovation have acted in a way that has discriminated against me on the grounds of a bipolar diagnosis. Therefore their behaviours have attributed to my poor prognosis.

My wife's treatment of me has also done further damage to my wellbeing. Her constant insistence to get the crisis team involved which resulted in the police carrying guns coming round to my house makes me feel that I can no longer feel safe in my own home. Also, I have lost trust in my wife and this has caused further damage to our relationship. We are no longer able to live together and she will not let me see my children further causing damage to me.

My children are also suffering which is not fair on them. It has gotten completely out of hand because of the cascade of events caused by Callaghan Innovation when they sent me home without the ability to address their concerns face to face or even hear the accusations against me. Without any recourse, I have had to resort to the only avenues available to me and that is a Human Rights Complaint.


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