Neurotransmitters are produced by enzymes right? What if they are also produced via radical chemistry by splitting water and the OH group is added via the hydroxyl radical and this is occurring in the subconscious mind through photo-fenton chemistry. So I think this occurs faster than the typical biochemical reaction and this is why the subconscious mind is so fast and has the ability to process 40 million bits per second. We also get the hydride formed and this is able to form neutrons in atoms creating new isotopes of an atom. The isotope half-life relates to its frequency. We can all relate to certain frequencies depending on what isotopes of what elements we are capable of forming. The older we get then we can either go into mental decline or continue to stimulate our mind and keep learning and get smarter.

This is what think is happening in the quantum entangled subconscious mind which is so much faster than the conscious mind. I think this is why Manuka honey is also great for the subconscious mind. My isolation by chromatography of the subconscious mind altering colloidal nano-particle system is what appears to provide high energy electrons (1200 electron volts). High energy electrons are way more benefical than I initially thought and that is due to the fact that they energize your body and mind. It puts you into a regenerative biochemistry. See the FAQ to understand more of the potential effects of the colloidal system in Manuka honey.

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