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                         5 mL bottle $10.00 – estimated 1 week of use

30 mL bottle $50.00 – estimated 1 month of use

Product: OH BEE HAVE (Ingredients: Water and Honey).

Good for those who want more from life. It promotes a regenerative biochemistry that occurs in our bodies.  Regenerate and energize your body and mind. Improves mental awareness and agility. Increased creativity and connectivity. Improved focus and determination. Reduces pain. Helps with weight loss. It's a colloidal system that contains major royal jelly proteins (Queen bee food), minerals, phenolics, MGO, DHA, sugars and lipids.  Biological Complexity = Vitality. Topical spray (6 sprays = 1 mL). Spray on and massage in until absorbed into the skin. Enjoy, you deserve it! 1 billion colloidal particles per mL as determined by Nanosight and Izon Qnano instruments (external validation).

Safe and Effective. It is produced from food you eat. Also used in topically in wound healing applications. Has anti-inflammatory properties as the colloid is taken up into inflammatory cells and  enters into endosomes. The endosome produces hydrogen peroxide using NADPH oxidase system which reacts with MGO and produces pyruvate which is central to many biochemical pathways and energy production. Increased brain function and memory recall via increased neurotransmitter production via tryptophan hydrolase – noradreline, serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine.  Giving you a feeling of relaxation and peace and feeling at ease, in a stressful fast-paced world. As well as preparing you for action.

Connect to your cycadium cycle (sleep / wake cycle). Become more in tune with you. Assists mediation and mindfulness for improved health and well-being. Increased energy reserves allowing you to achieve more each day. Great for busy people. These are natural restorative biochemical processes that occur in your body. Turn on your regenerative biochemistry using Quantum Technologies. It's light that holds our atoms together. Light is the every changing colloidal system, the forever now. Become Enlightened and go Quantum. C^2 =  E/M. The right-hand rule of electromagnetism or seated at the right-hand of the father. Concept that the bible is a physics text book of 2000 years ago!

This is light based quantum entanglement due to light and radical based chemistry. That is how we are held together by our own light through quantum entanglement that is how biology uses physics to create a human being and all other things biological.

Isolated colloidal nanoparticles in Manuka honey. Interesting, how they interact with light!

Photo-feqnton chemistry based on the photo-electric effect MGO + FeSO4 + H2O2 and UV LED 357 nm. You can see the collapse of the bubble (the photon) is released which is the symmetry of the electrons (2 electrons = photon). This helped me build a new model. This is talked about in my book and the quantum biology course that I am developing.

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