Symmetry! Opposites! Duality! Why! Well that is just how we are. I say I'm 13.8 billion light years old or that is how old my electrons are. Do I remember no. But I have learned about quite a bit about prior to the big bang. Yes science has found the God particle | The BOSE EINSTEIN CONDENSATE | so I think it is safe to say a unified field theory has been developed and I call it God but science calls it the quantum field and it has a quantum fluctuations so it underwent expansion. I think about it in slightly different terms and those terms means it is in super symmetry and therefore it is equal and opposite at the plank time (10^-44 seconds). So we can only understand the pixelation of the universe in regards of quanta of the photon, the scale of the electron. Duality is simple you just need to place yourself on the light wave and ride the vibrations to see that the photon is a symmetry system at various wavelengths made up of two electrons chasing each others tails. Like a tiger going round and round the palm tree and not being able to catch up with its anti-particle which is the mirror self reflection on the other side of the nucleus. It is only symmetrical when you do not look at it and it is in a state of relaxation. When you measure it, as you are the conscious observer, you are able to determine where it is located as it is actually present in all places at once as it is travelling at the speed of light and it is quantum entangled. The speed of which the measurement and the slowness of your own consciousness means your perception of reality is too slow to keep up with the speed of light. You have to meditate to see how it is a colloidal system that interacts with itself to produce structure. So electromagnetism is both a wave when it is not interacting with matter. It is also a particle when it is interacting with an electron in matter. So only when it is observed and measured that it's location can be observed. However, the human eye can detect photons all the time. Even sensitive enough to detect a single photon at a time.

The speed of detection is around 50 Hz. That is when our eyes ability of the cis trans isomerisation of the retinyl lipid in the retina translate the signal from photons are captured into matter and motion to flick the light switch on in our eyes. The human mind typically works at a slower rate, between 3 and 30 Hz. So consciousness is way too slow for it to evaluate external signals that are travelling at the speed of light. You need to remember that the experience of quantum entanglement is an internal experience limited by our own biological sensors which are slow and limited by electromagnetism ranging from 350 to 800 nm. So we are being lied too by our own sensors. Once you work that out then you can start to take your own observation out of the picture and based on your creativity you can then see with your quantum subconscious mind which travels much faster. Based on light you see. Quantum entanglement as explained in my book on quantum biology. So we think we know the world of matter. No matter what you think it doesn't matter as it is light before matter and it's only you that make it matter.

Each atom has its only electronic configuration based on the number of electrons which means we can determine its vibrations due to its Franhofer lines. Cool! the black lines above tell us the exact wavelength of light responsible for capturing the electron in that atom and the electron can do a number of things depending on the frequency of the electromagnetism. Just like i love dancing and my electrons are vibrating to the music I listern to so to do the atoms electrons bending, stretching and doing funky moves to create quantum entanglement. If you want to find out more read the book or do the course on quantum biology that I am putting this together.

Why do I think I know what I am doing. Well everyone things I am crazy so I know I am right because electrons, photons and the universe is crazy in the quantum world so the crazier I appear to be the closer I am to knowing how it works.

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