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My name is Dr Keryn Johnson (THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST). I have a PhD in biochemistry, MSc in Molecular Genetics, BSc (Double Major) in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry. I have spent the last 18 years of my life working for the the government. Why have we got things so wrong! Well that is because everyone is right! At least from their perspective. We can only do what we believe is right. That is the reason why I have left 18 years of working at Industrial Research Limited and Callaghan Innovation. I believe we have got things wrong! Human health and well-being starts and ends with physics. The physics of biological systems is QUANTUM BIOLOGY! That is why I have spent the past 18 years of my life studying wound healing and regenerative medicine.


I have developed a number of products over the years in this space that include:

1) Aroa - Endoform - STOF process to convert sheep stomach into an extracellular matrix scaffold (ECM). I also devised the epithelium removal process using the principles of equal and opposite. This product is sold in the US for $1000 a pop for breast reconstruction surgery, non healing wounds and herna repair. Well done guys and girls your making a difference in peoples lives and I love seeing the outcomes your getting overseas.

2) GAP573 a gap junction modulatory peptide from the eye lens protein beta 2 crystallin. A cryptein that has the ability to bind calcium, able to do the photoelectric effect and produce up to 27 isotopes. Each one having it's own atomic signature related to its frequence or half life. The sequence FHPSS does coordination chemistry allowing photons to be captured into matter in the form of the photo-electric effect. Gotta love coordination chemistry. The weakest of interactions with the greatest ability to have major health applications in the human body. I used the ability of calcium to bind to GAP573 in the development of the alginate GAP573 regenerative combination product. This was of benefit in some early trial work that showed that gap junction modulation reduced scarring, stimulated angiogenesis, reduced inflammation and led to faster healing times. People take anti-oxidants all the time not understanding that nitric oxide is involved in signalling, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, the hydroxyl radical, peroxides, nitrile radicals. Actually we are a bunch of radicals that signal at frequencies that you cannot see as they are too fast for the human eye. To weird for the human brain to understand. However, radicals provide quantum entanglement in Quantum Biology and allow matter to be coordinated into structures at the speed of light. It's the reason for the UV catastrophe. Go check out wiki. We are all just made of electrons. Why, well ask God. Physics found God many years ago. Cannot deny a unified field theory as the Bose Einstein Condensate. Pretty cool! Near absolute zero, all the electrons packed into a colloidal sphere of 100,000 km diameter. Done the calculations and ELF frequency equals 3 Hz, which corresponds to your own brain frequency just before you go to sleep. You connect to the entire universe. Pretty cool how the human mind works at the speed of light. At least the subconscious mind. Based on photo-Fenton chemistry and the photo-electric effect. No one seems to realize this. Why? Too busy trying to make money I guess, which is a major distraction if you are trying to solve all of life's mysteries. 

3) Organo-gel technology developed by Dr Brain Wilkins which has been trialed in conjunction with Totarol (Mende Biotech) and a Grapefruit extract developed by Dr Yeap Foo and Dr Paul Davis) (IRL and Otago University)  in a patient with a non healing wound. It healed even though the graft was not healing previously. The product TGM was evaluated and shown to have significant promise in healing wounds.

4) I have also worked on N-acyl ethanolamines (NAEs) with a range of people at work and externally. We are currently evaluating such products in a clinical setting.

5) Grapefruit extract was another product that we worked on with regenerative capacity due to the stimulation of blood vessel formation.

6) We also looked at pia Harakeke puka with Dr Stephen Tauwhare. Rongoā is the traditional Māori healing system. Rongoā is a holistic practice that often includes using the medicinal properties of New Zealand native plants.

7) Seaweed polysaccahrides with Dr Ruth Falshaw in Carbohydrate Chemistry.

8) Manuka honey wound healing products in combination with other bio-materials.

So you could say I have learnt a thing or two over the years in the regenerative medicine space. Being the only biologist, biochemist, enzymologist, wound healing and regenerative medicine expert at Callaghan Innovation I was asked to do quite a number of different projects in this area. One thing I realized was that there is a common theme to all of these products and that is they are all made of electrons. Our body already knows how to heal itself, we do it every night. Our regenerative biochemistry switches on when we sleep. Our sleep biochemistry is a primordial anoxic biochemistry. No electron transport via the mitochondria. So to stimulate wound healing all we are doing is actually providing our bodies with additional electrons to facilitate the process of regeneration. I figured out how I could provide electrons in the form of high energy bio-materials that capture light, at the speed of light and transform that light into matter in order to regenerate the human body. Regeneration 101. The body dies everyday and is reborn again everyday. To become new again we must die. At least each cell that undergoes a division to produce two daughter cells, one of which undergoes apoptosis and forms extracellular vesicles that travel around the body and are taken up into other cells. The death of a cell is a quantum entanglement process based on radical chemistry. It allows all the other surviving cells to understand what is going on within the parent cell that was alive. 

So I started QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES LTD and became THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST the bringer of light so someone said to me the other day. 

By-pass the first pass metabolism by taking topical regenerative sprays that energize your mind, body, and Soul. GO QUANTUM! Spray on, massage in, and regenerate. ENJOY! You deserve it.

I have also about to commence my consulting business. If you want to know what the future holds you need to see what is not there now and enter the QUANTUM UNIFIED FIELD. YOU NEED TO GO QUANTUM!


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