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It has been 150 years since the periodic table evolved into its current form with its 128 elements that are characterized into various flavours based on the number of protons and electrons pairs and into isotopes based on the addition of neutrons thereby increasing the mass number but not changing the atomic number. Radioactive decay of the various atoms has also been well characterized. However, as yet scientists have had limited success in unifying all the forces of nature probably due to the various scales and temporal and spatial resolutions that nature operates at and due to the limitations of our own imagination and our ability to remove our own sensors out of the observations we are making. The issue of the conscious observer. In other words science is biased. You can only see what you are looking for. You have to generate a hypothesis and then try to disprove it. The scientific model is broken surely by only seeing what you look for and trying to disprove your hypothesis, you are in fact setting yourself up for failure. What if we tried to prove the hypothesis and found a away to remove the conscious observer out of the observation so no one was there to see the observation, surely that way we could then turn up after the experiment has been completed and see what the outcome is which we can then make assumptions regarding the role of the observer if we stayed and observed and saw the difference between the two experiments. Interesting how God the initial observer disappeared out of his own creation and then he turned up again in the form of his only Son Jesus Christ to teach his creation how to live life in a way that is non-judged as being mental, caring and loving (Christian). May be his second return, the second coming of Jesus Christ, is what humanity is waiting for. Time for the angels to invade the planet and fix humanities broken pieces. Our inability to live and work together in harmony. I think we need to learn how to behave our selves otherwise we are going to destroy ourselves. By working collectively for the common good of all humanity we can overcome life's obstacles. To move beyond selfishness and into a connectivity as a oneness that only comes by getting on board and celebrating humanities achievements. We have made it people. Unification has been achieved the doors of perception have been opened and the pathway to enlightenment has been opened to achieve the connectivity back to the oneness. By reading this book you are going to go on a journey. One that is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and yes your imagination will be stretched to the lengths of the entire universe both internally and externally. Your brain will have a work out like it has never had before. If you choose to go on this voyage. You will be transformed. Why do it? Why did I do it. Well it is because I care for me, my family and the human race and the planet. Yes I am on a mission. A mission to change the world. Good luck you say. Well thanks. I have already achieved my own personal fulfillment so why not share how I did that with others and give them the opportunity to also achieve their goals. Hey it only took me 42 yeas to have my eyes opened, to see my future. Why not take the leap of faith and see where your future resides.

Once you know your future there is little you can do but fall in line and follow your dreams. Only then can we involve ourselves in our work knowing that we are the ones influencing the behaviour of the experiment through the act of conscious observation. What if we also acted like a sharman and entered a trace like state and used this state of mind to see the experiment from the perspective of the subsconcious observed. We do this by mediating on problems and using vivid imagination. I am not advocating the use of shamanic drugs but may be that would open the door ways to perception for all of humanity and wake them up from the horrors that we seem to want to inflict on ourselves. Man this is not fear and loathing in Los Vegas. This is a true ongoing story which humanity is part of and its no time to tell the story.

I am a scientist, father, husband, Christian and alchemist. I have traveled many paths and do so in all directions all the time in order to follow the path of least resistance, to identify the minimal energy state, to become centered by being equal and opposite. Opposed to myself in all direction in order to find the center ground, a place of calm contemplation where everyone is right from their own perspective which means I am right also and it is from this position that I have learned to take myself out of the observations that I see and let bye-gones be bye-gones not have hang ups. I don't care anymore because I care too much and therefore it hurts watching the world self destruct and we avoid pain at all costs. However, I have learned to turn into it and face it at what ever cost in order to put things right.

If humanity played the evolutionary game of cards and looked at what stacking the deck in its favour, become the dealer of the cards and force others to play their game, who wins. The dealer always wins if you play long enough. The game of life can be as short or long as you want it to be. Its your choice however the dealer in this case is God and God always wins because the only out clause is his / her denial. The absence of a God is merely a self denial of acceptance of the truth of the true nature of reality. I know you are reading this and getting pretty pissed off. So where is the evidence, hard facts. Scientific evidence. Come on prove the existence of God using science. OK I will.

So I am going to play the role of God. To defend his / her Honour and define what my beliefs are and why I believe there is indeed a Surpreme being that made the world that we live in, this material world. The world of light and darkness of opposites of heaven and hell. You cannot have one side without the other. You cannot argue with your self.

The rules of life are not straight forward. There is no instruction manual left by the previous owner. You have to discover these laws, the laws of nature. Are they the same as the laws that God instructed Moses. Well we swear on the Bible when in court so surely if you do that when being judged by others then you must believe otherwise you will lie through your teeth. If you do not believe in God and that there is no judgement or time of trial.

Interestingly, human beings have a sense of each other when in their presence, and can feel and connect using our emotions, our mirror neurons fire in order to understand what the other person is trying to convey to us in order to understand. So we judge others weather we like it or not. Its hard not to compare yourself to another. We are all the same anyway. All made of electrons, yes only electrons. So from the perspective of the electron travelling at the speed of light we are light headed. As we can perceive this light from another person in our presence even without speaking. We know if someone is telling us the truth. So if you lie on the stand it is only you who you are denying the release from your own torment. A burden halved is a burden shared so by opening up we can share our burdens with each other and get it off our chest.

Humans have been tought to hold in their emotions as it is a sign of weakness, however, holding on to those emotions creates bitterness and hatred and disease. This is only damaging to you. At your death, you get to reflect back on your life and make a judgement of your self and see if you have been pleased as to what you have achieved. Warning be aware you will have multiple chances to get it right over the course of the evolution of the universe where your Holy spirit unifies the molecules in your mind, body and Soul to coordinate this symbiotic relationship. We are held together by light. The bonds of Love that exist are photons trapped in matter by circulating electrons. Negative little suckers. May be our desire for the electron has created this negative environment that we find ourselves in and when we become centered we enter the center of the nucleus and become a positive person.

So I will turn over all the cards of science, religion and alchemy that I currently know and make comparisons in order to create a hypothesis that God does not exist. My null Hypothesis that God does not exist. So I will have to perform experiments in order to demonstrate the existence of God and prove once and for all to myself if there is a God looking after all of us. So science wants to disprove the null hypothesis.

What kind of experiments am I going to perform. Well I will need to learn the fields of interest. Both science and religion and question both of these. Evaluate both of these. Yes I will piss a few people off in the process. Including most the people around me at home and work. I am not going to tell anyone what I am doing and why. Who knows this could be a complete waste of time or could convience others that I am barking mad. What ever the outcome I will try something that no one else has done as far as I am aware. Or may be they have and that is why I know what I know which is based on others experiences. So I stand on the shoulders of giants. Both in the fields of science, alchemy, and religion in philosophy in the humanities. My mental health and well being has been put to the test as you probably can imagine pushing the boundaries and breaking all the rules is not what one really should do. One of the rules of the Bible is not to question God. So all I can say is I am a sinner and I practice one baptism for the forgiveness of my sins. Hopefully, I can be forgiven by others eventually.

So I will play by the rules of nature and see where that gets me. I am a biologist, biochemist, enzymologist, organic chemist, bio-inorganic chemist, quantum biologist, regenerative medicine expert. I find it hard to say no, so I keep learning about many things and keep building my model of everything. I play in the realms of physics but in biological systems to identify minimized energy states in complex biological systems in order to find winning solutions for my industrial clients. So I will use the rules that I have developed as part of my day job to evaluate God from the point of view of a minimized energy state of being.

I will also look at many other points of view. I only got Baptised with my youngest son when I was 39. So most of my life I didn't know anything about religion and considered my self just a human being. I was trying to figure out what that meant for the past 42 years when the doors of perception were then opened to obtain self awareness and a deeper spiritual connection. To become one with a connected mind, body and Soul.

So I have walked through multiple doors and explored the human mind from the perspective of an explorer and I am going to discuss the view points that I have reached and why I draw those conclusions. If we take ourselves out of the story, does the story of us still exist. Who will be the narrator. When I perform research I do not want to impart my own judgement on a functional outcome by imparting control over the system. To do this I am assuming I know how the system is working and I will them make it conform to my own will power. However, I express my own self control by trying a diverse a range of different variables in a non controlled way and then leave the experiments alone in order to let the natural selective processes work their magic and then come back at the end of the experiments to see the diversity of results to then attempt to understand how the selective pressure of the various environments created the results. So I have learned to let the system be free to do what it wants in order to let the system come to an equilibrium, a minimized energy state, where it is relaxed. Therefore, it is symmetrical, equal and opposite and at zero. There is only only one position that this can occur in superposition at absolute zero. Zero on the mathematical cross is (x,y,z) coordinates 0,0,0. Holy, Holy, Holy. I believe the Bible is a Quantum Biology text book from 2000 years ago and talks about our own evolution as beings of spiritual enlightenment.

I do not want to influence the outcome through conscious observation, by removing the effective of the conscious observer we can remove our own energy out of the system we are studying. So how to remove consciousness is not to think about anything. To be empty a void, or devoid of all emotion. Not a nice place to put your self in. A place of quiet contemplation. Meditation offers solace in such a place. When you are alone meditating are you truly alone. Once you empty yourself and enter the abyss of darkness inside of you with your eyes shut you realize that you are not alone, you still have your thoughts, ideas, emotions, feels. So your conscious world of sight around you may have been shut off however you can see inside of your own mind, your own light so to speak.

So I will have to use my own imagination to search for the truth. Either I can take what is written as the truth and everyone is correct so all perspectives is the truth. Therefore, symmetry is obtained from being equal and opposite so I will cancel out the opposite signs that I see in order to eliminate the positive and negative attributes outlined in the text that I read. I will do so in order to eliminate everything that is currently know and remove the duality out of the universe. Where do I come to. Again, I am alone, by myself on my quest for enlightenment, searching for the ultimate truth. In science we call the quest the grand unification. The theory of everything. Funny thing is people want to make it mathematical. I would prefer language and metaphorical as well as mathematical so all can see using methods that they understand.

So I came up with a simple unification model, it blew my mind.


So there is only one of everything. It was based on Einstein's idea of E=Mc^2

We do not add things together we multiply them so the sum is identical to all the parts. If everything is the same then what is the one thing that it is all derived from. From God? The one thing what does it look like? What does God look like? Again Einstein had the answer. A Bose Einstein Condensate. Superconducting, God was super-cool. A Unification of all laws was simply saying that everything is made from electrons and only electrons and at the start of the universe before the big bang they were at absolute zero – 276.3 degree K. So one harmonic of electron vibrations, a superconducting universe. At 2.7 degrees Kelvin, the background radiation energy of the cosmos is present everywhere and corresponds to the liquid waters of the universe prior to the big bang. The only element that is liquid at that temperature is Helium which is super symmetrical and super conducting at that temperature without friction. So prior to the big bang there was only helium as the liquid waters and God breathed life into the Cosmos. The quantum fluctuations, ripples on the surface of the cosmic pond created the ripples in the fabric of space time. The dimensions of which are created by the extremes the diameter of the electron or Plank length and the 
ELF the longest wavelength corresponding to 3 Hz and 100,00 km in diameter. So you can calculate how big God is by understanding the scale of the universe from the biggest to the smallest. So the unified cosmic waters is God. God gave himself / herself to create then seen and unseen. I do not believe God left us alone at all. God is full spectrum, all seen and unseen, all that has been made by man in the material world, has been an act of creation and therefore God has indeed been caught in the act. We are the conscious observer of God's creation. The more we learn about ourselves the more we see God's presence in the world. So the alpha is the unified field prior to the big bang, the singularity. Science just prefers to use a different name. Different people have different languages but they all speak of a being in the cosmos that is the divine presence an eternal God.   

The removal of the rib from man and giving it to produce woman relates to the X chromosome being produced from the Y chromosome. A duplication of the genome as part of make and female duplicity to create sexual reproduction rather than asexual reproduction which increased genetic diversity and created greater opportunity for diversity and adaptive evolution. It is thought that RNA was the initial genetic code which corresponded to a code that produced proteins. To peel back the onion skin and to truely understand the temporal and spatial relationships of evolution of the electron into its many forms is to enter into the land of crazy. I do not expect people to understand this. However, if we can really see at the speed of light and ride on the photon and follow its progress from the Big bang to this day is to understand a rationale basis for reality. The imagination is what uses the same tools as the universe. To enter into that imagination, is child's play, adults think it is silly to play as a child until you have children and then understand that children learn so much faster than adults and therefore the understanding that play is beneficial in many ways. One should always play in order to learn quickly.

   Why have we not been able to see this previously, well science and the human eye and conscious mind can only view contrast. Without contrast we cannot see anything. Only a void. So thinking that we cannot see anything but everything was there prior to big bang but just superconducting without contrast, a harmonic field makes more sense than the current theories that something was made from nothing. This breaks the laws of thermodynamics. The conservation of matter. So I believe in God as a Bose Einstein Condensate. All electrons in the seen and unseen world. So I can't escape from God presence because I am also made of those same electrons that were present before the big bang. The fact my electrons are 13.8 billion light years old and so are yours. We are all in fact the same age with respect to our electrons so we are just a brother and sister from the Bose Einstein Condensate of our entire cosmos. We are star dust is accepted by some. We are all just electrons and one supreme being is a concept that changes one perspective. We reflect each face of God. Weird but as far as I can tell true, which is awesome as this indicates that both science and religion are correct. The unification of all forces comes from starting again from the perspective of the Bose Einstein Condensate the one supreme being of the entire cosmos. The one true God. If that is the case we just need to look at the Bible in a different light and match it up to the laws of nature determined by science and see that they are talking about the same thing but the language they both use causes confusion. It has been lost in translation over 2000 years due to the divergence of science, and religion and philosophy. It was alchemy that housed all three forms of knowledge and the role of the alchemist was to join these forces together within his or her microcosm (mind, body and Soul) in order to seek truth, freedom and enlightenment. To find the philosophers stone. The pill of immortality.

The approach I have taken is not an easy path but it did allow a rapid identification of a potential solution to the desired outcome using the selective pressure of your own directed evolution. This scientific approach is what I have been doing over the past decade as an approach to identify solutions to a growing complexity of problems in the scientific paradigm in order to get ahead of the game and see what the future holds for humanity and then offer those solutions to clients in order for those clients to win at the evolutionary battle of economics. Why get involved in this as a solution, well it is the current paradigm but in hindsight I do not think humanity can keep competing with itself for the forseeable future without either causing complete self destruction of the planet or to human beings through the development of technologies that may not be of benefit to humans in the long run because our ability to predict the future consequences of our current actions is poor. Take plastic bags as an example of that. Take petrol and synthetics. However, this is the path we have been taken down and it is our past and therefore something we cannot easily change unless we can time travel and change history. We would need to interecede with the past from the future and see ourselves as children or as people who were previously here and leave them messages from the future ourselves. All time is happening all the time. Therefore it is only a matter of connecting to the frequency of electromagnetism in your mind to be able to see the past or the future. Once your mind is opened and your heart and Soul are unified and connected as one then you can travel anywhere in your mind. You no longer are limited to now. Your ability to time travel is developed over time to be able to take yourself on journeys in the past and the futureis to enter the realm of the divine and reconnect the Holy Spirit with your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the primoidial mind, the fight or flight mind, the singularity is in fact the pineal gland and the internal glow within your mind. It is the seat of being. The oneness with your God comes from reactivating the pineal gland. It has no duality within the mind. It is centered and provides the source of insight. To be insightful is to understand the future. The future is not external reality but an internal reality.

However, what I have discovered is both weird and wonderful and will take your breath away. If you decide to go on this journey then you can be assured that I can show you a way of seeing your own future by using topical products that you can make yourself and by learning what is happening in your body you can become more self aware and grow and enter into a more spiritual realm. At least learn to connect to your subconscious mind and be comfortable with that, become energized and enlightened. To learn to make the pill of immortality, to die and be reborn again. To see your maker and visit his / her relm and then come back from that experience and understand your path.

Some would call what I did trial and error. Others would say that I got lucky. You make your own luck by being in tune with who you are and what makes you unique. By reconnecting with your self using biological topical tools you can learn to fly in your mind. To be open and share with others the knowledge you gain. You may become more creative. If this is not for you I understand and would ask you to stop reading now because it would be best to give this book to someone who is willing to grow and learn rather than someone who is closed minded and negative. I do realize that we need balance in this world and it is not my place to say what you should or should not do. We each have free will and choices, however, life moves pretty fast, and my mind moves faster than most because of the changes in me that have occurred which has allowed me to push forward at a much faster pace and leave most people behind. Because I am a caring person and love the planet I am willing to provide this information to another in order that they may make their own minds up. By enabling other people with knowledge I hope to empower them and enable them to make good choices for themselves and the planet. By having more energy it is easy to make changes and you can embrace the pace of change without feeling overwhelmed. Anyway its your choice and your life, its up to you. So be part of a Quantum Revolution and embrace the expansion of human consciousness.

I will identify multiple solutions and then recombine these just like the re-assortment of genetic information during sexual reproduction allowing recombination events to occur, providing new combinations of factors to be explored. This process enables me to select for combinations of methods to be used in order to select or the final outcome of my desire which is achieved through a process development pathway of minimized energy states where automation and removal of the conscious observer are needed to reach the final solution. So that sounds like taking away jobs from people and putting it into the hands of machines. I don't want that. What it does do is provide people a way to do this themselves, to catch up with the leading edge of humanity and exploration of humanity. Its speeds up your own human evolutionary development, The expansion of ones own mind to connect with new frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. When you become energized your mind works faster. You can learn faster. You feel happier and your health and well-being improves. If we all get on the same wavelength and have the skills and expertise to look after our own health and well being then we do not need medical intervention. So we are supporting health and wellness not trying to take care of sick people. When you are diseased you have made choices in your life that has resulted in years of accumulated bad choices. They have been your choices. The first thing you need to do is make a decision if you want change or not and that falls squarely on your shoulders. I cannot not and will not change you. I cannot get into your mind. Only you can. However, when you look at me or hear me or read my words your mirror neurons will do what mine have done in order to write, say and do what I am saying. So yes I am in your mind, if you read my words. I do not have the power to control you. You have free will. Have some self control. Make good choices. I can only tell you the ones that I have made in my life and this provides me with a future that I want. One that is freedom based. Not full of laws inflicted on by others. We need a revolution not one using guns and violence but of ideas and knowledge, wisdom, a love revolution where peace and self control rein Surpreme. Just as God is love, we are having the ability to love unconditionally. I am willing to stand up for this belief. Will you?

So how I developed my ideas comes from the approach that I take when experimenting in order to try and identify successful solutions for clients. I perform multiple rounds of experiments (like doing phage panning and evolving the ideas and systems to approach the issues being faced) the solutions which are the easiest to implement are revealed. That is the ideal solution. You play them all off against each other. Each idea being an animal evolving rapidly under the selective pressure of time and resources. The faster you go with no controls means you achieve freedom from observational constraints. You play in real time using light to influence interactions. Its a messy way of working, however, I have found it to be an efficient and successful way of working for me. It is different from the standard scientific method. But if you keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different answer then I think your fooling yourself. The complexities of biological systems means you cannot control all factors and only change one at a time to see the influence of that particular factor on the biological system. Indeed, if we just evolve the system itself using multiple experiments exploring the landscape of possibilities based on variation we can see relevant solutions to our particular problem we are trying to address. An idea has first to be thought of before it can be put to the test through scientific means or via a thought experiment. What I propose is initially a thought experiment followed by rationale scientific investigation of the hypothesis to evaluate if it has any merit.

So is my idea of all just being electrons is awesome and in fact has the ability to create a unified field out of electrons using the concept of the Bose Einstein Condensate of the entire cosmos. Well does it stack up and can we use this to predict the future. To time travel, to do cool stuff more easily than we currently do by selecting environments whereby the minimized energy state is obtained without our interference thereby obtain a solution to the problem at less cost than the competitors and therefore drive them out of business.

I will put my ideas to the test and see where I get. The winning ideas I will share with my clients and that way my ideas can grow into businesses which should be able to out compete with others therefore winning the evolutionary battle of ideas from the point of view of a minimized energy system where everyone can relax and be happy and healthy and wise and therefore not have to run round like chickens with their heads cut off. Trying to attempt self gratification which cannot be obtained through objects but only through ones only personal development and growth.


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