Cosmagel is the under-pinning formulation technology to Active High Performance Sunscreen but without any of the UV active ingredients. The organo-gel provides a stable environment for actives to be added to for topical delivery. Be your own cosmetic creator and use your talents to produce products that you want to use to feed your skin. We have the base formulation to create | water-free | PEG-free | paraben-free | detergent-free | topical regnerative products that promote vitality through biological complexity.


The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It provides the barrier for exchange of information between the inside environment and the outside environment. It is an extension of the human eye. It needs to feed everyday. Feed on light. Feed on energy. Feed using water. Feed using gases.


Carbon dioxide is produced in our bodies by glycoylsis and the Krebs cycle. We produce our own water by electron transport by combining oxygen with hydrogen extracted out of NADH and FADH2 which was derived from hydrogen bound in sugar. It is the quantum nature of hydrogen that drives all of our biochemistry. The splitting of water. 


Each cell is a 1.4 ev battery and you have 700 trillion electron volts in your body. Plenty enough to split water. We grow by spliting water. Yeah right you say. I agree it sounds far featched and a load of rubbish but have your every thought about the ability of different wavelengths of electromagnetism to split water. How long does it take in nanoseconds, fento or ato seconds, how much energy in a gamma ray, X-ray, UV light, blue light. Have you considered the phrase "Done on earth as it is performed in heaven". It is one and the same! How light interacts with matter. How you are the conscious observer making the observations and therefore you get to choose what you believe in, and it's your choice how your beliefs manifest in your environment. We are the ones making this up. Consciousness is slow compared to the subconscious mind. Have a go at being mindful and wake up to the fact that you are the one being your own creator. Embrace the creator in you and make you own products and leverage off our underpinning know how and create what you like.


We can work with you to achieve your desired organogel, we can formulate the product and send you the finished product. Or you can buy what components you want from various other sources and then combine in our base formulation. It's your choice. Choose what resonantes with you! Enjoy, you deserve it.

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