structural and functional (enzymes)

Workhorses, proteins are hard working. Layers of control through modification. Able to read the blueprint DNA. Motion creates function. Just like the periodic table, it starts with hydrogen. Hydrogen is quantum it contains two photons of light, four quantum electrons, one proton, and one electron. Depending on the pH the 55.5 M/L of water has an equal amount of OH- and H3O+ ions. It is in equilibrium. Proteins have a water shield and have ions that interact with the charges they have on their surfaces. 

Enzymes have atomic clocks present in their structures. The atomic clocks are isotopes of the various elements. Their half-lives provide an on / off switch, which sets the frequency of operation. The operation often requires the interaction of a charge relay system as is the case for proteases.

I also consider the structural flexibility of a protein, its conformation is driven by its evolutionary environment and the selection pressure that occurs to produce a functional outcome. I see evolutionary change occurring at the speed of light. It is the polarisation of light within the structure of the bonds and the angles that provide the structural features of the protein that provide it an ability to adapt and feed-back to the genetic information to drive adaptive evolution through quantum entanglement.

The quantum hydrogen bonds within the DNA double helix provides the photons of light (2 per hydrogen bond). Three hydrogen bonds (6 photons) in G-C and two hydrogen bonds (4 photons) in A-T. The lens of the nucleus, the membrane, containing unsaturated lipids that perform cis/trans isomerization events acts as vibrational switches to transfer the data from DNA codon sequence into the ribosome which takes the photons and converts water molecules into amino acids via the oxygen, nitrogen, carbon cycle, which is a light-driven cycle and happens prior our interaction via vision and consciousness, which is required for it to manifest into matter as detected by our senses.

My book looks at the mathematical calculations as to the number of photons the various codes related to the amino acid present. If it is light first prior to becoming matter only after we interact with it through sight then without our interaction it is essentially all photons that have a symmetry evident in their wavelength.

I look at the temporal and spatial relationships in an evolutionary cascade of photons in relation to the matter generated that we have already identified as being located in a spatial arrangement at our frequencies of sight and with a spatial resolution of the atom and with the temporal defects of sight and consciousness.

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