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back to the future

Time travel is possible we just don't release we are already doing it so naturally every day. Tune into a different frequency and you connect to a different time period. The higher the energy the faster the connection. External light is the past and internal light is in the future. We live in the now. All-time is happening all the time. That is the fractal nature of electromagnetic radiation.

Back in the 90s, I started doing VJing at dance parties and at the gathering and it was a lot of fun. It has been 20 years but I now am going to start doing scientific visual art in real-time that will be projected at parties so science | art | education | dance parties. A path to enlightenment.

If you want me to VJ at your party let me know and it can be an education. I also want to do this at schools, as an outreach also to show children how nature is beautiful.


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