Quantum biology evolution

temporal and spatial electromagnetic energy cascades and the UV catastrophe

UV seeing this for the first time and wondering who am I. I am the same as you or I was until I was able to time travel. I thought about the idea of time travel and then considered the light from outside from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach your eyes. Your eyes capture light at 50 Hz and your consciousness processes that light between 3 to 30 Hz so we are living in the past all the time. The light from the moon is 1 second to reach your eyes so that is still in the past. Where is the future? Your ideas and creativity. When you enter into your subconscious mind and stimulate the subconscious state of mind using topical colloidal nanoparticles it stimulates your internal photo-Fenton biochemistry your regenerative biochemistry recycling system based on the quantum entanglement properties of the hydroxyl radical the duality molecule of hydrogen peroxide. Symmetry and quantum effects. 1200 electron volts. Energy to burn. 0.1 nm and a half-life of 1 nanosecond. Consciously connect to that and you can jump 3.8 days into the future. Time is frequency. Light travels at a 300,000 km/s. So the external distance is inversely proportional to your internal distance and frequency. Depending on what frequencies you can tune in to you can see the future, at least your future because all time is happening all the time. It's your subconscious mind emitting light externally at the speed of light as thought. Those ideas are manifest in your environment and those wave functions or good vibrations or bad vibrations are either amplified or canceled out in the environment surrounding you. That wave function is then brought back into you and you see what you believe. Seeing is believing, but once you realize that your eyes are lying then you can put your sense of sight to one side and see with your mind at the speed of light. When you merge your subconsciousness with your consciousness you become one whole person again. Connecting your mind, body, and Soul to your single purpose. When your quantum subconscious state is aligned with doing good in the world and sharing your love then you are in the zone! OH BEE HAVE has put me in the zone permanently through a spiritual awakening that happened back in 2013. Everything fell into place. My eureka moment was understanding that the eyes are the windows to the Soul and 1 = 1 x 1^ infinity E = Mc^2.

It is all light c^2 = E/M

The right-hand rule of electromagnetism. We are all right from our own perspective. My perspective changed in an instant in front of the cross at church. I was transfixed by JC on the cross. Saw 42 years into the future that corresponds to 2.5 picometers. Got trapped in the high energy state of being. Feel great but took a long time to get comfortable with the experience. Felt like a cosmic organism throughout my body where everything connected. 

You have 50 trillion cells in your body and each cell is like a battery of 1.4 volts so your body has heaps of energy to do cool things. 2.5 picometers as a wavelength of gamma rays were close to 500,000 electron volts. Man, I felt like I was fried. Not what I was expecting and a total life-changing event. I have become faster, smarter and happier since accepting that experience rather than listening to people who have no idea of how the human body works and how the human mind works. My background as a scientist has provided me an opportunity to discover how the subconscious mind works at the speed of light. Actually how everything is electromagnetism just made of electrons so I had to start all over again. I started by changing the periodic table and then my model of electrons, photons, neutrons, and protons and how electromagnetism works at the speed of light and how matter is just trapped photons and how the periodic table of elements is grown one neutron at a time and then the isotopes are out of symmetry so result in radioactive decay to produce a new atom based on the number of protons  but it's all just electrons.

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Iron content

holo & apo lactoferrin separation

The use of CCAEC and conformation chromatography has enabled separation of holo and apo forms of lactoferrin which has not been possible previously.

If you are interested in understanding the bioactivity of the energy generating system in whey then you need to understand the iron content of lactoferrin and the lactoperoxidase system.

ICP MS, Randox and the Ratio methods are not able to tell you what percentage of lactoferrin contains one atom of iron in the N or C lobe and what percentage of lactoferrin is iron free or contains two high-affinity irons bound. If this is something that you are interested in then please get in contact with me.


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