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They say if you understand quantum entanglement then you really don't understand quantum entanglement. I say if you understand quantum biology you understand quantum entanglement and you become enlightened and everyone thinks your crazy. So be it. The weird world of quantum means you essentially have to be crazy to understand it and that is why there are so many crazy people in the world because they are trying to understand quantum mechanics. However, the physicist is dumb-founded in their own manifestation and trying to use their own biological senses to try and understand the external world of quantum mechanics when what they needed to be studying is their own internal world of logic and their consciousness. This is where quantum biology comes to the rescue and the use of meditation and spiritual journeys and connecting to the subconscious quantum mind in order to understand the quantum state of being. Residing in the logic gated 1's and 0's of the digital conscious state of being is limited.

Physicists are in desperate need of enlightenment! This is where biology has the answers to reveal the position of the conscious observer, the one making the observation and therefore understand the limitations around the biological sensors and our own computing power of the conscious brain. So this is the field of quantum biology an area of research that I have been doing since 2010.

So I have a different take on quantum entanglement by understanding my own biological limitations and therefore are able to take myself out of the picture and my assumption is I am the observer, therefore, I am in parting my influence into the system when I observe. So without interacting with the system I am able to have a system that is relaxed without observation and therefore it becomes super symmetrical and has obtained its minimized energy state. Under these conditions, the system can occupy one position and that is symmetry. So under these conditions, I then get to choose the position of the matter when I make a measurement through observation. Therefore the prediction is that through observation of my own biological senses I am taking the system out of a super-symmetry state and into a single state. So this is the collapse of the subconscious quantum mind and into the conscious field of matter. So first it is light and then it is matter. It's our limitations of sight and consciousness with respect to temporal and spatial resolutions that make us the fish in the fish-bowl 3 to 30 Hz of consciousness and 50 Hz for sight. However, the subconscious mind is working at 1 billion Hz. I have performed quantum entanglement experiments to determine the nature of the subconscious mind based on the phtoelectric effect and photo-fenton chemistry. The half life is one nanosecond which is many times faster than our eyesight.

As it is the electron that observes light via photon capture and K+ and an increase in energy which shifts the electron to a higher orbital to form a triple helical structure. When the electron drops 


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model of the universe starting from a single cell

quantum entanglement - light structures

liquid waters of the universe He 4/2 @ 2.7 degrees K