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Proteins, peptides, lipids, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides and small molecules all of these biomaterials are able to be made into a wide range of products to benefit health and well being. They can be made into regenerative biochemical energy products for human health and well being. If you are interested in leveraging off my expertise and would like to make products from your raw material resources please get in contact with me and I will teach you how you can create evolutionary winning products. 

The ocean has four areas the size of Texas that is covered in plastic. Micro-plastics and synthetic plastics are falling from the sky into our waterways. 80% of tap water overseas is contaminated with plastic. So how are we going to clean up this mess? Start by stop using plastic and synthetic fibers and move into natural products and natural fibers. The natural bio-materials breakdown for a reason! It is part of the death and generation cycle. We need not be afraid of death as our Soul is immortal and is not part of this material world.

We need to remove the plastic out of the ocean so that we can prevent the oceans from heating up. It is the microplastics that are coordinating with minerals in the ocean. The photon capture by the micro-plastics is being transferred into the coordinated minerals leading to a reduction of the mineral and splitting of water. The oxygen and hydrogen are recombining releasing 1.2 electron volts of energy per electron. This is creating additional heat in the oceans. This is what is causing the melting of the polar ice caps. Ice is paramagnetic and involved in holding the earth's paramagnetic field in place. This means the magnetic field will switch when the North pole melts and this will lead to a 90% reduction in our magnetic field. The earth looks like one big electron. Traveling around the nucleus of the sun. So the sun will cause increased energy to enter the earth's atmosphere when the polar switching occurs. This has happened in the past and relates to the previous major extinctions that the earth has experienced. I am rebelling against extinction. I am doing something about it. We all can clean up our act! Sort out our shit! 

The reason why animals were so big previously was due to polar switching and the additional energy that enters into our earth's atmosphere. the more energy the larger the growth and therefore the reason for big animals. So I think unless we get the plastic out of the ocean and stop the heating of the oceans we are going to heat the planet beyond repair and we will have to leave earth in order to survive as a species. Increased UV levels will cause increased mutation rates and this will cause a rapid transformation of species into new species. So evolution occurs at phase transitions, which occur when the energy in a system is increased. So 5G will cause a transformation but the polar reversal will cause an even bigger transformation. Cool! I don't think so. Mass extinction I guess is a transformational process and a new lot of species will give it another go in the future. Get off the planet and move into the quantum world of warp drives, interdimensional travel. We have learned to do this with our minds by entering into a near-death experience which is triggered by the molecule DMT which our biology in the pineal gland can produce. So the weird and wonderful happens to us at birth and at death where we get to connect to external reality at a new harmonic frequency triggered by a different biochemical molecule. This is the shamanic experience. I believe we are all druggies and the drug of preference is electromagnetism and it depends on what frequencies you can connect to as to what you become aware of. Drugs change your physiology and once you understand that everything you do changes your physiology then we human being crave experiences and experiences that take us outside of our day to day understanding of the world. To continue to learn and grow your personal development so that you feel empowered. 

So feel empowered to make a change. A change for the better.

The planet is about to go through a rapid evolutionary expansion with the introduction of 5G the global connectivity will go through the roof, unfortunately, a human being will not be able to cope with additional Gigahertz frequencies in concentrated in our environment. It will drive more of us crazy and opt out of society so there will be a divergence within the society of the haves and have nots with the tech-savvy being boundless and those who are tech poor being left out in the cold. However, the have-nots will have way more fun and be way healthier as they will focus on being human beings again and enjoying life. The simple pleasures in life. Growing and eating good food. For those who a driven by technology and human expansion, they are about to master the quantum universe and head for the stars. When we learn to travel as photons we will be able to project ourselves throughout the universe at the speed of light. Once you release that your subconscious mind is already the quantum computer using light waves in a holographic time-space continuum which you can travel in by tuning into different frequencies within your own mind. It's child's play, its the imagination. The creative side of your being, your connection to the internal divine world, is where human endeavor finds your truth.


You seafood and eat it. I take mine topically and feel it.

1200 ev vs. 10.4 ev. Do you have envy!

Topical regeneration and triggering the regenerative biochemistry in your body revitalize the mind and body and Soul.

Want more energy?

Want to be smarter?

Do you want to be healthier?

Turning on your regenerative biochemistry using topical regenerative sprays changes the game. Enter the stratosphere and fly. Way more creative and free-thinking, able to connect at different frequencies of electromagnetism. Extend you biochemical tuning to take advantage of additional frequencies in your environment. A rapid evolutionary advancement through education and regeneration process. Part of the natural biological regeneration system.

As the skin is made from the same cell type in the embryo as the brain then the skin is actually an extension of the brain. By feeding your skin you are feeding your brain. The nucleus of a cell is not it's brain as it contains the genetic information or blueprint. So the nucleus is the gonads. Think with your brain, not your gonads. The brain of the cell is its membrane. All the receptors on the surface of the cell tell the cell what is happening on the outside of the cell. The receptors on the surface act as eyes for the internal cellular machinery. So the skin also has external receptors that tell you about the external world. So the skin the largest organ of the body is an extension of your brain and can sense the world around you. By covering up the skin your stopping communication between the external and internal worlds. You are cutting off the normal communication. You are preventing the dynamic reciprocity which is one of the reasons we are unable to sense our environment appropriately. We have constructed artificial environments full of artificial electromagnetism at specific frequencies that trigger certain processes over others leading to disease. Cities are full of it. 5G will be a revolution in the rate of human disease. It has already been shown by biochemists that 5G causes an increase in calcium in the cells and causes cell death. So the issue is not about communication it is about health and well-being and the disease the planet is facing due to the acceleration of technologies, digital technologies with their square wave features are not natural sigmoidal waves. So I am fighting back on the side of mother nature. I am tweaking by biochemistry to cope with the coming changes and using my knowledge as a biochemist to become resilient in the come age of artificial intelligence. However, the polar reversal will destroy all the satellites and technology will fall over. So the haves will become the have nots! Looking forward to when that day comes. So I am backing mother nature as the winner in the end. Human beings will be around for another 30 years unless we make changes now. So it is should I stay or should I go? Stay and stand up and have your say. What side of history will you be on? This is a global war against extinction and the world governments need to act now against our own destruction.


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