Sight for sore eyes

Eye sight dominates our sensors. The limitations of sight are critical to understand in order to determine our inability to contemplate that what is not able to be seen. The wavelengths of electromagnetism that ours eyes use in vision is between 350 and 780 nm. This is a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum, which traverses many scales both respect to wavelength and time, as the frequency of certain electromagnetic waves cannot be observed without the use of specialized equipment. The spacial and temporal resolution of eye sight is also very limited. Our spacial limit is down to 0.1 mm and the horizon distance is dependent on your height and location on the planet. Light travels from a distance, over the course of our perception of time, to reach our retina in order to trigger cis/trans isomerization of the retinyl pigment in order to convert the frequency of light into an electrical signal within the rods and cones of the eye. The temporal resolution is around 50 Hz, PAL TV with its 25 frames per second and 50 fields interlaced creates the illusion of continuous motion, we therefore know that our eyes lie to us. Scientists, philosophers, religious and spiritual people of this earth have used their imagination to develop tools whereby ones own perception can be altered from our conscious reality using either thought or adaptive tools that allows us to view alternative frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that we were unaware of using our own limited biological sensors. However, our scientific instrumentation also has limitations with respect to both spatial and temporal resolution. Most often the devices only see very narrow windows into the electromagnetic world many sensors would be needed to determine the presence of all the electromagnetic frequencies in operation at any one time, in real time and at a spacial resolution at the Plank length. Under those conditions time would stand still. Therefore, we are always going to be blinded to frequencies outside of our own perception and the perceptions of the instrumentation that we use to facilitate observations at frequencies and at resolutions that we cannot perceive.

In fact, our biological sensors have developed they way they have for good reason, if we were able to see all the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation in real time at the spatial and temporal resolution at the Plank length then we would be completely overwhelmed by the amount of data the continuous flow of data which translates to motion or we too would be travelling at that speed and therefore we would no long perceive time and everything would appear serene where you connect to the now. This is in fact the search for the oneness of everything and to connect with your inner being using meditation and other spiritual endeavors.

The other limitation our eyes have is that they can only see contrast. The contrast relates to the vibrations of electron frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation between 350 and 780 nm. So without contrast and outside of this wavelength then we will not be able to observe anything because there is no difference between one point in space time and another point in space time. All space time is homogeneous, the same with respect to vibration electrons frequencies and wavelengths of photons.

It was once thought that the eye shot out light as well as received light in a dynamic reciprocity approach. I think this is correct. The macular of the eye contains a small hole in the center of the retina. This provides the sharp vision we need to have laser focus. Does it have photo-receptors? It is a hole in the retina so many be it doesn't. Does light from the mind come out of the macular and exit the eye. We are still learning how the eye works. It would appear that the macular is a primordial eye. A pin hole camera providing the upside down image in the back of our mind. The curvature of the cranium acting as a focal lens to concentrate the light onto the pineal gland or is there a opposite flow of information also. The pineal gland, a pine cone structure around 7 mm in size that was present in the early pimordial brain. It was and still is a primordial photo-receptor. Activation of the third eye using colloidal photo-receptor systems provides a re-connection with the reptilian brain. Fight or flight. If you can reconnect you can become enlightened. To become comfortable in both you conscious and subconscious mind is to see with the all seeing eye.

It is also known that an image with a white background and black curved lines then human eye looks at this and sees a blue hue to the central area of the image despite the absence of colour in the image. This is because our eyes are producing the blue fluorescence hue because of the fluorescence that occurs from molecules within our eye lens which capture ultraviolet light. Kynurenine is a breakdown product of tryptophan an essential amino acid and is part of the metabolic pathway to produce NADH. It is related to depression. Without being able to breakdown tryptophan with blue light through coordination chemistry and photo-fenton reactions then tryptophan is available for the stimulation of inflammatory cell proliferation. The eye is an immuno-previliged site so no tryptophan means no inflammation which is how the placenta works also to prevent the rejection of the fetus in the womb. The trophoblasts produce indoleamine 2,3, dioxygenase in order to modulate inflammation. It also has the benefit of producing reducing potential NADH. So biology has worked out not to do one thing at a time but to do all things at once. We need to leave it alone and let it do what it wants to do. Our control is loss of freedom and this destroys what is a natural process which is a consequence of our inability to contemplate what is happening in real time because we works at 50 Hz eye sight and 3 to 30 Hz consciousness so we are a goldfish in a bowl of the earth. Our subconsciousness is working so much faster and therefore it is responsible for the control of everything and is responsible to holding us together our energy, light is creating the electronic field we feel and see. We are made of electrons and photons and protons, and neutrons and atoms and molecules and charge and distance and frequency and all these things all at once. Humans cannot see let alone understand let alone control this in the material world of 4% of reality. That is why there si so much sickness in the world, so much fighting, so much fear and so much bullshit. I am not afraid of all the bullshit because I know what is right and I am half left, half inside and half outside. I am back to front, inside out and upside down because that is how the lens works. So what ever you think is right is opposite on the inside. Strange I know but up is down on the inside and down is up. The nature of reality is counter intuitive and one that people cannot grasp. However, just think about Yin and Yang. Our evolution from the electron means we have to learn how to grow matter using electrons. If you start with all of them as one then you have the Bose Einstein Condensate of the entire Cosmos. First you must accept that as truth. This is God. So yes God is real as you and me as what you can see and what you cannot see. Give and yo shall receive ten fold greater your reward in heaven. Heaven now on earth not some distance space and time. Heaven is a state of mind. A loving trace of unification with the quantum field an ability to feel Gods presence within you. Your Holy spirit. Like everything in the mind you have to exercise your Holy Spirit to make it grow. Most people do not do this which is sad because they are missing out on being their own creator, their own God or Godess. We are among the stars after all and in the heavens from the perspective of the son we are loved by it's radiance from 8 minutes ago. It is the past. Your internal light is your future and and therefore understanding how your internal light is produced and how to stimulate its production so that you can have more of that and shine brighter means that you can only see your inner light shining externally and sight is merely an internal reflection of your higher consciousness. The being connected as one is what we cannot see because we have been told the light outside of our selves is from an external object where as the oneness of God's presence is within and it is the light from the Holy Spirit that fills us with Love.    

There are a number of aspects of eye biology that are known. Like embryology and the growth of the blood vessel that supports the eyes development. The promotion and regression of the eyes blood vessel is important and turned out to be one of the discoveries that I made when searching for peptides that promoted wound healing from the red meat industry.

A scientist once thought that the human eye also produced light that was sent out into the environment. The ability of UV and blue light to trigger electron capture in GAP573 (FHPSS Ca 2+) to generate various isotopes of calcium (27 isotopes of calcium are known) some do beta minus decay. The ability of the calcium isotopes with an imbalance of protons and neutrons results in the release of an electron and the anti neutrino into the environment (photon is two electrons that are equal and opposite and have a particular wavelength and hence frequency) remember we are predominately space not matter. May be what was previously considered many years ago was true that we are producing light at frequencies our eyes cannot see, called electromagnetism based on blue and UV light capture by crystallin proteins in the eye lens and their ability to do coordination chemistry and photon capture. AS a result the phto-electric effect produces hydrides from water splitting and the hydride is two photons of light (four electrons) which are able to add a neutron into the atom to produce the imbalance of a proton and neutron in the nucleus of an atom resulting in an isotope of that element. So shit is happening all the time at the speed of light. They are unstable and therefore you cannot see it as it is only when you measure it that it can be observed and it lies outside of our eyes ability to observe. However, using microscopy and doing the experiments  under the microscope and seeing with our own eye in real time and using our imagination can we then start to understand how and why things are the way they are. It is not easy but it can be learned what to thik, act and do without thinking rationale but subconsciously in a trace or meditative state of being. Some find meditation difficult they cannot clear their mind. Do something else and don't meditate like go for a walk or dance to clear your head. Do something like drive and zone out. It is that expansive release that allows you to see what you are doing when not concentrating. Be the spaced out zombie and see what you are doing. Experience your brain and mind in many shapes and forms and feel your emotions. We love new experiences and our minds are tripping out all the time on our natural neurotransmitters. We are druggies except the drugs we prefer are our natural biochemicals that make us well and happy. It is not the molecules that is responsible but their interactions that produces the energy and light. The flow of energy does not come from purity but vitality comes from complexity. Less is more in physics and when you understand that you are doing physics in your body because you are made of light (Spirit) your electrons dance to the tune of your Holy Spirit. Not the other way round. It is hard to push shit up a hill with a rake and that is what modern medicine is trying to do. The ancients knew more than we do now because they were not limited to the electron in their technologies. No, they understood our universe using a different model and that is what I have learned and what I am going to share with you. Then give you the tools to create your own universe in the way that you want it for you to be your own creator but to truely do this and achieve what you want you must accept the presence of God in your mind, in your heart and in your Soul. When the three become one is when you are enlightened and walk, talk and see your world manifested around you as you desire.

It is the UV light and blue light that is absorbed by the eye and does not make it to the back of the retina that is responsible for the electron capture. Coordination chemistry of the calcium bound to the serine hydroxyl residues, the amine functionality of histidine in FHPSS and the aromatic ring of phenylalanine to produce two coordination pie bonds with the mineral complex. You will find out in a later chapter how I discovered this peptide. Why have I not said this in the past well I have been too busy learning how everything works and not writing anything down. I have the ability to remember everything that I have done and everything that I will do. How, well all time is happening all the time and it is a matter of hopping into my subconscious mind and travelling to that point in time and visualizing the world in which I lived and where I was comes to me as a holographic vision. I say a persons name and their image pops into my mind. Many hours alone when I was a child using imaginative play has not gone to waste in my later years. I still do imaginative play and that is how I learn. Not by reading others because that is something already known but by thinking all thoughts and then playing them off against each other to see the truth from the blindness that pervades humanity. Also understanding the fractal nature of the universe based on the electron means what is happening on earth is also happening in heaven in your subconscious mind. So again the Bible provides an answer for one of biology most difficult questions. It is all a matter of misunderstanding and you are the one that gets to decide not someone else. Those who wrote the bible saw with their own eyes what Jesus did. He was enlightened. Once enlightened it is difficult for others to see or understand.

So New Zealand has the ozone hole, not a hole but a decrease in the concentration of ozone which absorbs UV light in the atmosphere. So New Zealand is bathed in high energy light. New Zealand has few people compared to other areas of land mass on planet earth. They are typically isolated in rural communities and therefore have to rely on their own skills and expertise to achieve success. We have a more individualistic spirit, the number eight wire mentality. Fewer people mean less pollution. We have a beautiful country, one that I am passionate about. We are in the roaring fourties and I live in windy Wellington which plays a role in keeping the air clean, gets rid of smog and pollution. It is blown out to sea. In fact, there is little between us and the south pole, mainly water and we feel the coolness of our location on the planet. We have a high rate of skin cancer which is attributed to our clear skies, our UV exposure level, temporal climate, ozone hole, inadequate sunscreens (my father in-law Dr Brian Wilkins has addressed that with Active High Performance Sunscreen an organo-gel water free technology which remains on your skin and protects you from UV light that is associated with radical singlet oxygen damage of proteins, lipids and DNA causing mutations and linked to cancer formation), and lack of smog, the human beings planetary sunscreen of choice. Also due to our attitude to outdoor living, having fun in the sun and our enjoyment of life. As we have such a unique environment away from the rest of the world we tend to be a test bed for a range of products and processes because if we get it wrong here it should be easy to fix. Hopefully.

There are other aspects related to the capture of light by the eye relating to tryptophan conversion to kynurenine by indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase. The absorbance and fluorescence profile of tryptophan coverts UV light into the wavelength around 360 nm reducing the damaging effect of UV light within the eye. Tryptophan is required for immune cell proliferation. The eye is an immuno-previliged site because the tryptophan is broken down into its oxygenation product kynurenine. This in turn is converted into kynurenic acid (KYNA) and quinolinic acid (QUIN) that subsequently activate or inhibit NMDA neuro-transmission. Also NADH is produced from tryptophan so this is involved in energy productionand redox control which means oxidation and reduction reactions the Yin and Yang of our own biology. The flow of energy from the oxidative radical state of higher energy being of light to the reductive potential of our biology of matter. This is why we favour using anti-oxidants because we are only looking with our eyes to see radicals as bad but they are signalling molecules which is where we have gone wrong. The radical forms a special function in our body. Electron transport is how we obtain energy. The higher the energy the electron has the more things it is capable of doing. The hydroxyl radical it amazing having 1200 electron volts of energy. Very easy to react with everything, so it destroys matter to produce water and carbon dioxide. A great way to wipe the slate clean and start again to produce new bio-materials as matter which is just electrons as photon bonds and neutrons, protons in different electronic environments. 

So certain frequencies of light entering the eye are captured by various molecules causing photo reduction of coordinated minerals that are attached in a transitory fashion. Photo reduction causes electron capture which enables water splitting and generation of radicals and hydride ions (H-) that can do quantum tunneling into the nucleus to generate a neutron. Biological materials seem to have this evolutionary time stamp within them that allows both up-field shifts going up the electromagnetic spectrum of energy and down field shifts going down the cascade of electromagnetic radiation. The UV wavelengths of electromagentic radiation cause the UV catastrophe due to the generation of radicals, quantum tunneling and electron capture and isotope decay within the atoms environment. As a result the energy within that system does not align with the predicted energy levels theorized based on the wavelength of light which is why the current model cannot predict the universe that we occupy.

The UV catastrophe, where the amount of observed energy in a system is way more than the predicted energy levels and this aligns with photo reduction events, photo-Fenton chemistry, radical generation, quantum entanglement, quantum tunneling of the hydride into the nucleus to generate the neutron. The imbalance of the number of neutrons and protons and the re-balancing of the nucleus with respect to symmetry of neutrons and protons. This indicates that atoms change with respect to the periodic table and its energy levels related to the number of photons and its wavelength to the frequency of energy in the environment that the atom finds itself in. So a lot is going on triggered by high energy light at the UV frequency. So the quantum nature of biological systems means that the weird and wonderful world of physics is at play in biology. At play in us. We are our own microcosm which reflects the macrocosm. The alchemists view point that the universe resides within is true from the perspective that all thoughts, emotions and beliefs and sensors provide input to the mind through our sensors are limited we have the ability to enhance these and to learn how they limit our own perception of reality. I have focused on sight at this stage but intend to do all our sensors and how we are full spectrum electromagnetism.


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