Taking yourself out of the observation

Limitations of our conscious state of mind with its linear duality and its slow processing capability means that we have to enter into our fight or flight state of being, the primordial mind, in order to accelerate our brain biochemistry in an attempt to perceive the world in a new way at the speed of light, without time. This is precisely what I attempted to do. By removing my sensory limitations out of the observation and viewing the observation from the point of view of the imagination using a thought experiment I set about trying to contemplate the existence of the universe prior to the big bang.

The law of thermodynamic stipulates that matter cannot be destroyed nor created but only transformed from one wavelength of electromagnetic vibration frequency to another, through both conservation of both mass and energy. So for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction in order to maintain equilibrium within the universe.

So the theory that the universe was made from nothing by a creator goes against the laws of thermodynamics which appear to be sound. This would therefore mean that everything in the cosmos that was present today was also present at the beginning of time and there prior to the big bang. If everything was present in the cosmos prior to the big bang but cannot be seen, then there must have been no contrast. Therefore the electrons present in the cosmos at the beginning of time are harmonic at one frequency. If this is the case then Einstein had already predicted such a form of matter and that is the Bose Einstein Condensate. At near absolute zero the electrons would have been packed together at the Plank length all harmonic at one frequency. This conceptualized beginning of the universe would meet both the requirements of science and religion. It is the alchemical point of view that the egg and sperm when fused creates a new universe. A new start is born. All matter being present, so meeting the laws of thermodynamics, and a single harmonic entity being the supreme being of the entire cosmos. The presence of God. So both science and religion are correct from their perspectives. To play the matching game and match up science and religion provides two frameworks to recombine to produce a Janus particle, the electron. Bring your own insights and emotions into the mix, your intuition, this is the alchemical aspect of the conscious observer playing in the fields of the Lord. The three aspects can be interwoven into harmonic unity just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being in unity as your Mind, Heart, and Soul to manifest the world around you to create your heaven on earth.

The mirror reflection of the electron is the anti-electron or the positively changed mass-less particle (considered anti-matter). However, I disagree with that perception and I will provide evidence to suggest an alternative in due course. The electron has poles just like the earth. The earth is one big electron. The matter and anti-matter of the electron combine toegether to produce the poles of the electron which can combine together with other electrons to create photons of various wavelengths. Plank length to ELF 100,000 km. However, I do agree that there is symmetry and duality in our three dimensional universe of matter. I also think that space-time is related to electromagnetic frequency. As the electron in the Bose Einstein Condensate is near absolute zero and packed at the plank length, the shortest wavelength of the universe gamma rays relates to the electron dimension, whereas the longest radio frequencies relates to the square root of the cosmos bubble colloidal electromagnetic system that represents the scale of the cosmos prior to the big bang. Electrons have a symmetry partner that has opposite spin ½, - ½ when they are all paired up as in a Bose Einstein Condensate the system is at zero. At 2.7 degrees Kelvin the electromagnetic background radiation, only helium is liquid under this situation. So no variation and no friction but the liquid waters of the universe is liquid helium, completely symmetrical, harmonic, 537 Hz. The symmetry of the superconducting helium Cosmos known as God. The seen and unseen is the creator. The liquid waters of the universe contains the breath of God. The word of God created the Big Bang. The quantum fluctuations are his fingerprint. All we have been doing is studying God which is the complete understanding of ourselves, as our own Gods of our own creation. God from God, Light from Light, True God from true God. When you believe, feel and know that this is the truth you are set free.

The mirror reflection of this state at Plank time is the expansion of the universe and the big bang. The quantum fluctuations from near absolute zero to super hot. When matter is in close proximity the gas phase the gas is hot so when the system obtained an imbalance due to super symmetry expansion occurs. The rate of expansion is due to the positive elements of the universe. The stretching of space time and its continual expansion is an interesting concept. I think about the black hole and the event horizon and the flattening of the wave function of the electromagnetic wave so that it is flat lined. In a sense the wave function no longer exists. There is such energy in the system due to the proximity of electrons that the positive and negative ends of the electron are pulled apart and the positive charge is emitted and the negative charged goes into the black hole. Like for like so the negative parts are entering into the black void whereas the positive (positron) neutrino is expelled. This is exactly the same phenomenon that occurs in your pupil. Is the galaxy at the center of the milky way the same as our own white of our eye and pupil of our eye. If the external world is a manifestation of our own internal reality then we need to see how the external distance corresponds to the internal distance and frequency which is the inverse and proportional to the external reality  If the cornea is the earths atmosphere from the projected external reality of our singularity perspective, our internal unity.

The bible speaks of Gods divine creation and the spark of life and also let there be light and there was. God breathed life into the universe. So God of the seen and unseen worlds, everything that was and will be was part of the Bose Einstein Condensate. God got lost in the creation experience, God is the creation that he created, everything seen and unseen. So again there does not appear to be major conflict between science and religious perspective.

So it all began with 1 which was the Bose Einstein Condensate of the entire cosmos, all electrons at 2.7 degrees Kelvin. Therefore, everything was quantum entangled within this cosmos. The big bang creating the expansion rate. Most things are expanding away from us from a central point. The structure of the universe looks very much like the structure of the skull and brain. Does this mean the fractal nature of the universe based on the electron means we are inside Gods mind. We are part of Gods Plan.

The concept that everything is actually made of electrons that occur in different spatial arrangements appears to sit comfortably with Einsteins theory of relativity E = mc^2.

This suggests that we need a new way of viewing our 150 year old periodic table with respect to number theory and I have gone ahead and attempted to put a new spin on the periodic table. Firstly, I have added a Bose Einstein condensate as the alpha = 0,0,0 in harmony, unified on the x,y,z mathematical cross. Holy, Holy Holy. I have included a numbering system based on the understanding that there are only electrons present in the cosmos and an electron equals 1 and -1 depending on our perspective the two poles of the Janus particle. Two electrons that have symmetry of being equal and opposite and have a spatial relationship of the wavelength and frequency relationship of Hertz provides for connectivity between the electromagnetic spectrum and the periodic table and the electron. Therefore, a photon of a particular wavelength equals 2 electrons. The Fraunhoffer lines for each element provide specific details as to which orbital electrons are able to interact with the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation present in a spatial and temporal resolution of space-time.

The interaction of a photon with an electron therefore enables the capture of an electron and can enable it to be trapped in a well surrounded by other electrons. The proton therefore contains three electrons with two pointing up and one pointing down. The electron charge is -1 and the anti electron charge is +1. The charge of the proton is as follows U = -1, D = +1 (South pole up and North pole down). Charge: UDU = -1 x 1 x -1 = +1. In agreement with the current understanding of the charge of a proton. In contrast, the neutron has the following arrangements DUD = +1 x -1 x +1 = -1. The neutron antiparticle is the anti-electron which has the following properties +1 charge and a mass of the electron. As it is the symmetry mirror plane through the nucleus of the electron. Therefore the charge of the neutron is seen as zero as the anti neutron (electron with positive pointing inwards) cancels the charge on the neutron so the overall charge of the neutron is 0 and it has a slightly larger mass than the proton because of the electron that balances the neutrons charge. This concept appears to be consistent with the standard theory of the charge and mass of the neutron. We know that electron capture by a proton can lead to a neutron.

So particle pairs are proton and electron and neutron and anti electron. There is asymmetry between the proton and electron where the proton has UDU and the electron is pointing U meaning we see the south pole which is negative is pointing out. In contrast, the neutron has the following configuration of electrons DUD and the counter particle the anti electron is pointing D but it is only the opposite side of the nucleus, like a mirror reflection of the electron so it is postively charged and cancels out the charge on the neutron to make it have zero charge but a slightly greater mass than the proton.

The mass of the electron does not change however the weight of the electron increases the closer electrons come closer to each other due to the influence of gravity. Where F1=F2= G. (m1.m2 / r^2) which is the same inverse squares law as Coulomb's law. The magnetic fields generated with the nucleus account for the strong and weak forces due to the arrangement of the electrons in the nucleus. So I am talking about the perfect situation which only exists when you are not observing the system. When you become the conscious observer you are shifting the system away from its minimized energy state of symmetry at absolute zero and produce a forever changing system trying to get to zero but having to accommodate external energy used to measure it, which is taking it away from zero and away from harmony. That it si why you have to observe the system from the point of view of the subconscious creative mind and see what is not there when your are absent and how it can come into reality when you observe. So the slowness of your own observation means conscious though cannot keep pace with the ever changing reality and therefore you are left behind by thinking. Stop thinking and do something paralysis by analysis is not helpful. Be the God Nike and just do it!


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