TGM wound care organo-gel

Pain free healing

By taking a quantum biology approach to healing we focusing on the capture of high energy photons into the biological tissue to facilitate the rapid acceleration of tissue regenerative transformation.

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Case Study

Charles Bone had a car accident in 2005, in which he suffered major leg injuries. The wound failed to heal using current medical treatments. The first photo was taken at Royston Hospital after a second skin graft on the 25th June 2008. On the 2nd of July, he started using TGM organo-gel on a sterile gauze dressing, bandaged and changed every second day. Within a few days, the wound showed improvement. Photo 2 taken on the 25th of July 2008, which shows a nearly completely healed wound. "After three years of trying nearly everything and a lot of pain, TGM organo-gel worked and even more, than that did not cause any pain when applied to the wound." Charles Bone. No analgesics needed.


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