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We find symmetry a beautiful thing. The duality of our universe is determined by the symmetry and duality in the atoms, bonds, molecules, electrons, and photons that make up our bodies of matter and our bodies of light (Spirit). By understanding the di-radical nature of oxygen and the quantum behaviour of hydrogen we can get a sense of temporal and spatial relationships in energy cascades leading to the formation of matter in a spatial arrangement in three dimensions which we interact with as matter but that occurs in a temporal relationship that we cannot see because it falls outside of our biological sensors.

The milky whey uses the energy system that infants use to grow which occurs rapidly. Place your self into a regenerative growth state. Increase mental function, and increase energy levels by using the power of regenerative biochemistry.

Colloidal nanoparticles from cows milk whey. It provides energy to get up and go. Spray on, massage in. Enjoy! You deserve it. Go Quantum and live the future you. THE MILKY WHEY is a topical colloidal nanoparticle spray. It contains 1 billion colloidal particles per ml based on Izon Qnano analysis (independent). AW - THE MILKY WHEY.

I had to dilute the product 100 times to make it flow better. Whey cool! Spray on, massage in and Enjoy! You deserve it. Based on the principle of quantum biology. The topical spray creates a feeling of joy within. Increased youthful energy. A feeling of well being. Fun. Happiness. Enter into your underpinning regenerative biochemical state. Switch off oxidative stress and turn on regeneration. Go Quantum, Enjoy! You deserve it. Go Quantum, live the future you.


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